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  2. My H1B petition is approved till 1st Nov 2019 and its my 6 year max out date. I have I-140 approved recently but not filed for extension yet. I am planning to travel to India in mid july and have drop box eligibility for visa stamping. On the day of stamping i will have 3+ month remaining in my current approved petition on which i am applying for stamping. I am planning to file for extension after coming back to US. ' 1. Is it enough time duration for stamping? 2. it ok to file extension while you are travelling to other country and applying for visa stamping?
  3. Aartimail

    H1B Visa Stamping -maxout within 6 months period

    My H1B petition is approved till 1st Nov 2019 and its my 6 year max out date. I have I-140 approved recently but not filed for extension yet. I am planning to travel to India in mid july and have drop box eligibility for visa stamping. On the day of stamping i will have 3+ month remaining in my current approved petition on which i am applying for stamping. I am planning to file for extension after coming back to US. ' 1. Is it enough time duration for stamping? 2. it ok to file extension while you are travelling to other country and applying for visa stamping?
  4. Rachael2011

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    Anyone else with some helpful advice?
  5. JoeF

    Stamping with 2 Part Time H-1Bs

    You always only apply for one visa. You probably have to show the approval notices for both H1 petitions when you enter. But it is always only one visa. There is no such thing as "part time visa." A visa is an entry document that allows you to enter the US in the particular status associated with the visa. Pet time or full time are specifics of the H1 petitions, which are separate from a visa.
  6. Hi Everyone,  I hope this helps to people who are in similar situations. I will keep you posted on further update. 1-Apr-13 > Applied for H1B in Premium Processing. 13-Apr-13 > Selected in lottery and received receipt number. 17-Apr-13 > H1B was approved till 30 Sep 2016. 10-Dec-13 > Attended interview for H1B stamping in Vancouver, Canada. VO issued 221g white and my case status updated as administrative processing. 26-Dec-13 > Consulate called me for Second round of interview and told me that my documents are being return to USCIS for review. 3-Apr-14 > Case status updated but still as administrative processing. 29-Apr-14 > USCIS update my case status as Department of state sent your case for review.We will send you the decision once review is complete. 9-Apr-18 > USCIS updated case status as 'we sent you notice of intent to revoke' and my attorney received the NOIR notice from vermont service center. In the notice uscis asked to submit supporting documents by 9 May 2018 to avoid revocation. 18-Apr-18 > Attorney sent a response to Notice of Intent to revoke to USCIS in Fedex. 19-Apr-18 > Fedex delivered package to uscis Vermont service center. 24-Apr-18 > USCIS updated case status as 'Response To USCIS Request For Evidence Was Received'. 18-Jun-19 > USCIS Reaffirmed And Mailed Back To Department Of State.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I came to US in 2006 and gotten my I-140 approved with Eb2 April 2011 Priority. I got stamped in chennai Successfully thrice. My H1B was renewed in 2017 till April 2020. When we filed the extension back in 2017, I was with Client A. Now I changed to Client B (EC model) within the same MSA (25 miles). My pay rate, roles and responsibilities are all the same. I'm planning to go on vacation next month and get stamped at Chennai. Could I carry the client letter from Client B, new LCA and other documents for the VISA?
  9. keshavardhan

    Need Visa Dates Info for Toronto

    Can anyone please help me with this. I would appreciate a lot.
  10. akatav

    Renew H1B after expiry

    I was granted h1b through lottery in 2015. In 2016, i got a new job and the h1b was transferred and granted until 2019 January. But I did not stay there for long. I returned to my country. Is this visa renewable ? Would it have to go through the lottery again ?
  11. Haider langah

