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  2. skhr

    Desi employer notice

    I recently got a full time from end client and my desi employer sent a legal notice. As per my desi employer, I cannot join end client for a period of 12 months after ending my employment with employer. I signed this 3 years back and at that time I have no intention of taking full time with client. I have been with this employer for 10 years and I'm based on California Also it is EVC model, there is vendor between my employer and client. Can my employer take action as the client is not his own? Any advise to get rid of it? Thanks in advance.
  3. kannav4life

    H1B approval period

    I have my I-140 approved with my previous employer (currently less than 3 yrs remaining on my h1b ). In case i want to change jobs and my new company applies for transfer , will i be able to request for full 3 yrs or not?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi All, I previously had my H1b stamping in 2014 , later I quit and moved onto H4 visa and got it stamped in 2015 and applied for a new H1b in 2019 and got my approval recently. My questions are below Can I go to Canada or Mexico for stamping? ( I am hearing lot of stories that if there is a change of status involved, better not go to Mexico or Canada - I do have previous h1b + Work experience + US - Master's degree)? OR Should I go to India (Country of Origin) as a mandatory to get my visa stamped? Thanks in advance! Sp18
  6. Thanks for the reply. So I won't have an issue with the job profile as my job description under an engg degree and under an MBA degree will be completely different? Also could you please tell me till which date I can stay back in the USA before getting an H1 result? I will be graduating in May 2020. Thanks.
  7. svadala

    Travel Question

    Hello All, my daughter (2 years old) will be traveling from Hyderabad to San Francisco with my brother and sister-in-law through Cathay Pacific Airlines. Since my daughter will not be traveling with me or my wife, should I have to provide any authorization letter to my brother and sister-in-law? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  8. pontevecchio

    I485 Query if out of USA

    1. You can opt for Consular Processing if the original job will be still available 2. You can come over in H1 status and then look for a similar job to avail yourself of AC20 provisions.
  9. manoj9999

    H1B visa stamping

    Hi, I have the valid H1B visa stamp in my passport until Dec 31st, 2019 which is with my previous employer A. Now I've changed to some other full-time position with employer B and visa transfer got approved and got the visa up to Oct 2021. So, If I travel to India in coming September for 3 weeks vacation, Do I need to go for stamping again? Will there be any problem while coming back into the United States with the old visa stamp and new h1b approval document? Thanks in Advance!
  10. Mani2029

    H1_B Reopened

    Hello, MY H1-B is filed in Apr 2018, got RFE in Nov 2018, approved on Jan 2019 and received I-797A. Initially my STEM OPT is valid till 06/2020 My H1B is reopened on Apr 2019 and issued a NOIR, Responded to NOIR on June-2109. I have contacted my school and they are saying my Sevis is still active My question is if my h1b revoked does i fall back to opt or out of status. what is possible ways if it out of status? Could please someone help me on this.
  11. if non-campus (like gas station ) is done during CPT by someone and if the person has given false paperwork justifying the role to Uscis at the time of H1 filling. Say 5 Years Later if this is reported to USCIS by his then non-campus employer ,will USCIS take any action now.
  12. gopalakrishnach

    H4 visa stamping question

    She cna travel now. If needed she can attend H4 visa stamping interview at India and come back with stamp. She needs to attend after your H1B is approved since during visa interview they will ask primary applcants H1B approval copy.
  13. gopalakrishnach

    H1b Visa stamping with prior arrest/Misdemeanor

    They will try to check this out since in DS 160 you need to mention it. You may be issued 221G and I feel that it will be cleared out eventually. Be prepared to face it and plan accordingly. Stay strong and all the best.
  14. gopalakrishnach

    Amendment needed?

    I may be wrong, I guess you can start at new client after LCA approved and your employer applies for extension/amendment after you start at client.
  15. gopalakrishnach

    GC Related Question

    They are not related but personally I feel they want to make sure your H1B extension gets approved before starting GC process.
  16. Your H1B did not get resolved so that means you did not get your first H1B that means no concept of h1B transfer. Your client needs to wait till April 2020 and file you once again in lottery if your current RFE is not resolved by that time.
  17. gopalakrishnach

    H1B approved petition validity

    Are you in USA ? Did you start working on H1B from jan 2017 ? Without those details ahrd to say. From your post I cannot understand whether your H1B started or not?
  18. gopalakrishnach

    Second Masters degree. Should i graduate early for H-1?

    1. On MBA you have to work on non IT field job. But any employer can use your already finished MS to apply for H1B in lottery.
  19. gopalakrishnach

    H1B approved. Need to move home for personal reasons

    In October your H1B starts so after that transfer will come to picture. I may be wrong..
  20. Consult your employer waht to do. Your employer will get reason in mail by next 10 to 15 days I guess.
  21. Lonewolf74

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    @pachhu44 Hi, Just to understand better - 1. Did you still get your Visa stamped on your passport while at Mexico? 2. Did you just opt for AVR on your way back in to US? 3. Did you get a Visa for Mexico for your trip to Cancun? Appreciate the assistance. Can I also have your contact details - email or phone?
  22. I am currently on H1B and my 6 years is maxing out this Nov 2019. My wife's I-140 is already approved and her H1 extension is pending approval (receipt notice is already received some time back.)My plan is to convert from H1 to H4 and apply for H4 EAD at the same time, so that I can continue working here in the US itself, without having to have any gap in my career.But I am not clear on whether I should do that right away, or go back to my home country and apply for H4 first and then for H4 EAD (for which I believe I have to quit my job in my home country and come back to the US for H4 EAD processing ?)Can anyone please suggest what is the best and right option for me right now, should I apply for H4 and H4 EAD immediately bieng here in the US until Nov 2019 or first go back to home country and then start processing ? If I opt to apply now itself, but most likely the approvals wont come before Nov 2019 when i have to travel back, will my H4/H4 EAD application get impacted ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.
  23. Zoomit

    Backdated Visa approval

    Hello i am also on same boat with back dated approval.
  24. aashish24

    August Visa Bulletin: Priority Dates Retrogress

    Thanks. Would there be any chance that spill over may make it available in September? Also, is there an official document that can be referred?
  25. Hi All I have a situation where my I140 denied earlier because of my education AMIE doesn't come under EB2 category. my new employer filed for PWD by showing 6 years of experience only required and not required any other education . Now my employer is telling it may come under Audit, not sure whether it get passed through . but I left with only one year of time for my H1B tenure. Now I am planning to return to India , and do masters and then can come back and file under EB2 as my H1B still valid by that time because of 1 year If I go out of USA? regards Mahesh
  26. H4 visa

    H4 EAD Replacement card

    Hi I got my h4 EAD approved on FEB2019, but unfortunately the card was misplaced by USPS ,so I applied for replacement of card on April 17th, now my employer says I can not work beyond Aug 6th as with replacement copy I can only work 90 days, even though I have approved receipt copy I went to uscis local office and they said I can work with approved receipt copy Is anyone in this situation can someone shed some light on this as I need to quit my job because of card lost
  27. JoeF

    H1B 60 day grace period

    You also would have to get paid until that date.
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