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  3. msve

    H1B to H4 EAD Conversion - Reg.

    1. Yes, apply for COS asap as its taking 6+ months to get approved. Sooner the better. 2. Sooner the better. You have around 9 months which will give you enough time. You can still work on H1 until your H4 and H4 EAD is approved. If your H4 is approved and H4 EAD is still pending you will have to stop working until you receive your EAD card. 3. Yes, you can continue working on H1 until May.
  4. JoeF

    H1-B Approved but never travelled.

    Since you never worked for the employer on the H1 you are not considered counted in the quota. You are not cap-exempt.
  5. JoeF

    H1B Petition Transfer in USA - Easy or Complex?

    That is illegal. The company is a fraud. You can not travel on the H1 because you are no longer with xyz. Using the H1 would be immigration fraud. Find a better employer, not a shady company that encourages you to do immigration fraud. You would need a new approved H1 to travel.
  6. Hi, Did anyone sent the approved I-140 Copy after initial 7th year extension is filed with USCIS ? Does USCIS accepts the additional documentation without being RFE issued ? Thanks in advance
  7. My cousin’s H1 extension was filed by Company A. I realized that transfer was filed by Company B on the same date when the extension from A was denied. This happened coincidentally. Will that still be considered a valid application?
  8. I am planning to renew my parents visitors visa. Their 10 year visa expired last month. I checked the website and it looks like they are eligible for drop box(Interview Waiver). To drop the documents, do my parents need to go to the drop off location or can another person drop their documents..?
  9. Hi, Seeking help on the below questions that I have. I am working for company A on H1B which is expiring on Septmeber 20 and they filed my extension long back and got reciept notice. I also got a full time job on Company B and my H1B transfer approved as well. My joining date with company B is on October 7th. Question1: Till then can I work for Company A after September 20 on company A's reciept notice? Question2: My Last day with company A would be October 18th, but company B asked me to start on October 7th so there will be overlap of 2weeks. Will that be an issue if both companies run payroll for that period?
  10. 221gh8er

    H1B stamping dismissed DV case

    I am also on the same boat. I attended the interview on 06/18. The VO took copies of my court papers n collected my passport. But then returned it on 07/22 with another 221g to submit psychological evaluation report which Apollo submitted on the 25th. CEAC last updated is still showing 06/18. It's been very frustrating. Pls let us know once ur visa is issued.
  11. swisswise

    H4 Ead returned to USCIS undelivered experience

    What if the USPS lost the mail and card is not returned to USCIS ?
  12. Noah Lott

    H1b Revoked

    moving from one shady situation to another will not prevent USCIS from investigating,,,,
  13. I plan to register my marriage in the USA . Will it be valid in india legally ? If no, if I register via foreign marriage act, will it be valid in india ? Should the passport be updated after registering the marriage in the USA ? Is it recommened to get an attorney ? Both of us are india citizens (Special marriage act). Does anyone know if I have to do the 1 month process (special marriage act) in india even after registering the marriage in the USA ?
  14. pollen93

    I 140 approved and H1B cab extension

    Can a person get 3 year extension approved, on basis of i140 from India, irrespective of how many years they have spent on the original H1B visa?
  15. I got my H1B approved for just 3 months and I'm going for stamping in two days. My visa validity is given as valid till 30th Sep 2019, that is 40 day from now. 1. After getting stamping, Can I apply for extension without travelling to US? 2. Can I apply for extension after 30th Sep 2019? What would be the best to do next after getting stamping
  16. Hi Team, I went for visa interview last month in Chennai. I got 221g. This week I saw my case status in USCIS, it is showing up "Intent to Revoke Notice Was Sent". My employer still did not get the notice. Once we get the notice, my attorney will respond to the issue. But here my question is, What are the chances of getting approval if we respond properly? or is it a name sake notice before denying it? Can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi Team, I got H1-B petition approved in 2016 through my previous employer. But I never travelled on H1-B to USA through the old company. The original I-797 petition is with my previous employer, but I have a copy of the petition. I also have a B1/B2 visa and have travelled on this visa. Please help with the following queries: 1. Is it necessary for me to have the original H1-B petition with me (which I may not get from my previous employer) ? If yes, can I apply for duplicate? 2. Am I eligible for cap-exempt H1-B ? 3. Will having a B1/B2 visa help me in any way to activate my approved previous H1-B? Thanks, Kalesh
  18. My spouse currently on H4 visa. She changed her name on passport in US. She still has valid visa on her old passport. Can she go to India and come back with her existing visa and new passport or does she need to go for visa stamping again?
  19. amit.bhattacharyya

    Am I eligible for DROPBOX

    On FEB 2017 I came to FLORIDA , at this time my stamped visa was till JUNE 2019, Filed amendment and moved to KENTUCKY and i797 date becomes OCT 2018 , as passport about to expire now got visa extended till DEC 2020 from KENTUCKY, Filed another amendment to move back to FLORIDA which is in process If I go to India on NOV 2019 am I eligible for drop box ( considering I am going to fulfill other requirements of drop box ) which date will be considered JUN 2019 , which is initial visa date given in passport stamping , still old passport have that date, no stamp on new passport or the date I got after filing amendment which is OCT 2018 CLIENT REMAINS SAME
  20. GCoder

    H1B Petition Transfer in USA - Easy or Complex?

    It is illegal to travel without a valid project. you need to get an approved h1b petition/stamping before you can travel.
  21. I am a full time student. I also have a transcript that shows that I have finished all my credits except for my thesis. I just want to know if a letter from my advisor saying that I have submitted my thesis and it was pending to be approved by the graduate school to get my official degree would suffice.
  22. I am in the same boat but have not raised SR. Please update this thread. Thanks
  23. employer will get the email ones your petition approved by USCIS.sometimes it will take time to change the status online.
  24. Hi, my h1b got approved in 2017 and within a month i travelled out of the country.Due to some reasons my employer revoked my H1B.I came back on h4 as my spouse has H1B.My spouse applied h1b extension along with my h4 extension in premium processing in month of june 2019.H1B approval came on first week of july 2019. H4 (not ead)extension still pending and gave the biometrics on 22nd of july 2019.I have following questions: 1.I applied COS h4 to h1 on 9th july 2019 in pp after applying h4 extension.I got the approval for cos h4 to h1b on 14th aug 2019.my question is what will be my status ones h4 get approve?h4 starting date will be 8th aug 2019,and got cos h4 to h1 approval on 14th aug 2019. 2.upon h4 approval my status wiil be h4 again or it's h1b?it's out of cap case as i am recapturing my h1b. i heard that its automatically converted on h1b ones cos approve and you are no longer on h4 even h4 extension is pending please let me know the what status will be consider ones h4 approval come? need immediate output on this!
  25. jcjnc

    ds160 h1b visa interview

    I’ve submitted my DS-160 form with ‘NO’ for '‘Do you have any other relatives in US?’ and booked visa interview dates. It seems My mother’s sister is in US but i dont have any contact with them forever. My parents had received their visa several years ago with the the answer ‘Yes’ for ‘Do you have any other relatives in US in their DS 160 form? I came to know this only after booking visa interview dates. Will this impact my visa stamping?
  26. shansksg

    H1b petition revoked by uscis

    Sure for your information Joe.Anyway,I have informed to new employer as well and told that for all my information from past experiences and also their immigration team and manager and VP is reviewing for all my documents and mails on yesterday and I am waiting for their reply. I have an two questions and please provide me answers from your end. 1.Damn sure,I will get the H1B approval notice thru Premium Processing or not? 2.If I140 revoked - what are the next steps and action plan?
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