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  4. prashanthz

    H1B Laid Off - Options

    My current employment was terminated on April 15 2019, and am awaiting new employment so I could file my H1 within the 60 day grace sometime by end of May. I have my I-140 approved, with priority date Mar 2017. Considering H4 EAD might not be applicable going forward and I might lose out on that option, what If withdraw my H4 change of status application with USCIS? update my existing H4 EAD application with my new I-94?
  5. sushantmurthy

    Does I94 Change for Bahamas Visit

    We are currently on h1b visa with validity until Jun 15th. The current extension is pending with USCIS with receipt notice in hand. We are traveling to Bahamas on a cruise on May 2nd to May 4th from Miami. When I checked my company immigration team, they told I should be minimum 8 weeks of visa left while coming back to USA ? Is that valid statement and is also applicable for coming back from Bahamas to USA? Also does i need to carry my receipt notice to show the prove that my case is filed with USCIS ?
  6. HiLet's say I went for visa stamping and got stamped till 2022. While my passport has validity till 2020 , I am sure that my i-94 will be till 2020 only ,once i reach United states. But My concern is Is it better to extend the passport and go for stamping? For some emergency reasons, if i want to go without extending the passport, does the immigration officer strike off my visa stamped date and validity only upto 2020 , though i got stamped till 2022? If the above statement is valid situation , as i want to travel again in short duration(in less than six months ) with my renewed passport , then do i have to go for stamping again(will they accept DS-160 form ,though i got my stamping recently done ) to ensure my visa stamped date is till 2022. ThanksAppreciate your responses
  7. pontevecchio

    H1b RFE

  8. Hello, I am a green card holder since May 2014. I was in the US until April 2017 and left for India for personal reason. I hold valid re-entry permit which will expire in May 2019. I am now back to the US for a brief period. Can I apply for citizenship considering I have complete the required number of days of physical stay in the US? Can my absence from the US be distort my continuous PR status? Any guidance is appreciated.
  9. bbcr1234

    H4 EAD Receipt

    It's been 3 weeks, still neither received receipt nor the check got cashed. Anybody experienced this kind of delay for H4 EAD recently.
  10. I work in a local government agency with an H4 EAD since 2015, that was valid till April. An attorney advised to apply for H4 extension & EAD renewal together well ahead of time and we did so in Oct 2018, 31 Oct 2018 receipt date. I had to travel to India in Nov 2018, even when we asked the attorney about it I was advised to apply. Now the case is still pending with USCIS even after 5 months of applying. I strongly believe that it is because of the travel this has been affected [https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/faqs-employment-authorization-certain-h-4-dependent-spouses#_While_Waiting_for] I need advise on what I can do now? Can I apply a fresh I765 for the EAD while the older case is still pending?
  11. pontevecchio

    DUI on STEM OPT , H1b filed by employer

    Hindsight is always 20/20. You are involved in a bad situation in a totally inappropriate state. It will cost you a lot of money in terms of fines, court fees, Lawyers fees and the inevitable ballooning of your Car Insurance. You will need a GOOD DUI Lawyer and a Good Immigration firm which has lawyers well versed in Criminal Law. Forget all suppositions and get these lawyers involved and follow their guidance. It is important for the two sets of lawyers to be on the same page. Apply for the OPT etc.. But concentrate on getting through this situation. Your visa is likely to be judicially revoked and hence you will need a new visa when you travel in order to return. Discuss each and every eventuality with the lawyers and get written answers. As k the lawyers whether you NEED to inform your employer depending on what line of business they are in. I have mentioned a few times that along with the H1 Rights and responsibilities, every applicant for visas other than tourist needs to be strongly warned against the scourge of DUI, and DV which will be a very costly lesson if one is caught indulging in. Best of luck.
  12. JoeF

    Speeding tickets

    Write what you remember. Also, if the fines were below $500 most details aren't required.
  13. RuthK

