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  3. Rachael2011

    H1B Forgot to Submit a Copy

    I was so caught up in the details of submitting an H1B application (on behalf of my company) that I forgot to submit a copy of the application. This is the first time doing H1B paperwork. It was received on June 3, 2019. The beneficiary will have to interview in the Manila, Philippines Embassy for the visa stamping. I called in and they told me to just wait and the will send a RFE if they need it. However, I read online that sometimes you can send documents along with your Receipt # and ask them to be added on to your file. I also read an example of someone who didn't submit a copy and it got approved, but caused problems at the Embassy and they had to file a almost $500 additional information form with USCIS. I really cannot wait for a RFE because I want the worker to start as soon as possible, the start date is Sept 9, 2019 (we are a cap-exempt employer--no I'd rather not pay for premium). If I send in a copy and ask them to add it on, (1) where do I mail it to? Same address? and (2) what are the chances it will work?
  4. TR0505

    H1B CAP Exempt Question

    Hello, I had my H1B visa issued in October 2008 and worked under H1B status until September 2011, and moved outside US (Canada) after that. Since September 2013 I have been on L1 visa and working in the US. Since my L1 visa validity is expiring soon, I would need to file for a new H1B visa. Can someone please help me understand if I am exempt from the H1B CAP in this case? Thanks.
  5. shekar11#

    H1B Stamping visa Drop Box from India

    Yes, you will be eligible for dropbox. Your family can get visa using your new employer's I-797A.
  6. shekar11#

    DUI renewal stamping with Dropbox- 2019

    Same. You will be called for interview again.
  7. 1. No timeline. May be 4 to 6 weeks. 2. Yes, you can.
  8. Yes, you can do that.
  9. shekar11#

    H1B Visa Stamping -maxout within 6 months period

    You can go. No issues. No minimum.
  10. Would like to share my H1B Visa Interview Experience. Date: June 14th 2019 Location: 1075 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6, Canada VO: Visa Officer Me: Good Morning, Handed over my Passport & I-797 to VO Officer VO: Where do you work? Me: I work for xxxx company VO: Did you come for H1B Extension? Me: Yes VO: What do you work for xxxx company? Me: I work as xxxx Engineer for xxxx company VO: When did you start working for xxxx company? Me: Since Jan 2019 VO: Very recent Me: Yes VO: Where did you work before? Me: I worked for xyz company VO: What is your salary? Me: xxxx VO: What are your job duties? Me: Told my job responsibilities VO: Your Visa Approved, you will receive email regarding passport pickup. Me: Thank You, Appreciate your Time. DS-160 Status Update: 1) After stamping on June 14th 2019 (Friday) status showed (Administrative Processing) 2) On June 17th 2019 (Monday) Status changed to Issued around 11:30AM 3) On June 17th 2019 (Monday) Shipping label created and Passport picked-up by Canada Post from US Consulate around 3:45PM 4) On June 18th 2019 (Tuesday) received email from Canada Port "Your parcel is ready for pickup" around 9:30AM 5) On June 18th 2019 (Tuesday) collected my passport around 11:50AM Good Luck Everyone & Thank You all for sharing your experiences!
  11. You can answer the questions and it will let you know if you or all are eligible for interview waiver.
  12. shekar11#

    H4 approval

    Yes, your spouse can accompany you even if she does not receive H-4 approval from USCIS. But carry the receipt as visa officer might ask her to prove her status after I-94 expiry.
  13. Current employer A: I am with employer A with approved H1B till May 2021, my wife has H4 and H4 EAD till May 2021 as well. Employer B: I accepted the offer with employer B on April 23rd, they applied my H1B transfer petition on June 18 2019 along with my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD, Now I am re considering the offer with employer B, I got salary hike from Employer A which I am working from past 3 years. I signed G28 to represent the law firm with this transfer processing. Questions: 1) Is it legal to decline the offer now or after the transfer approval? 2) After H1B transfer with Employer B, Can I continue working for Employer A? 3) What happens to my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD? Can we keep the H4 and H4 EAD approvals once we get them? or can the law firm withdraw all the petitions? 4) Does my wife must attend the bio metric appointment for her H4 EAD application? what happens if she didn’t attend? 5) If new H4 and H4 EAD approved for my wife and attorney firm decided not to send the approval letters to us, what should we do? Can we continue working with the existing approvals (which we obtained through Employer A )
  14. vsad93

    H1b Noid

    Hello, I am working for a multinational company as a Full time employee on F1 CPT status. My H1b has not been picked since the past three years. I filed h1b for FY 2020 from a consulting firm and it got picked and I was issued NOID. I am in the process of submitting the documentation. My question is: 1. If my h1b petition is approved, Can I transfer it to my current employer without any pay stubs from the consulting firm through which I filed H1b? Any leads or experiences in this situation is much appreciated. 2. I heard, in NOID, if it is approved, I have to travel to India within 15 days and get H1b stamped, Is that correct?
  15. Rohitkaku1804

    H1-B amendment - received a NOID

    Experts, I have an H1-B with a valid I-94 till May, 2021. I found a new project and started that project in Feb, 2019. Only Amendment filed and notice received on Jan 31st, 2019. Received an RFE in May 2019, replied on June 5, 2019. Received a NOID today - Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed. Questions - 1) Do we see a NOID in only Amendment applications? 2) If the amendment petition is rejected, can we file a new amendment again with the same client. I understand that new amendment will require new LCA and submission to USCIS which will take a week. I will not work for that week as I am not allowed. 3) Can they send a NOID and cancel the complete H1-B (the one with valid I-94 till May 2021)? Please let us know. Thanks,
  16. dsm0029

