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  2. Hi, I was on H1B with my employer A until i returned back to India while my GC process was in progress ( PERM applied and awaiting review) as my visa was expiring and i cannot stay beyond the 6 years max limit. However after my return to India , my PERM got approved, followed by i-140 last April 2018. I would like to know whether i can look for new employers to sponsor my H1B Transfer to re-enter US instead of trying to come back with the same employer A? Any help here is highly appreciated.
  3. 2018h1bextension

    DUI conviction | H1B extension

    read this ..
  4. Vino1

    Backdated Visa approval

    Hi, I have applied for H1-B transfer ( on 2nd Nov 2018 ) and recently it got approved with a backdated date ( 31 dec 2018 ). Attorney has applied an inquiry with USCIS and Im yet to receive the update from attorney on decision. When checked with Attorney, they told that I can work until decision is received. Please let me know if i can work and its legal to stay in US or i need to travel back until corrected dates are updated.
  5. Hi @Aarav27 - Have you received any updates on your case?
  6. cookie123

    Applying for 130/485 for my mother

    Thank you for your reply. Can I submit Affadiavt of support from my relatives, copy of my old India passport, affidavits of support while applying for Green Card?
  7. Hi, I received an RFE on my initial OPT application. USCIS has asked for evidence such as a copy of transcript, establishing one full academic year of lawful enrollment as a nonimmigrant in an Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Student and Exchange Visitors Program, approved school. I did provide my official transcript in my initial application. Background: I completed MS in 4 terms. I changed status from H4 to F1 in my last semester of MS. I was full-time student in first three terms when I was on H4. In last term when I started on F1 status, DSO approved (Reduced Course Load) RCL as fewer courses were needed to complete the program of study. In response to the RFE, I am planning to provide following documents. - Copy of transcript - Cover Letter - Enrollment and Degree Verification Letter from Registrar - Copy of Degree Certificate - Copy of Initial Acceptance Letter from University - Copies of all previous H4 visas and principle applicant’s H1B visa along with I-797 forms - Copy of all previous EAD cards corresponding to H4 Has anyone faced similar issue? Will these documents be enough to support my case? Or should I include more / exclude any of the documents? (Note: I am providing H4 related documents because USCIS might want to check validity of my prior non-immigrant status.) Thanks, Mayuri
  8. JoeF

    H1b Stamping on SVU

    Of course the government does. Try to get an H1 with a "degree" from TVU or Herg uan, etc., from before they were raided and closed. (There still seems to be a threat from the second institution mentioned, because the name is blocked, even though the CEO of that institution was sentenced to prison, and the institution was shut down...)
  9. JoeF

    H1B 60 day grace period

    Leave of absence on H1 is usually a ruse by the employer to avoid paying people on bench, which is illegal. Shady employers get the employees to "voluntarily" ask for LOA, which is of course also illegal, because it is done under pressure from the employer. The LOA "conveniently" coincides with the end of the project... A really transparent sham. Because of such abuse LOA for people on H1 is nowadays impossible, unless the person is outside the US and such not in H1 status to begin with.
  10. Given the Trump administration's hostility towards immigration my guess would be the probability is zero.
  11. JoeF

    H1B Denial

    A motion to reopen would only make sense if there is new evidence that they didn't consider in their decision. The employer can't just change the job description, because that would mean the original petition was fraudulent. So, what new evidence would there be??? Realistically, the only option is to find a better employer with a better job.
  12. rajesh.chinchankar

    EB3 GC Interview Completed

    I have completed my GC Interview in 9th January 2019, but still awaiting the i-485 Approval. Now the dates for EB3 have gone back to Jan 2006. How much time do you think will take to approval. My priority date was in June 2007 - EB3. Can you please let me know. Can I take a Full time job using my EAD?
  13. ap_reddy

    Amendment needed?

    Experts, I'm on H1B with visa validity till Dec/19(I-140 approved) with Employer-A. My contract with my client-A was completed in 1st week of July at Location-A. I got a new offer with Client-B( Same Employer) at Location-B. Can I start working with Client-B after LCA approval for location-B and file H1B extension + Amendment file with in 60 days? Do I face any issues in extension or Do I need to wait till my employer files H1B extension + Amendment petition? Client-B wants to start working with them immediately, but my employer is asking me to wait till the H1B extension is filed.
  14. In addition, even if you had an approved H1, you would have to start working on the H1 for employer A from Oct. 1 on before a transfer would be possible.
  15. JoeF

    Working from India for Short period

    No problem. You are by definition not in any status while abroad.
  16. Chai

    H1B 60 day grace period

    The start date of the grace period is at the discretion of USCIS. This is not under your control. Guys, he is talking about "Leave of Absence", approved by an employer, which is possible. This is considered as a continuation of employment. However, if an employer decides to terminate the employment relationship after the end of the leave, then "Leave of Absence" is no longer relevant. @TanR To be on the safer side and avoid accruing out of status, you MUST consider June 21, 2019, as the start of 60-day-grace period. And let USCIS decide what should be your last day of authorized employment.
  17. nairanjali16

    H1B Denial

    Hello My H1B recently got denied because the USCIS believes my job position is not a "specialty occupation" based on the job description we provided. Is a motion to reopen or reconsider a possible option? I wouldn't want to go down the "appeal" route since I've read they usually stick to the original decision in case of an appeal. Thanks Regards, Anjali
  18. Yesterday
  19. Optimistic1

    Group for perspective Eb5 investors

    Thanks KamalK, very well explained and highly appreciate it!
  20. 02112018

    visa appointment

    From the date of payment, you can reschedule the interview for 6 times in year.
  21. 02112018

    H1b Stamping on SVU

    After you graduated, NOBODY cares if the college is acrredited or not or closed. So make sure you carry all docs for stamping. All the best.
  22. DS-160 can be submitted multiple times but make sure you show the latest DS-160 while entering embassy, when they scan it, it will wipe off all earlier one's you submitted to embassy. Also once you paid for interview, in a year from the date of payment, you can reshcedule up to 6 times.
  23. SURI14

    Delhi State Home Department Address

    Hi Yash/Sow, I am also trying to locate the address of Delhi State home department to get NORI certificate. Can you please guide me . Thanks SS
  24. JoeF

    H1b Stamping on SVU

    Way before they got shut down they were known as essentially a visa mill.
  25. hey..do you mind to share any further info on this kind of issue. Thanks
  26. piy

    Yet to receive approval notice

    Hey.. I am also facing similar issue.. Do you mind to share your exp on when did you receive Approval notice via mail of H1b after approval. Thanks
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