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  2. JoeF

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    They don't have to issue an RFE, they can deny cases outright if the documents are not there. You may want to get the help of a good immigration lawyer so that you don't overlook things the next time
  3. JoeF

    Parents GC Filed, can they travel??

    For that the AP needs to be approved. As per the poster, that hasn't happened yet: "we didn't get AP approval yet". They are legal to stay but can only travel abroad when the AP is approved.
  4. veni001

    Parents GC Filed, can they travel??

    They are AOS pending, don't worry about i-94, and only travel in/out of US within validity period of Advance Parole.
  5. You have a 60'day grace period from the date employment with A ended. If C files an H1 petition before the 60 days are over you are ok.
  6. Hi Schthi,

    Can you send me the template you used for filing the I-290B for your wife's I-485 to be reopened. I am in the same boat as you were. Also, was your wife able to stay here after the I-485 was denied and during the filing and processing of the I-290B?

    Thanks and much obliged.

  7. JoeF

    Visitor visa extending stay

    There is no sponsoring for visitors. Your income is irrelevant.
  8. JoeF

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    One advice: Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Get a lawyer involved.
  9. Yesterday
  10. JoeF

    H4/F1 After H1B Denial

    Only some states offer in-state tuition for people on H4. Usually, the person has to have lived in the state for the immediate prior year. As for finding a job, he would have to apply for one, just like everybody else. There are tons of Job boards on the Internet.
  11. Rosciel Doctama

    J1 waiver

    I applied a Waiver based on exceptional hardship of US citizen but it is taking so long to get the result. Is it okay to apply using No objection while my l-612 is ongoing? If so, then I will have 2 ds-3035. Is that okay?
  12. Vsubramanyam

    extension of stay on B2 visa

    Chances of getting extensions in this short notice is almost remote. if she gets a denial past her I94 date then it’s illegal stay and multiple visa stands cancelled. So is the case if she departs past I94 date
  13. Rosciel Doctama

    J1 waiver

    I applied a Waiver based on exceptional hardship of US citizen but it is taking so long to get the result. Is it okay to apply using No objection while my l-612 is ongoing? If so, then I will have 2 ds-3035. Is that okay?
  14. krzylo

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Thank you for your reply. I received the notice of denial for the I-485. Unfortunately, I had not provided two passport photographs and a copy of my birth certificate as these were already with the I-130 application and I overlooked the need to include it along with this form. We had also not included the 1-864, affidavit of support with the application which I believe is required. So, I am now filling out the I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion. Since it states in 8CFR, section 103.2(b)(8)(ii) that they can request the missing initial evidence, we are going to ask that they do that. However, the I-130, which had all that same information attached to it, had already been approved, so I don’t see why they didn’t just request the missing documents. I am trying to do everything legally, I’ve been married for over a decade to a USC, and have children (USC), have even made a home here in the U.S. Has anyone filed an I-290B and can give some advice?
  15. Why was their AOS denied/rejected? The exact Language if you do not mind. How many days after they came over did you apply for the AOS?
  16. pontevecchio

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    If you do not have a lawyer, please get a lawyer involved.
  17. H1 'transfer" is a misnomer. It means a new noncap H1 petition filing by another employer. NOTHING gets transferred. So the answer is NO though I suspect you have burnt your bridges with B for future employment.
  18. Ruchi78

    H4 EAD lost in mail

    We applied for my H4 EAD alongwith my husband's H1 premium extension. H4 EAD got approved on Jun-17-19 and we received the I-797C. EAD card was also mailed by USCIS but it got lost in the mail by USPS. My EAD card expired on 23-Jun-2019. My questions are - 1. What is the process to get a new replacement EAD card? Do we have to file a new application. 2. How long does it take for the new card to come. 3. Can I work with the approved I-797 while we are still trying to file a new appl or get the card re-issued.
  19. Hi, I have applied for I-485 and I-765 at NBC in Feb 2019 cos my dates are current. I am on H1B and filed for extension in March 2019, I got an RFE for the h1B extension in May 2019. RFE for H1B was responded mid of June 2019. If my extension gets denied my employer will put me on loss of pay and my salary will stop. What are my options if my H1B extension gets denied? Is there a way to expedite EAD (https://www.uscis.gov/forms/how-make-expedite-request) ? Any idea how much time it will take to get EAD from NBC? Please let me know.
  20. 02112018

    H1B Approved But Not Activated

    1) Is his h1b gets activated only when his employer run payroll? If his current status is OPT until 06/25 and h1 has a start date from 06/26, H1 activates from 06/26. H1 isn't connected to payroll. 2)Is it safe to wait until July mid to get his H1B activated(to run payroll) ? H1 copy will have a start and expiry date, from that date h1 starts, no need to wait until payroll run. 3) He comes under 60 days grace period rule? this rule is if your friend lost the job, he will have 60 days to find a job from the last day of the previous job.
  21. Can someone here please tell after how long they received the receipt? I am trying to apply for an extension for my mother. @Kumar V5 @Sharon123 Thanks, Vijeta
  22. Hi all, I have an approved petition with my current Company 'A' until Oct, 2020. I received two new job offers this month and accepted both the offers contingent on h1b transfer. Company 'B' filed my H1B transfer with premium processing and got it approved in 2 days. Though, i am inclined more towards joining Company 'C'; They are going to file my H1B transfer with premium processing in next couple of days. Since my H1B transfer was already approved with Company 'B', would it create any issue with my H1B transfer for Company 'C'?
  23. Hello - My current client is offering me full time job and process is already initiated. They are about to begin the transfer process in couple of days. My concern is.. My current employer already filed an amendment and its in progress. Can I transfer my H-1B to my client even though I have an existing amendment? What happens to my amendment after my transfer approved? Thank you!
  24. rakesh3779

    What are my options after an Amendment rejection?

    They asked me to wait but it's been 3 weeks nothing received.
  25. gopalakrishnach

    H1 to H4 visa

    Yes you can apply parallel. Apply for H4 will be good for you.
  26. gopalakrishnach

    H4/F1 After H1B Denial

    1. Come on H4. I guess out-state will be applied. Please contact the schools directly. They can help you out. 2. Yes. No issues getting H1B again. How to find a sponsor for H1B ? - I do not know what to answer this. You are working from past 3 years. You know the answer for this. Find a job. 3. Not sure 4. I feel there will be issues and feel that his real intension is immigration but not studies. They will know that as soon as he lands in USA will look for jobs. I feel H4 will be better.
  27. gopalakrishnach

    Apply H1 while H4 EAD is pending

    My question is can i apply for H1 while h4 EAD is pending? yes Rest see JoeF answer.
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