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    Hello all Good Folks, I was on F1 visa enrolled in a phd program from Fall 2009.I was in univeristy till Jan 2010 completed all coursework except thesis credit hours Now I have applied change of status H1 TO F1( to complete thesis work which will take at least 1 year )on June 18 2013.I got Receipt Notice (Form I-797) . I am guessing 3 month time from June 18, 2013 .So it will be in 18 Sep ,2013 . On cover letter My COS to be effective from August 8,2013 and I-20 date start date is August 13. Now I am waiting. I have question here.Pl help 1.What is risk the the officer will ignore this letter and deny or approve from an Later date say 18 Sep ,2013.? I already enrolled for Fall 2013 only for my thesis credit hours. So Can I go to Univ in Sep 2013 to study? Well My Univ DSO says "It doesn’t matter when your change of status petition is adjudicated - you won’t need to return to your home country." 2. My employer is not co-operating with me. So I Plan to inform him as soon as approval comes. Then I will wind up in 1 week my h1 job to start F-1 3. I can plan to quit job mid august and join school even if I do not get an approval by the time classes start (Aug end). But In my cases this doesn't make sense since I will enroll thesis credit hrs only with exception as full time student.I do not have to attend any classes. thanks in advance