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  2. Hi, My H1 and I-94 going to expire on May 31st, 2019, I've valid I-140. We have applied extension in April 1st week and thought that my extension goes smooth and were planning to travel to India in mid of May hence did not apply the h4 extension(also expiring on May 31st). As I got RFE, to make my dependents stay legal applied H4 extension recently. I'm planning to send my dependents to India in June ending for summer holidays, and planning to bring them back in August (hopefully, we will get some good news by the time). My questions 1. Can my dependents travel in mid of H4 extn. process? 2. On the return they need to go for stamping anyways, but do they face any issues while stamping and return immigration, due to more days stayed in US without status? 3. We applied my H1 extension on premium, do H4 extn also considered as premium, we applied separately though? 4. In case my current H1 extn has any issues, can I switch to different employer immediately?
  3. Yesterday
  4. praveenrk

    expired i94 and i797

    my visa extension filed on sep 7 2018 ,my visa extension got approved on may 13 2019 after rfe and got approval notice on may 18 2019 ,but the notice says my petition expired on march 2019 and i94 valid till april 4 2019. now what are all my options . nunc pro tunc can be used ? what can my attorney do .we dont want to travel back to india,can we file from usa
  5. Yes, You can. There is some paperwork involved in changing to CP. Discuss your matter with the company Lawyer. By the time your L1 ends, you will have the GC.
  6. did you check in hyd?
  7. Rishi1992

    Edit Name on www.usvisa-info.com

    Hello, I entered Date of Birth wrong in the applicant info. Is there a way to update it without rescheduling the slot? Instructions to change applicant and appointment information The appointment must be canceled to edit applicant information. Return to the Applicant Summary Page and click Cancel Appointment. After the appointment is canceled click on the pencil link to edit all applicant information answers. Please note that by canceling your appointment you may not be able to reschedule for the same date and time. I can not reschedule a different slot because slots are not available in near future and I have made my plans already. Is it Ok to attend the interview without updating DOB? Will it affect my VISA application approval? Please help me out. Thanks
  8. shekar11#

    H1B got RFE and what happens to H4 and H4 EAD

    You don't need to leave the country. You can stay here based on a pending petition. 240 day rule is for H-1 not for H-4.
  9. Hi, Is there any one recently visited the Canadian Consulate in NY or LA walk in . Let me know how many days it takes for you to collect the passport. All of them are not in commutable distance for me . So i will be going to visit which one takes less time. My wife need to go to India on Jun 20th, she is on H1 visa with I140 approved and got 2 times stamped in india before. I am not sure if I can find visa slots in June mid in Hyd. So we are planning to go to Canada or Mexico. Which visitors visa is easy to get, also where I can find visa slots easily? Also if anyone booked visa slots in hyd recently can you please tell earliest available date? Any help is appreciated.
  10. newbie2019

    H4 processing

    Hello, I'm employed on H1B visa(from India based employer) in the US. My visa is valid till Mar2020, and will then be maxed out.My PERM is approved and I'll now be applying for I-140 application.I recently got married in India and planning to bring my wife(who is in India now) to the US on H4 visa. I just came to know(after my marriage was completed) that my wife's brother's ex-wife(say ABC) has filed a petition against my wife(infact against all her family members) in the high-court under "Domestic violence" section. My wife is denying The first hearing for that case is in the month of Jun2019 in India. As soon I came to know about this, I stopped and held back on her H4 visa processing.So, we have not submitted the DS-160 online form yet. My question is, given all these circumstances, 1.Can I go ahead and still apply for my wife's H4 visa in the Indian consulate?Or shall I hold off till everything is clear from the court? 2.Do domestic violence cases impact H4 visa processing? 3.This high court case could negatively impact her application, since there would be background checks from the consulate etc.? 4.Lets say my wife wins the case in Jun2019, comes to the US on H4. And in future, if ABC person files another case in the court in India, how would that impact my wife and me? Could you please advise? Thanks for all your help! Thanks.
  11. I have got H1B from Company A and my I94 is valid till 2020 August. Joined company B based on the receipt notice and H1B transfer is in RFE. Company A has revoked my H1B now. In case if the H1B transfer is denied, do I need to leave US or I can stay back as my I94 is valid till 2020. Does revoking H1B also will revoke the I94 validity. can someone please reply.
  12. The June Visa Bulletin is valid from June 1 to June 30. It says "June" for a reason... If the PD becomes current on June 1 you can file an I-485 then.
  13. Last week
  14. What is your country of birth? Any reason why you are not getting professional guidance from your Immigration Lawyer?
  15. Odeen

    H1B RFE

    Hi, My employer recently filed an H1B petition (cap exempt), and USCIS has sent an RFE. After going through the H1B package, I noticed that the job description in the petition was incorrect. It appears that a wrong job description was picked up by the analyst that prepared the package. Since I was asked to provide some details around the job duties (which is when I noticed this discrepancy), I am guessing it's a specialty occupation RFE. Is there a way the job description can be corrected in the RFE response? I have a feeling USCIS wouldn't like that. In such a scenario, does it make more sense to file a fresh H1 petition? Thanks.
  16. Engineer001

