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  3. Hi , That is not an option. they are going ahead with the filing. what are the options I have? 1) will filing in the normal processing and upgrading to PP after i return back work? 2) if my H1-B Transfer gets approved before 31st march, what options i have to join emp B.
  4. For US immigration purposes, a step-child is treated the same as a biological child if you married the child's parent before the child turned 18. There is no need to adopt the child.
  5. What is H1B extension through consular processing?What are advantages and disadvantages of it.
  6. Thank you @User099 for your thoughts. I will be truthful.
  7. NO. Why stop with 2 employer, you can submit it with 20, 30 or 50 employer to improve your chances. It looks like a trap to me setup by USCIS.
  8. chetgo30

    Advice needed for H1 stamping at Mumbai

    Hi User099, Agree I could worded it better and kept it short . can you let me know your thoughts ?
  9. No. But you should mention it to the attorney while filing H1. When you file a DS160 when going for a visa, you will have to mention about the arrest record.
  10. GroundHog

    H1B visa stamping in Mexico

    1. If you have a stamped US visa, you don't need mexican visa. 2. You need your wife's H4 to be approved, but i don't think you need her I-797 for that. If hers is also approved, you don't need to wait for the document. 3. Check embassy website. 4. I don't know. But pls also keep in mind that if your stamping gets delayed, you might need to stay in that country longer than expected. Be prepared for that. I have seen cases where they will first cancel existing VISA and then issue 221G. That means you will be stuck in that country until the final stamping is done. So pls be aware of all risks before taking your decision.
  11. User099

    marriage in NY

    Its better to talk to an attorney with all that you are planning on doing. One thing I will say is that you can't file for her EAD if she is in India.
  12. User099

    1 year outside of US

    Smart Boy! It took me 5 mins to realize what you are asking. NO. Once you enter back to use the remaining 21 months, your current 1 year will not be counted. You will have to spend 1 more year again (plus go thought lottery) if you want to get a new 6 year term.
  13. Techi88

    H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal

    Will litigation have adverse impact on the h1b or h4 renewals later ? did anyone who have gone for lawsuit have faced more rfe s later ?
  14. Techi88

    H4 approved today 2/7 and H4 EAD not yet approved

    When you applied for h4 and ead?
  15. Hi, I am on H1B and has a approved I-797 till 2022 for a client XX, location new york. However i have recently moved to client YY, Location Florida with same employer. My employer has filed a amendment which will take another 9 months to process as per current processing time of center. I do not have visa stamped on my password right now and i am planning to go india soon. In that case, can i go for visa stamping with my approved copy which is valid till 2022 with client xx. If not, is same case applied for my spouse also who is on H4. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I have same situation. How was your case and does going with old approved helped you.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hello, I am in a tricky situation now. I was laid off last year 1/15/2019 and was able to file the h1b transfer on 3/15/2019 with my new employer (B) which is the last day of the 60-day grace period. I've been working on h1b receipt since then and it was filed under regular processing. On 1/20/2020, the status changed to Denied but I haven't received the denial letter yet as of 2/25/2020. My previous employer (A) revoked my h1b on 11/19/2019 and my i-94 is valid until Oct 2021. My question is whether I have a 60 day grace period now (since my i-94 is valid)? or will I be considered out of status since 3/15/2019? and Can my current employer (B) file for a new petition under premium processing now? My lawyer said I have another 60 days since this is a new petition but I wanted to get a second opinion. There are just too many topics online and I couldn't come to a conclusion. Please help! Thanks!
  19. Bhavana_karri

    Client Change on H1B

    Hi, I am currently on H1B visa, which was approved in OCT 2019. Initially, in April, my H1B is filled for an inhouse project, but by the time my H1B is approved, I started working for the client. The new client location is under the same MSA of my initial H1B filing and also under a 10mile radius. And I want to go to my home country for visa stamping now, What are my options to update the work location? Do I have to go for an amendment ? or will I have an option of updating work location in my LCA .? And also what documents should I have to support my H1B with the new client?
  20. Noah Lott

    B1/B2 vs B2 only

    not relevant.
  21. TirumalaSrinivasa

    221G at Nogales Mexico

    Is there a reason for 221g ?
  22. sunvinmon

    B1/B2 vs B2 only

    Hello, Any experience to share? My parents had b1/b2 visa earlier and this time I’m applying B2 only as visit is purely for pleasure. In this case, what should my answer be to this question. ‘Are you applying for same class of visa as before?’ this defines if they are getting a dropbox option or a in person interview. Thanks!
  23. Hi, I have a quick question about using AP vs H4 visa stamping for re-entry into USA. Is one over the other advised ? I currently have AP and EAD based on pending 485 and am currently working using that EAD. Planning to go to India for a short visit and also get H4 stamping. So while coming back will have both AP and H4 visa. If I use H4 for re-entry, will that impact my EAD(485 based) in any way ? Or should I just use AP ? Thanks in advance! Sujit
  24. I am not an expert, but once you register your marriage your spouse's kid will be your kid too..right? Why would you have to adopt him again?
  25. EAD will be valid till 2021 if you have H1 an H4 till 2021.
  26. It might be best to wait for approval before traveling to avoid any complications.
  27. User099

    L2 EAD denied due to incorrect category

    USCIS might not consider an appeal for a mistake you did. If they did something wrong on their end, you can contact them to fix it. Apply for a new EAD and try to get it expedited might be a good option.
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