    DUII in Oregon Need help for H1-B Stamping

    Please dont travel without court disposition document. You will face issues without this document in consular interviewInsert other media
  17. I currently work for part time on H-1B for 2 employers concurrently (16 hours for one employer and 24 hours for the other). I have 2 approved 797's from both these employers. I want to go back to India for my visa stamping sometime in the next couple of months. However, when I fill out my DS160, there is no way to specify 2 petitions/receipt numbers in the form. You can add a 2nd receipt number, but not for the same class of visa. When putting in the the 2nd receipt number for the 2nd H-1B, it gives me an error saying "Duplicated Purpose of Trip to U.S. provided. ". Also when I go on the US Embassy site to schedule my appointment, the system doesn't allow you to specify 2 receipt numbers as well. My question was, how do I go about scheduling an appointment when I am applying for 2 part time H-1B visas with the above constraints? Has anyone been in this situation before?
  18. dhar_mur

    F1 to H4 COS and H4 EAD

    I am advised by my company that the effective start date on my h4 cos form can only be a max of 180 days from now. So if I want the effective date to be 5th February,2020 (end of my F-1 OPT); the earliest I am apply is in August. I do not see this info cited anywhere on the uscis instructions page. Can someone help me with this.
  19. Hi All, I got arrested last year in dec 2018 in san Francisco California for Dui. The cop arrested me & issued a citation. He never booked me i.e. fingerprinted & mug shot. Later in march 2019 my case was rejected by DA office as my bac came out around 0.05(blood test). Long story short, i don't have any pending case for dui. Now my concern is that my L1B visa is valid till jan 2021 & need to visit india for my sister marriage & have heard about visa prudential revocation after every arrest. I have never received any mail from uscis regarding revocation or any departure date in i94 Also, i went for live-scan & my record shows nothing, may be because i was never fingerprinted. Can somebody help me here?? Did anybody travelled to india with similar situation and came back to US without any issues?
  20. Hi Guys, Any one with past experiences at this location Nuevo Laredo, please share your feed back I have the appointment on 17th and 18th of july 2019, need some guidance regards, shashi
  21. I am looking for some guidance regarding the required documents for citizenship application for my parents. They are Indian Citizens currently. Both are above 65 and have green cards for more than 10 years now. They do satisfy the residency requirement and were never out of the country for more than 6 months since they got permanent residency. They got the GC based on IR0 category - Parent of adult U.S. citizen.I am reading up on the required document checklist for N-400 application and would like your feedback regarding the following documents. 1) Marriage certificate - my parents were married in 1974 in India and there is no official document certifying that. I was told that this is a required document. Since they both live in US currently - is there any other alternate option to satisfy this need? 2) Birth certificate - Is it sufficient to submit just my birth certificate or do i need to submit the BC of my brother and sister as well (one US citizen and another permanent resident)3) Tax Returns - they have never received any income and have not filed any tax returns so far. Will it be a problem? I am wondering if missing any of these could delay the processing or should i wait till I gather these documents first and then apply? Please share your experience if you applied for your parents and what documents were asked during the interview? Thank you.
  22. Abhishek Basavaraju

    my I94 expired but have a valid L1A i797 until dec 31 2019

    Thank you. Just to clarify I am on L1A visa. The L1A visa is valid until 6 May 2023 with a Petition End Date of 31 Dec 2019 on the stamp. I have a L1A i797 valid until 31 Dec 2019. The i94 record on the i797 is valid until Jan 10 2020. Just wanted to double check with you if I require a new visa application or not. I came across this rule. Are you familiar with this? Looking at this I am confused as to if I need to re-apply for the same visa category or not. 8 USC 1202: application for Visas: http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid:USC-prelim-title8-section1202&num=0&edition=prelim (g) Nonimmigrant visa void at conclusion of authorized period of stay (1) In the case of an alien who has been admitted on the basis of a nonimmigrant visa and remained in the United States beyond the period of stay authorized by the Attorney General, such visa shall be void beginning after the conclusion of such period of stay. (2) An alien described in paragraph (1) shall be ineligible to be readmitted to the United States as a nonimmigrant, except- (A) on the basis of a visa (other than the visa described in paragraph (1)) issued in a consular office located in the country of the alien's nationality (or, if there is no office in such country, in such other consular office as the Secretary of State shall specify); or (B) where extraordinary circumstances are found by the Secretary of State to exist.
  23. Noah Lott

    Help filling DS-160, 'Other Names Used:'

    I would not get to wound up on this....just have him bring a couple of examples in which his old name appears and the papers that pertain to his new name...most other documents are hardly necessary...
  24. Thanks in advance for reading my questions. I have submitted my RFE for I485 priority date March 2009 to Dallas TX on May 28th 2019. Anyone in the simillar situation, do you know the timelines for the decision for the RFE response. Regards, Sdeshmuk
  25. xTDx

    Help filling DS-160, 'Other Names Used:'

    Yes that's what the whole point of that question is. You specify all other names used. Carry previous and new passport or other ID documents. Carry any court or newspaper or any affidavits that were filed to get the name changed.
  26. vp19791983

    Multiple I140

    I have a I140 from my previous employer. My current employer is filing for a I140 now. I have the following question. 1. Do I still retain my previous I140 in case of approval or denial of the I140 my current employer if filing and can I use it for h1 extension. Would appreciate your reply. thanks
  27. It looks like I have overstayed for more than 6 months but less than 1 year due to confusion of 240 days after I94 expiry while petition decision pending I need to file overstay waiver application . Let me know if anyone had done before and outcome
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