    H4 Extension for Canadian Citizen

    Hi Guys, I am working in US on H1B visa and my spouse has an H4 visa. I am applying for my H1B extension in June 2019, so what is the best route for H4 extension for my spouse: 1) Include H4 extension with H1 or 2) Visit any port of entry and get H4 extended? Please advise. Thanks!
  17. canadian3725

    Canadians and H1B stamping

    That's exactly the point of the first question. If a Canadian has an approved H1B petition, can he/she just take that and enter the United States WITHOUT going through the stage of visa stamping in their passport?
  18. Hi, I have applied my HNSC (H1B not subjected to cap) extension from India. I got RFE and USCIS asked for client letter. my client is no more providing client letters to contractors but they are wiling to send an email instead .. stating that I'm working with them and they no long provide client letter. email from client will suffice to respond to USCIS in my case ? please let me know. Thank you.
  19. Dear team, I am going to apply for F1 visa to study under corporate sponsored masters degree. I am married and have 4 yrs old kid. My husband is working in good position here in india. I have below questions 1. Can i apply for f2 got my child when i apply for f1 together? I will get my entire stay and expense covered by company. For my child my dad (child's grandfather) will be sponsora 2. My husband prefers to come in visit visa during vacations as he don't want to quit his job during this period. 3. We can't leave my child here as he is attached to mother. Will there be rejection for my kid even if we show sufficient financial support from my father during this period? Or should i only apply for visit visa for my child too? 4. Reason of considering f2 for child is education. He can't discontinue school here and be with me for 6 months there on visitor visa. It will affect his schooling. In dependent visa he can study there till my course duration and am planning to use day care facility during my college time. 5. After my course i will return back to india or Australia as only that will be feasible for my husband's job. So we don't really intend to immigrate Any suggestions on how to handle this situation without rejection?
  20. praveenrk

    expired i94 and i797

    my visa extension filed on sep 7 2018 ,my visa extension got approved on may 13 2019 after rfe and got approval notice on may 18 2019 ,but the notice says my petition expired on march 2019 and i94 valid till april 4 2019. now what are all my options . nunc pro tunc can be used ? what can my attorney do .we dont want to travel back to india,can we file from usa
  21. praveenrk

    I-94 DENIED, H1B DENIED, Please Respond

    may i kno whats the status of your case, i am currently in same condition
  22. care_candidate

    Cruise closed loop travel query

    Automatic Visa Re validation is intended to enter back to US from trip to Mexico, Canada and some adjacent Islands for Certain visa types (F, M, J...). Once you lose validity of visa it is unlikely to gain entry. Also, in order to enter Mexico, you need unexpired multiple entry visa to US. I strongly advise to ask cruise company as many cruise traveler miss this step and get denial at the time of embarkation.
  23. Rivendare

    Wrongfully Terminated Job (H1B)

    Hello, I am working in my company for 6.5 years as an engineer. I transferred another position in US 4.5 years ago with L1B then switched to H1B. Company was planing to apply for a green card for me for a while now, in December 2018 they posted the job. On April 2019 I got the information that a qualified US citizen applied (from the other side of the country which happens to be living in the same state with my manager). They told me that they had to hire him and replace me because of the nature of this process. I quickly found another job and now we are submitting transfer. New company’s attorney told me that I can not get a green card thru sponsorship before I spent 6 years in US. They would need to apply 365 days before that, it is not possible to apply earlier. I am still in the first company until the submission is complete. I am getting a little suspicious that there is something else is going on. My director repeatedly states that they were very happy with my performance and this has nothing to do with it. 1. I am Confused in between 2 company’s statement, if it was not possible to apply for green Card was and there was no performance or ethics issue is it just to post the job? 2. If it is not just, can it be considered as a wrongful termination? A US citizen is replacing a H1B holder, I believe that is what law should promote companies to do. thank you for your time.
  24. Raghav99999


    Hi, My company forgot to apply H4.they supposed to apply in2016.may I know the process and what will be the result. Will that impact my H1 extension also.
  25. Raghav99999


    Hi, My company forgot to apply H4.they supposed to apply in2016.may I know the process and what will be the result. Will that impact my H1 extension also.
  26. pianoman84

    B2 visa for short summer music program?

    Excellent point, thank you - on the topic of immigrant intent, since some of the students will be younger (10-16) and will need to be accompanied by a parent, would it be wise to advise them not to come with both parents? Since if one parent remains at home it gives the other parent and student more of a reason to return home? Also, would the parent and student attend the same visa interview or separate interviews?
  27. Below order of events have overlapping dates and no travel -> 2017 H1B extension (h1&h4) -> Initiation Nov 2017 -> RFE Feb 2018 -> Approved May 2018 -> Validity Jan 2019 (Location: Charlotte) 2018 H1b Amendment(h1) -> Initiation April 2018 -> RFE July 2019 -> Approved Dec 12th 2018 - Validity August 2020 (Location: Dallas) 2018 H1B extension(h1&h4) -> Initiation Dec 10th 2018 -> RFE April 2018 -> wasting for approval (Location: Dallas) Question: If my Extension is rejected would I be able to stay on my Amendment & if so how do I handle the H4 extension Thanks!
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