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  1. Yesterday
  2. Roger-Check-123

    Vancouver Visa Stamping

    Anyone in Vancouver for Visa Stamping on 4/24 ?
  3. pontevecchio

    Need advice on job change after i-140 approved

    It may be a good idea to occasionally look through the website. The new rules are such that if your I-140 was pending more than 6 months, you are entitled to further H1 extensions with ANY employer till the PD of that I-140 is reached and this holds even were the I-140 to be subsequently revoked.
  4. pontevecchio

    Medical condition and interview

    No Impact. Grounds of inadmissibility are the same as described in this site http://hrlibrary.umn.edu/immigrationlaw/chapter8.html
  5. pontevecchio

    H-4 Visa Denied 2nd time ( employed on H-4 EAD)

    As said no amount of guessing can help the OP. The decision was a foregone conclusion based on the previous interaction. It also suggests some facts are being withheld in the post.
  6. SPV

    H1/H4 Transfer and Travel; Form i-539

    Note: Please note that this is not a legal advise but just opinion. a). Yes, you may travel and your approved H1b & pay stubs, letter from employer (offer letter) should be sufficient for stamping. b). Your wife also can be traveled though her H4 petition is pending. She better attend an interview with you and get stamped for H4 (as you have your new H1B and she may/will get VISA till your H1B expire date). She can travel back with that stamping, whatever pending I-539 application will be abended. Or Before travel she can withdraw her pending I-539 and travel to India and get stamped. c). Yes, it is advisable to attend for stamping.
  7. Ravi Palla

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    Hi Members, I have a similar situation. I got arrested on February 2 2019 for DUI . My case is still pending in court. Currently I'm on my F1 visa, Post-completion OPT which will expire in July. Recently I applied for my stem-OPT extension but today I got an email from consulate stating that my F-1 Visa is revoked and is no longer valid. Does my visa revocation have an affect on my OPT extension getting approved?
  8. Rahul1727

    Where do you intent to work in DS160 last page ?

    DS160 Temporary work visa inforamtion this would be the last page after security and background page
  9. shekar11#

    H1B to H4-EAD approved with few days gap

    No issues. Don't worry. You can always explain that you did not get a notice untill 3/11/19. 5 days is not a big issue.
  10. The one by CBP. Because that was the latest.
  11. 1. Yes. 2. No. You would have leave ASAP after denial. 3. see 2.
  12. Noah Lott

    H-4 Visa Denied 2nd time ( employed on H-4 EAD)

    Sounds like the CO does not believe that this marriage is bona fide...that it was arranged solely to get your wife to the US to work in some capacity...the L1b was likely denied because she lacks the specialized knowledge requirement...(or did not have the requisite time with the foreign entity)... too many oddities...too many unanswered questions.... anyway, no one on this site can provide a legal answer...
  13. Hello All, I have an I-140 approved from my current employer from last 1 yr. Currently, I have got an new opportunity with better profile, benefits but same background skills. I am looking to go ahead with that offer. I am aware about that my current employer needs to restart the whole process again which includes PERM and I-140 refilling. I am looking to know that whether i can use my current i-140 which is approved by my current employer to get further extensions until new organization files the new PERM and I-140, also will there be any issue at time of stamping, how long will my i-140 stay active, will it impact EAD ? Please help me with your inputs on the same.
  14. gopalakrishnach

    Where do you intent to work in DS160 last page ?

    Client place... where are you filing this info?
  15. Hi, I dont think it causes any issues because we don't until we get notice to our hand. Since you are on EAD, update your employer about this and may continue work. Note; Please note that this is not a legal advise but just my opinion.
  16. SPV

    H1B dropbox eligibility

    As far as I know, drop box does not depend on how many days left on our current VISA. I think if you are going for stamping on same visa category and same location then you may eligible for drop box. Once you started filling DS160, it will let you know that you are eligible for drop box or interview. Note: Please note that this is not a legal advise but just my opinion.
  17. SPV

    H1b Validity

    Hi, I believe yes you can utilize renaming period at any time and apply for renewal. Note: Please note that this is not a legal advise but just my opinion.
  18. Applications that are not selected are sent back to the employer/lawyer.
  19. SPV

    H1B Extension Query

    Hi, Here it is: 1. Upgrading to premium processing does not affect the decision however you will get decision in 15 calendar days. 2. I believe yes 240 days rule apply. 3. a. If the decision does not come with in 240 days then you need stop working but can stay in US waiting for decision. 3.b. if it gets denied you may need to leave the country asap. Note: This is not a legal advise just my opinion.
  20. Hi There, I have been working for an e-verified company since September 2018 on F-1 OPT. The HR missed updating the e-verify system with my details within 3 days of my joining. Now I am applying for a STEM OPT extension, can I just provide the employer's e-verify number on the I-765 form and submit or will there be any repercussions /problems in obtaining my STEM Extension as the company did update the e-verify system with my details. If there are what measures should be taken to rectify this situation? Any help and guidance are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  21. MK357F

    H1B and RFE

    I got an RFE for specialty occupation on H1-B. I have total experience of 12 years in IT however my post graduation ad graduation degree is in Electronics. Would that effect H1-B approval? Shouldnt the IT experience justify the specialization for H1-B.
  22. Hi My case was filed for H1B with COS from H4 under Premium Processing. My lawyers have not heard back anything from USCIS yet. Considering people who applied under Regular filing have started receiving petition numbers , should i assume my petition was not selected in lottery? Or is it too early to tell? Regards
  23. JoeF

    Legal Help on possible employer misconduct

    No, you can't.
  24. Hi Team, I am with employer A and recently moved back to offshore due to H1B max-out and currently in offshore. Couple weeks back my I140 got approved. I have now resigned last week and currently serving 2 months notice period. Most likely my current employer A will withdraw I140 within 60 days after termination of my employment. My question is: Would my new employer B be able to file my H1B under Cap exempt (Given employer A will withdraw my approved I140)? Regards FreeMani
  25. NotAnAttorney

    Change of End Client during Initial H1B process

    If it gets picked, it is more likely to get denied if they go for site visit on Client A. Stay there until the H1B is approved. even though if it gets approved there will be long term implications, like for some reason if they visit client A for some reason and understand that you were not working at the time of approval, they would revoke the approval. So, stay wherever you are.
  26. 1- no. 2- no. i94 and its importance only exists when you are in US. When you are not in US, i94 doesn't matter much. You don't have to handover i94 to anyone while departing. US doesn't do immigration check while exiting. For stamping , you only need i797 and most of the times a copy will work unless consulate can't find your petition in their system.
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