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  3. KSN

    H1B Amendment - Speciality Occupation RFE

    HI, I am also in the same position. Can I know what is your status now?
  4. Hello, My visa interview is scheduled for next week in Canada. I am unable to retrieve the DS160 (not submitted and not filled) used to book my visa interview. Can I create a new DS160 and use it for my interview? Website instructs to cancel the appointment and reschedule it if I want to update my DS160 number there. Can I take my new DS160 to interview without updating my profile online? Thank you
  5. what about consular processing for physician in under served area NIW 1 -140 approved folks who finished 5 years of work in under served area ? but still waiting in the never ending Indian line for GC. Can such a physician move to India and apply to be self employed once priority date is current?
  6. Hello There, My initial I797 petition from company A has been revoked by USCIS with NOIR on 8-Apr-19. When I received the NOIR I found another employer B and filed a transfer petition, however employer B submitted the documents on 11-Apr-2019. On 12-Apr-2019 I received receipt number and the transfer petition has been approved on 15-Apr-2019, under consular processing with Start Date as 01-May-2019 to 30-Apr-2021. USCIS has gave the i94 numbers as my previous i94 number. My initial Petition was till 31-Aug-2019 before revocation, Visa Stamp on Passport is valid till 31-Aug-2019. Now I am confused and have few questions: 1. As there is a gap of 2-3 days between revocation of initial petition (employer A) and new transfer petition (employer B), am I out of status? 2. Do I need to book a visa appointment again based on employer B I797 documents and go for stamping? 3. Is it okay to cross the border and get the i94 updated? PS: My VISA on Passport is valid till 31-Aug-2019. I consulted an attorney and attorney confirmed that I can cross the border, update i94 and start working from 01-May-2019. Please advice.
  7. pontevecchio

    Green Card holder with Reentry permit

    "" More importantly, any trip of one year or more-even with a reentry permit-breaks the required continuity for citizenship. An applicant who returns from a trip that is one year or longer must wait at least four years and one day before applying for naturalization.""
  8. swapna gowaravajjala

    Should I file a H1B Amendment?

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping if someone could give a suggestion about my situation. I have been working with the same company from the past 5 years. I initially filed for an H1 amendment as I was moving to another city and work remotely. The application received an RFE and since my H1 was going to expire in August 2019, we decided to withdraw the application, file a H1 extension and then reapply for the amendment once the extension is approved. My H1 just got approved last week and is valid until August 2022. My lawyer recommends me not to file an amendment and suggests me to stay in the work location as the chances of denial are higher. In case a H1 amendment gets rejected, will there ever be a case where an approved H1B extension will also be rejected? Please advise. Thank you.
  9. premkalyan521

    H1B Stamping in Calgary, Canada

    Please do check your inbox message here on murthy forum
  10. premkalyan521

    H1B Stamping in Calgary, Canada

    very true
  11. shekar11#

    Cbp I94 number not matching with i797A i94

    The I-94 you received during August 2017 approval is valid one.
  12. 1. How do you think you can come back without having a valid US visa stamp. That option is only for folks who have an un-expired US visa. You need to ask your employer to extend your H-1 by which you can also get a new I-94 with that. That is your only option.
  13. You can just say YES. and mention the receipt number. No issues.
  14. Should be your home as you work 99% there.
  15. 1. Yes that is the best option. 2. No, they don't do that.
  16. shekar11#

    is H4 EAD expedition possible?

    1. Yes. The original H-4 application will be considered void and the associated H-4 EAD also will be void. 2. No guarantee. 3. There is no way. It is late now, you should have got the H-4 stamped first and then apply H-4 EAD.
  17. shekar11#

    H4 EAD pending for more than 5 months

    Your original application will be void since you travelled out of country after applying. You can apply again but processing times are really lengthy.
  18. Hi all, Greetings to all. I have a couple of questions with regards to filing taxes and receiving pension in India. 1. We plan to apply for OCI card once we get our citizenship. We do not have a residence in USA and we will be mostly residents of India. 2. Where do we file ourtaxes on the SS benefits that we would receive + the pension my husband receives in India. 3. Will MY SS benefits be reduced as I receive govt. pension in India Would appreciate if someone can answer my questions. Regards
  19. hema123

    Speeding tickets

    Thank you
  20. Hard_J1

    Hard ship waiver

    USCIS sent my hardship application to DOS for an advisory opinion. My I612/613 was received by the DOS on February 7th 2019. It is still pending. I appreciate people sharing their timeline so that we are aware of the processing time at the DOS. Thank you and good luck everyone
  21. This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding the impact of marijuana and other criminal matters on immigration. Rules for Topic of the Week Threads: 1. Attorney's postings contain general information only and are not a substitute for case-specific legal advice. 2. The attorney will answer only those questions which relate to the main subject. If you have a question on some other issue, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum section. 3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions. 4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual.
  22. Posting on behalf of wife. My wife went to India and was eligible for dropbox at US Consulate in Kolkata. I submitted documents on - 8th April The DS-160 page status showed Application Received on - 9th April The visa status updated from Administrative processing to Issued both on - 18th April I checked the http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-passporttrack.asp on 18th April and it says "Your passport is ready for pickup". Also got email from ustraveldocs mentioning my passport is ready for pickup. Since 19th Apr is Good Friday, its going to be holiday and I want to book my tickets back to US. My question is does this mean that my visa is stamped, is there any possibility of 221(g) or any possibility like that? I will keep you update on what happens on this. Thanks appreciate your time for reading.
  23. imsmsbhai

    H1B Approval after 240 Days

    Hello - My H1B expired on 10th Aug 2018 and extension was filled in Jun 2018. As per 240 days rule - I continued working. I reached 240 days on Apr 7th 2019 but I got approval on 8th Apr 2019 in Premium Processing. Please help me on: When can I resume working ? Do we need to wait for i797 hard copy to come in Immigration Team says they haven't received the courtesy approval mail from USCIS I am still home without pay. What are the options. Thanks in Advance.
  24. my2239

    N400 Part 5 Date

    It appears that while you were travelling abroad, your change of residence was coordinated by friends / family My suggestion would be to write the truth about dates you actually moved Example: If your last day at Residence 1 was say May 01, say so If your first day at Residence 2 was May 02, say so Please note that in your N 400 application you will be asked about all travel outside US for a specified period proceeding the application Mention all the countries you have visited clearly in that section If there is a question about how you could change address while you were abroad, tell the truth: Whoever form friends/family coordinated your move That is it All the best
  25. my2239

    Job changes

    Changing jobs may not have an effect on your N400 but where you live can matter There are residence requirements you need to meet for N400 (your form should list them clearly) if you meet them then you should be fine
  26. SSK1001

    H1B Transfer

    I am currently working for Employer A in India and have a valid H1B visa till June 2021 which was processed by Employer A itself. Now I got another offer from Employer B and they are ready to file for transfer. I had below questions 1) What happens to previous visa if the transfer filed by Employer B is denied while I am in India itself? 2) Is it fine to travel on my current visa for Employer B and apply for transfer once I am in US? 3) Can I travel for Employer A while my transfer filed by Employer B is in process? Looking forward for the response. Thanks in advance.
  27. Hi , I would like to know whether would there be any impact to my green card processing if i do apply or selected for BMR(Below Market Rate) federal funded homes n California
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