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  3. i have a bachelors from a US univ and began working after graduation as a software engineer in a mnc. I am on h1b which started about 2 yrs ago. My employer wants to file a PERM application for EB3, but the company lawyers reached out to me and said the experience i had prior to joining the company wasnt good enough to make a successful application since they were largely internships. They said my on the job experience wont be counted as part of the application, and a software engineer beginner role was something that citizens can be hired for, therefore, i have a weak application. what are my options going forward? What help can i ask of my employer at this point in time? Thank you in advance for any advice provided
  4. Hi, I got my H1B approved last year. Moved from F1 to H1B with Change of Status (COS). I am still in USA. I know if I leave US, I need to get H1B Stamping to re-enter. But now I want to renew my Indian Passport here in USA before I leave for stamping. What should I keep in mind if I go to renew my passport now (here in USA before Stamping) ? Do I need to do anything for the I-94 - I received a new I-94 with my COS ? Do I have to tell US Immigration, I changed my passport ? Or it doesn't matter - I just renew my passport - keep working in USA as normal. And go for stamping in future whenever I want ? In short, does updating my passport, affects my approved H1B in any regards ?
  5. Let's say H-4 candidate gets stamping done, and I539 is abandoned.. what will happen to H4-EAD application?
  6. policy_wonk

    Short term jobs before filing N-400

    With initial GC sponsoring employer also there are no hard and fast rules - few months will suffice.
  7. Yesterday
  8. JoeF

    New H-1B - AVR Applicable?

    You would have to use the search function, like everybody else here...
  9. JoeF

    H1B withdrawal & 60-day grace period

    The 60 day grace period starts when you are laid off. That is the only thing that matters for you.
  10. An employer can just file an H1 petition for you at any time. When it is approved you can enter with the valid visa and a copy of the new approval notice. If the visa is expired you of course would need a new visa.
  11. vp19791983

    H1B with I140

    Thanks Rohit
  12. Noah Lott

    Visitor visa extending stay

    why does she need to 'visit for 10 months? Answer: to keep providing child care for you. did she tell the CO she was planning to 'visit' for a year? No. COs can access departure records and her visa will likely be revoked when they see they were lied to... Why do so many people believe that a B2 visa is a license to live and work in the US?
  13. pontevecchio

    DUI/DWI in H1B status (no valid visa)

    Your H1 petition will not be revoked. But you will have to undergo a medical when you apply for the visa in future .
  14. pontevecchio

    H1b Transfer after returning back to India

    Visa is an entry stamp. You are entitled to 3 years in total in H1 status and not subject to the cap. An employer would need to file a non cap H1 petition for you and on approval, you can get the H1 visa stamp and come over to start work.
  15. pontevecchio

    Visitor visa extending stay

    Your documents are not relevant. Under the prevailing political circumstance, I would not try to extend her visit since presumably she had time in the current stay to visit places.
  16. Hi, I have been working in US for 3 years through an employer. I had to resign and return back to India. Now, I want to work again and want to know the procedure. Is it going to be simple Visa Transfer that I can initiate from India through an employer or Do I need to go through any other process. How can I check my Current H1b Status. My Visa Validity is until Sep-2020. Regards, Janani R
  17. My employer has filed the H1B cap-exempt petition for Consular Processing. The attorney has asked me the US Consulate Location to mention in I-129 form. I did not know that all Consulates do not entertain H-1B Application. I gave him the nearest US Consulate Location. When I logged into the embassy interview scheduling Portal to check the wait time for H1B interview, I realized that the particular Consular Post does not entertain the H1B application, Luckily the petition was filed last week, and it has not been approved yet. What can be done to rectify this mistake?
  18. Ramnath

    Visitor visa extending stay

    I am planning to extend my mother in law's stay for another 6 months. She is here for 4 months and her I-94 expires on June 2nd. I have questions about documentation. I have filled I 539 form and included a letter stating that she wants to extend her visa for tourism purposes. I will be taking care of her expenses. Should I be filling I 134(Affidavit of support) form? I have included bank statements, pay stubs and employment verification letter. I don't have a return ticket, is it mandatory to include return ticket in the application? I am on h1b and my visa expires in Aug 2019 and my employer is in the process of extending my visa. Will it be a problem if we are requesting for visitor visa extension, beyond my h1b expiry date? Also, can we request extension for 6 more months, will the chances of getting approval increase if we request for a shorter term? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, My wife is on H4 status now and I've got my I-140, Can I file H4 EAD by myself ? or Do I need attorney? As I was going through the filling documents and got confused. Do I need to file I-765 and I-539 (for status change) form both. Please advise. thank you
  20. Last week
  21. pontevecchio

    Filing taxes OCI but resident in India

    2. You have to file taxes on worldwide Income as far as the USA is concerned. Remember there are double taxation treaties between India and the USA and you will need to consult a CPA versed in taxation in both countries to at least file the first couple of returns. 3. No. Mutually exclusive.
  22. Hello, My employer will be sending my H1B withdrawal petition to USCIS next week as my employment is coming to an end. I would like to know the following. 1. When does the H1B withdrawal take effect? - the day when USCIS receives the withdrawal notice from the employer or the after USCIS revokes the petition (after a couple of weeks / months) and the status is updated on the website. 2. When does the 60-day grace period start - After the employer mails the withdrawal petition out or only right after the petition is actually revoked? Thanks a lot in advance! SE
  23. Rohit Joshi

    New H-1B - AVR Applicable?

    Hi Rahul412, Can you please direct me to threads on this forum where people were successfully able to come back to US with an expired F1 visa and Approved H1-B i797A petition with a valid i94.
  24. Hi , i would like to know how much time it takes to get an update on the petition after site audit . Also , currently did anyone receive transfer petition update for those receipt submitted in or after mid of dec 2018 at Vermont center
  25. gaurav28

    H1b Validity

    Hi , I had my H1B visa filed in 2012 and i travelled to US from May 2013 to Jan 2014 and then returned to India. Is my visa still valid as i haven`t utilised it completely? Do i file under cap exempt and stand a chance to get it renewed or any other way out. Please help. Thanks.
  26. Anil Kumar SN

    GC Processing

    Hello, My H1B will get maxed out in Jan 2020, if my organization file the GC now, i know PERM approval and I140 takes min 12 to 15 months. after filing can i travel back to India and stay in India for an year and come back on the existing VISA which has 7 months left from max out and later file for extension on the I140 approval? Or since i will be out for 1 year will it get reset? what are the pro and cons
  27. Hi, I was terminated from my job on 31st Mar, however I will be on payroll for next 6 months due to non-compete clause of my initial contract. I am a UK citizen and came here on H1B. As I understand I have 60 days from Mar 31st to find another job or leave US. However so far there has been no luck so I am starting to explore my options: 1. Should I submit application for COS to B1/B2 and hopefully find something while the application is under review ? 2. This COS can allow me to stay here but what will happen once I find another job ? I can't work until end of Sep due to the non-compete clause, so can I request to transfer my visa and then wait till end of Sep here in US ? 2. Second option is to leave US and come back on Visa waiver ( from UK) for 2-3 months to interview at few places and once I finalize a job, leave US again until the H1 Transfer is completed ? How sensible is this option ? 3. Once I change my status or leave the country, can I still transfer my H1b easily or does my new employer haave to file a new H1b ( which will be cap exempt) ? 4. What is the expected timeline for the transfer/new process ? Thanks a lot,
  28. Hi Sunnyraj, What's your update on your case?
  29. Could you please let me know, I am in the same situation
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