    H1b RFE

    Hello, I received RFE on H1b (cap exempt) extension working with the same employer for past 4 years. My question is can I switch employers while RFE is still pending, i.e can I apply another H1b cap exempt with different employer with RFE still pending? I still have 2.5 months with valid H1b with current employer, FYI Response will be much appreciated. Thank you Ruth
  14. Hello Team, I moved from TX to NC in Aug 2017. I’m a FTE. My H1B visa on passport expired on 24th May 2018 My H1B petition was accordingly amended after move in 2017 and filed along with extension and got approved until Mid Aug 2020 . It was filed for my home location as primary and an office location in NC as secondary. I work from home(WFH) 99% of the time and visit TX office and rarely NC office. I am planning to go to India, Chennai this month April 2019. I’m eligible for drop box, if submitted before May 24th 2019. Question 1: DS-160 has question for “Where do you intend to work”. Address fields are followed by Employer Name. No capability to add additional address. Please advise my home or NC office address? Question 2: How are the experiences for Dropbox in Chennai in recent days ? Should you know, please share some insights. I’ve gotten stamping for H1 extension multiple times. Since this is my first time in a WFH scenario, I’m looking for similar experiences and/or advise in that. Also is it better to get stamped while I can via Dropbox than Personal Appearance/Interview? Thanks in advance for your responses! ~ Madhu
  15. Hello, My H1B visa and I94 both are expired in February 2019 and extension was applied in January 2019 and still under process. I have other direct hiring offer, so my question is having expired H1B visa and expired I94, is it possible to do transfer with new company having only receipt number of extension petition under process? Could anybody help on this? Thanks!
  16. Hello! My question is, is it good idea to convert h1b amendment petition to premium while my previous petition with different client is still under process? My visa and I94 are already expired. Let me know what is best way to come out of this confusing situation.
  17. xTDx

    H1B visa stamping done but no I94

    WHen you arrive at US border with a valid h1b stamp i.e visa, the CBP officer will issue you a i-94 based on your h1b petition expiry.
  18. gopalakrishnach

    H1B visa stamping done but no I94

    I guess when you come back on Apr 20 2019, at port of entry you will get new I94 online..
  19. gopalakrishnach

    Part time study while on H1B

    I guess no issues...
  20. My h1b petition was approved this March. I am a remote full time employee for a company and when my h1b was filed i was residing on different state. I moved to another state while my petition was in process for family reasons. Now my employer is in the process of h1b amendment for location change. My question is has my h1b been activated inorder for me to be eligible for any transfer? Or my amendment needs to be approved first? Thanks.
  21. gopalakrishnach

    Question about H1B Amendment

    Old days this was true but my employer did amendment to be on safe side even though I moved from 123 ABC St to 678 ABC St...
  22. gopalakrishnach

    H1-B - Period of Approval

    I think for new cap this year the window is already closed. I do not think they approve outside of lottery for new petitions.
  23. gopalakrishnach

    Multiple H1B transfer petitions

    No issues. You can look for new job...
  24. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Stamping in Calgary, Canada

    Do not worry if you donot see any recent experience. People are going and getting it stamped. Its only that they are not at all posting their experience. They post only if they get 221G.

    Submitting multiple H4 EAD applications

    Vibha, did you get an answer ? can i file multiple applications for H4 EAD? i filed an application last week and looks like one of the document is wrong. instead of waiting for a RFE, can i apply another new application with correct document. I know i had to pay extra 410 $ for processing fee? but is that ok ?
  26. mnjoshi

    F2 to H4 Processing

    Hi krishnakant, I am in somewhat similar situation. My husband H1b got approved on 9Jan2019 with COS from that date and I have filed my I-539 on 28Jan2019. We have our F1 and F2 visa valid till Oct2019. Now we have taken visa stamping appointment date and my COS has not yet approved. Is there will be any questions regarding out of status while visa stamping? Can I travel back to India before my COS approves? Thank you in advance.
  27. In N400 I filled the name change column with new name. How exactly it works? Do I get the citizenship certificate with new name? or the name change process starts there, and will take its own course of time? I am expecting interview in Sep/Oct 2019. If the name change process starts at interview, can I change the name as per local city/county process, and carry that certificate to the interview? Field office for my interview would be San Francisco, CA. Thanks.
  28. I have an approved COE petition with a new employer, but I might be unable to join that employer before the 60 day period expires. I would like to understand if I can continue to work at my present employer (I have an I-797 with present employer), or if the issuance of a new I-797 invalidates my current one. Thanks!
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