    Cr1 visa

    i had my interview for Cr1 visa on 22-May-2019. VO gave me 221g slip for subimt additional documents. i submitted documents on 25-May-2019. My ceac visa status shows AP but travel docs shows Document deleivery information: what does it mean? warm regards, Haider Ali Langah.
  12. My wife is currently working on H4 EAD for employer A and employer A also applied for her H1B this year which was picked up in lottery and was approved as well. The H1B starts from 1-Oct-19 and is valid for 3 years. Per my employer lawyers advice, we are going ahead with H4EAD application while an H1B is approved but not yet in action. Her current H4EAD is valid till 10Oct19 so we are hopeful to get the EAD renewed prior to expiration. Question 1. Since currently there is a trend of delays in H4EAD renewal, should we plan as a backup to get the H1B visa stamp in India? (this will require that she continue working with employer A till October at least) We purposely did NOT apply for simultaneous change of status so she was issued I797B (see attached). I believe it means that she will have to go to home country to get the H1B VISA stamp and change the status from H4 to H1B. The reason we didn’t apply change of status was because preferably we wanted to utilize the H4EAD path for employment (as it provides greater flexibility w.r.t. changing jobs etc.) rather than H1B and we wanted to keep H1B as a backup in case H4EAD gets rescinded altogether. Our preference is still going ahead with H4EAD renewal application. Question 2. Once H4EAD renewal gets approved, can we utilize the unused H1B at a later date when needed? (assuming employer A does not rescind her H1B petition) Will it be cap exempt? By what time the cap exempt status expires (5 years?) ? She also interviewed with employer B during all this and they are giving better pay but employer B only want full time employee (H4EAD will work but no scope of H1B transfer in future) Question 3. As a general advice, given the delays and RFEs in H4EAD renewal (5-6 months timeline) plus the trump admin process of doing away with H4EAD altogether, is it even a good idea moving to employer B in our case? (she will most likely have to sit at home for 2-3 months starting 10Oct if the H4EAD is not renewed by that time) Thanks in advance for answers.
  13. I have been living the US for the past 10 years. I am on a work visa(H1B) which is valid till Nov 2019 and my i140 is approved. My employer has terminated my employment as of 6/1/2019 and I have been informed that they will be informing USCIS on this. I believe this would result in my H1b revocation. My wife is on H4 visa and currently working on a fulltime job using H4-EAD. Due to my current employment situation, I would like to know what are my current options. I have the following questions, 1. How do i know my H1B has been revoked? 2. If H1B revoked, what would happen to the H4 EAD? 3. When does the 60 day grace period start, does it start immediately after employment termination or after H1B revocation? 4. Since my termination was done from my employer side, Is there any possibility of applying for i140 EAD using compelling circumstances? Kindly let me know, as i am in a critical situation and I need to plan my next steps as soon as possible. I really appreciate any response to my queries. Thank you!
  14. My case is special and have to sync up with my company's attorney but still wanted to get an insight from experts in Murthy for more clarity. 1) Worked for 5 years with employer A in USA (till June 14 2019). H1B visa stamp valid till June 2017. I797 & I94 valid till June 2020 based on H1B extension with A. I-140 approved with employer A for over 6 months 2) Did a H1B transfer on premium to employer B and joined on receipt and currently working with B since June 17. After joining on receipt, now my transfer is in RFE state. Not sure when employer B plans to respond and what are the contents of the RFE. a) Now, if another employer C is ready to do my H1B transfer on premium, will I be able to work with C after transfer is approved? b) If the current H1B with B eventually is denied after transfer to C is approved, will that affect my joining/working with C? c) If the current H1B with B is denied even before I do transfer to C, will I still be able to transfer to C by still staying in US? PS: Till today, employer A has not sent the approved H1B withdrawal to USCIS but I expect that may happen soon
  15. Hi, I am planning to pursue my Master's on H4 visa. Can I do an internship on H4-EAD while pursuing my Master's? Thanks in advance
  16. Hi, My i140 was approved six months back but my H1B petition is Denied last week. I am yet to get the reason for the denial. My i-94 is expired as well. But would like to know what are the possibilities for me to stay here? If my employer raises MTR will i be able to stay here in USA and work? Or i have to exit ??
  17. Last week
  18. pontevecchio

    B2 visitor visa at hyderabad, telangana

    You seem to have clicked for an Immigration Visa aka IV. You should cancel and start from the beginning.
  19. sm2016

    Incorrect Priority Date on I-140 Receipt Notice

    Glad to know your PD was restored! For my specific case, the PD is incorrect on the receipt notice, should I wait until the approval notice comes and if PD is incorrect on the approval notice approach USCIS for correction or just proceed with correction on the receipt notice?
  20. Hi, My sister in law applied for visitor visa last year which got rejected. This year I am planning to apply again with me as a sponsor. I have a couple of questions 1. She is working as a business analyst for a company as simultaneously studying for BBA . There is no option to enter 2 things as current. If I give current as 'job' I cannot give education as 2018 to 2020 it is not accepting saying' date cannot be greater than current date' What should I do? 2. My wife has started job recently as well but she doesnt have a w2 form . Is there better chances of approval if she becomes the sponsor ? is it ok to not have w2 form? Thanks
  21. I have a question on the documents required for H4 EAD renewal. I applied for H4 EAD renewal in the last week of March 2019 (standalone H4 EAD, applied after H1 and H4 extension were approved in Premium processing in the 3rd week of March). The application is still in ‘Case Received’ status at Vermont service center. Recently I am seeing a lot of people posting in discussion forums that they received RFE requesting for the H1B spouse’s pay stubs. Is this a required document for H4 EAD renewal? I did not submit the pay stubs for my past renewals. Also is there a way to send spouse's pay stubs to USCIS without receiving RFE? Thanks in advance.
  22. I am working for employer A and my current visa and I-94 got expired on 05/17/2019. Employer A filed extension in regular processing and is currently pending with USCIS.Employer B has offered me a position and filed H1B- transfer after I-94 expiry date(06/14/2019) in premium and got my approval stating the validity and I-94 date starting from 06/30. 1. Do I mandatorily need to go for stamping to start working a with employer B? 2. What will be my status between 05/17-06/30 if USCIS question for future extensions? 3. If employer A withdraw my petition at any point of time will that have any impact for current petition. 4. If employer A petition is denied at any point of time will that have any impact of my new H1 with employer B. 4. I filed H4 EAD with employer A receipt notice and is pending. Now I am moving to employer B . Can I transfer that H4-ead application to new H1B on employer B?
  23. Bindhu Balakrishnan

    H1B Approved But Not Activated

    He has started to work from mid June. we are not sure as his approved petition is with his employer.
  24. Bindhu Balakrishnan

    H1B Approved But Not Activated

    I still didn't get. His employer hold his H1B paper . He got to know only the Starting Validity Date as 04/25/2019. His employer informed him that he will run payroll only mid of July as he started to work from mid of June. Will there be any issue in future if he didn't get a payroll before June 25th ?
  25. I guess it depends on your latest I94 validity. visa expiry or I94 expiry which ever comes first you need to consider. Do not accrue illegal stay..
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