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  3. Visitor Visa is not tied to sponsor but to your father. It should not be a problem. At the port of entry, he should answer truthfully. There should not be any problem.
  4. No. H4 EAD is not tied with H1b Employer.
  5. gopalakrishnach

    Need Experts Opinion - H1B Extension +Amendment

    1. It depends on your case not current trend. If your case is good you will get it. Now a days they are looking at wage level, job title and description, and specialty occupation 2. For normal process you cannot expedite. Thats why it is called normal process. After you apply they might transfer your case to other center.
  6. gopalakrishnach

    H1b RFE on STEM OPT

    Your employer must look into it. They are asking your employer not employee ( you ). A good employer alomg with immigration attorney must address your RFE not you.
  7. There is no sponsoring for visitor visas. So there is no problem.
  8. Hi, H1B visa Stamping Denied due to DUI in Hyderabad. I got DUI in Jan 2018 in USA and my case was completed in March 2019, I came to India in July 2019 and went for stamping in Hyderabad and they have denied my Stamping based on DUI. Whats my next steps, can I come to USA on H4 visa, my wife has H1B visa and she is still in USA. Need some suggestions.
  9. am6231cgn

    August Visa Bulletin: Priority Dates Retrogress

    Will Eb2 India has any chance of moving one week or 7 days in Sept bulletin 2019. Kindly reply
  10. 1- Nobody knows or can know about the chances or probability of approval. 2- Nobody knows. Only way to expedite is to file under premium processing.
  11. I scheduled for H1-B visa interview in October. I need to make some changes in DS160. Please let me know if I can do this and how to proceed. I greatly appreciate your assistance with this. Thanks Sravani
  12. My wife and kid got h4 stamping in their passport. Do they get social security card? Does my wife legally work? What I need to apply for school admission.
  13. Under the circumstances described, you will need to get a visa based on B. Why do you think it is easier to get a visa based on A and not on B?
  14. pontevecchio

    H4 to F1 stamping while on CPT , COS approved

    Once he left the country you were not in valid H4 status after October,2018 and hence the COS was in error. I would strongly urge you to discuss your predicament with the firm of Murthy or any of your choice.
  15. There is no concept of sponsorship for a tourist visa though anybody can pay for the trip. Your Dad will have no problem at the POE. He will need a return ticket to show only if asked. Do not send any invitation letter.
  16. krishmaddy

    NOIR issued on first petition

    I got H1B approved on sep 2017 with employer A and moved to US on Jan2018. Employees got merged to Employer B and they filed amendment and our payrolls are running with employer B. Now on previous petition approval with employer A got changed to NOIR( notice to intent revoke). 1. Is it something I need to follow up with my old employer? 2 will this affect my current stay ? 3. Is it good to change employer now ? please advice any suggestions and correct way to go forward.
  17. JoeF

    H1b RFE on STEM OPT

    It is nowadays not allowed anymore to work at a client site on STEM OPT. You need to work at your employer's location.
  18. Hello, I have the approved I-140 from my previous employer since 2016 with priority date 2015 March. I changed my employer in 2018. Now My end client offered me a permanent position without commitment for Green Card Sponsorship. I started using H1B from 2014. If I change my employer without having green card sponsorship and anytime my priority date(March 2015) becomes current, Will I be out of status? Also, Will I not be eligible to extend my H1B beyond 6 year limit? Thanks in Advance.
  19. anyone can apply (except USC's and LPRs)...
  20. 'sponsorship' does not exist nor is a requirement for B2 visa applicants/holders...invitation letters have zero value in either process (application and admission to the US)..
  21. Noah Lott

    F1 denied due to visiting husband on B1/B2

    I doubt this is the entire story, as none of those reasons make any sense....how long did she really stay? Since you are not returning, why would she? (the main issue)..there is no law that says one must have an F2 to 'visit' one' spouse who is on an F1...I am guessing that she stayed quite a while, possibly worked while in the US and some other things that surfaced...the main point is since you are not returning, neither will she, and that's kind of what matters a lot with F1 applications (there are a few other things as well)
  22. desi_happygolucky2

    Incorrect first name in H4(Child) Issued Visa

    Thank you #pontevecchio & shekar11# , i have sent my passport back to the counsulate today & they said they will reissue it ASAP. Is there a way to track it ? and since my return is Tuesday night.. do you think its safe option to submit my passport to them ? please suggest if there is any alternative
  23. Hi All, I went for visa stamping interview in Chennai on July 5th. I work in EVC Model. She asked me about my Employer and client and location I work. And asked me the client letter, W2, and finally i-797. After checking it for some time, she said "She is unable to find the case number". And later gave me 221g blue slip with a case number on it. And there is a checkbox checked that "Your Application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be considered when administrative processing is complete". When I am trying to check the visa status its saying "Invalid Application ID or Case Number". But when I am trying to check with DS-160 number it is saying Administrative Processing. I am not sure what me or my employer's next step? I am in confusion whether Administrative Processing is initiated or not. Is there anyone who faced the same situation? Can you please help me out what would be my next step or how can I move forward? And what is the meaning of "Your Application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be considered when administrative processing is complete" in 221g? thanks
  24. Need Experts Opinion: My Current H1B Visa is expiring on Aug 10th 2019. My employer is planning to apply my extension & amendment in Normal processing. I requested him to apply in premium processing but he is not accepting to apply in premium processing. Question: 1) What are the chances of approval in Normal processing based on current trend (California Center) ? 2) For Normal Processing, current waiting time is 7-8 months in California Center. Is there any chance of getting status update sooner (with in 3-4 months) ? thanks, Rakesh
  25. Gov19

    H1b RFE on STEM OPT

    A detailed explanation and evidence regarding the STEM Training program that is provided to the beneficiary. Also discuss how the STEM employer is providing the appropriate STEM Training program to the beneficiary when the beneficiary is not working at the STEM employer's location. Received the above RFE for my H1b application. 1. How to address it? 2. What documents to provide? 3. Whom to get it from?
  26. Hi , I am on H1B work visa and working for Employer A. I have extension I1797 till Sept 2021 but Visa stamped on my passport is expired on Dec 2018. I am currently undergoing my Visa transfer to new Employer B. I am planing to travel to India immediately after my Visa transfer is done to Employer B but before joining Employer B. (While i am still serving notice period with Employer A) Please confirm if i can travel to India and undergo Visa stamping through Employer A (I797) without any issues because i have not joined Employer B yet? Thanks
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