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  2. naveenanumala

    Filling Form DS 160 for F1 - Query

    Hi ! What should the answer be for the following question when filling Form DS 160 for student visa application, when the parent of the applying student has a pending US immigration petition filed? "Has anyone ever filed an immigration petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?"
  3. This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding the ability pay analysis of an I-140 Petition. Rules for Topic of the Week Threads: 1. Attorney's postings contain general information only and are not a substitute for case-specific legal advice. 2. The attorney will answer only those questions which relate to the main subject. If you have a question on some other issue, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum section. 3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions. 4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual.
  4. Attorney_22

    Not Too Early To Start the PERM Green Card Process

    Generally, you are correct, there may be many unemployed U.S. workers at this time that may apply to the advertisement. However, your employer must recruit for the position based on his minimum requirements, and not all individuals may qualify. To discuss the process and your employer's options, it may be best to speak directly with an experienced U.S. immigration attorney.
  5. Attorney_22

    Not Too Early To Start the PERM Green Card Process

    There are many parts of the process, and the answer depends on the category you are referring to. Generally, processing has slowed since COVID-19 became a factor. However, other aspects of the process are giving hope, such as premium processing returning for I-140s, and due to the consulate delays of interviews, more adjustment of status cases may be able to be filed if priority dates move forward more quickly.
  6. swapna23

    H1 - chennai consulate

    I got my H1 approved recieved I 797A with I 94 attached, but it has consulate : chennai, mentioned on Right side below notice type, Please advice what does that means.
  7. Today
  8. santhoshkumar30

    LCA for 32-40 Hours

    Hi Team, Asking behalf of the friend.My friends H1 got picked and now employer said told to my friend we are going to apply LCA with 32-40 hours work week(clinet reduced working hours).Can we apply LCA with 32-40 hours work week?Will this be a problem for H1 approval? Thanks, Santhosh
  9. JoeF

    What's the latest PERM should be filed in H1B ?

    Retaining the PD was possible way before that. In 2017, the change was that it became possible to retain the PD even if the I-140 was canceled, if it was canceled after 6 months. AFAIK, that wasn't an EO. It was a law change.
  10. gopalakrishnach


    It looks you never started your H1B and since now your employer laid off then that H1B is gone. You need to submit new H1B petition in lottery next year.
  11. gopalakrishnach

    Laid off from work

    I guess from June 12 you will have 60 days. I may be wrong..
  12. gopalakrishnach

    Travel ABROAD during H1B extension travel

    1. It is not adviced to travel during H1B processing. If you do travel then no need to inform USCIS and your petitioner must manage the things.
  13. gopalakrishnach

    H1B extension Receipt date question

    Convert to premium ASAP...I guess date when receipt is generated..
  14. gopalakrishnach

    Urgent: H1B Transfer after I94 Expiry

    I would do that but if I get an RFE with old Emp A then I do not have an option but to start working with the new employer B. --- Why you feel RFE cannot be answered and after that get approval. If my H1B transfer with Employer B is approved while my H1B extension with Emp A is still pending then I have to start working for employer B -- I feel B cannot approved before A. I maybe wrong.
  15. gopalakrishnach

    Working on H1b while persuing PhD remotely in Canada

    OP is in USA on H1B and want to see whether they can do PhD online from university in Canada. I feel PhD with H1B full time employement is hard but Masters can be managable but PhD is hard.
  16. Talk with your employer. Did you? what did they say? I guess now there is no other way beside remote work from India.
  17. I am in the same boat. Came to India on Mar8 and was planning to go back on Mar17 but had to cancelled my trip due to COVID19 outbreak everywhere. I am working remotely from India since Mar16. The only difference is I have Visa stamping until June2021.
  18. gopalakrishnach

    Left US but received Stimulus payment

    I believe it mistake. To help more number of needy IRS just send to bank accounts without checking whether the account holder and tax payee was present in USA or not. I believe its mistake and send them back.
  19. User099

    What's the latest PERM should be filed in H1B ?

    There is no such requirment to start PERM before the 3rd year, but my question is how are you able to maintain the PD when you moved to Company B in 2016 when the EO to maintain the PD came into effect in 2017.
  20. User099

    Incorrect I-94, new passport, H1B transfer

    Your new passport number should bring up the latest I94. It looks to me like some kind of a mistake or error. You should reachout to CBP to have this fixed.
  21. Hello It will be great if someone can post a reply for this. I have my H1-B extension approved last month. My spouse H4 extension (I-539) is under processing and currently under Bio-Metrics. H4 EAD (I-765) needs to be renewed but i am not able to do it because H4 extension (I-539) is still under processing. Can I apply for (I-765)H4-EAD renewal with pending H4 Visa (I-539) Receipt Notice ?
  22. JoeF


    Since you didn't start working on the H1 nor have gotten an H1 visa stamp you are not considered counted for the quota. A new employer would have to file in next year's quota.
  23. arora.suresh

    Consular Processing of Immigrant Visas

    @Dhananjay46My mother received her immigrant visa on feb 6 2020. but due to covid-19 and international flights canceled, she is unable to travel from india to us. and her immigrant visa is expiring soon. Were you able to travel to the USA before flights were suspended from india?
  24. startup_founder

    Visa options for Startup founders

    Hi, I am an Indian citizen and Indian resident. I am planning to incorporate a company in the US. We have investors committed to putting money into the company (about US$ 500,000). We don't plan to have any Indian subsidiary. In this scenario what are the visa options that are available for me to move to the US, work there and build my business? Thank you.
  25. Is your status updated, if so how many days does it took to update the status. As I am also in the same boat.
  26. Hi Checking to see if anyone faced this situation. Below are my filing dates 07/10/2019 - Filed in regular processing 02/07/2020 - Upgraded to PP 2/19/2020 - received RFE 5/07/2020- Responded to RFE 5/11/2020 - USCIS Website updated that Received the RFE Response and 15 day clock has been started. Today is 24th day and there is no update on the case status on the USCIS website. The latest status shown is 05/11/2020 RFE Response received. Is there any one who filed the Response in Premium processing at Vermont service Center and is there any update on there case status. My 240 day period has been expired on May 6th 2020, Could you please advice your suggestions on this on how to proceed.
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