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  3. randomstranger

    H1B 2020 questions

    Hi all, As the process has changed this year for the H1B 2020, I have couple of questions. 1. Assume Company A has applied for the H1B and it gets picked up in the lottery. Say, I have changed to Company B then can the Company B go ahead and file the complete H1B application ? Is this possible for 2020 ? 2. I'm working in Company A and have an offer from Company B. Both the companies have registered the H1B in the lottery and the application gets selected. Now, can I move to company B after the lottery result and then can company B file the complete H1B application ? 3. Let's say Company A has applied for the H1B and it gets picked up in the lottery. Company A has applied for premium processing and it takes around 15 days to know the result of the H1B application. Assuming my Mid of June the H1B Visa is approved, can I change to Company B starting from July and apply for H1 transfer or do I have to wait until October 1st to change the company and H1 transfer ? Please answer these questions as there is lot of confusion. Thanks
  4. nikenp

    221G at Nogales Mexico

    Thank you for your replies...the interview went well but the officer said they need to do further verification so they can’t approve it now. I work as EVC model and they took my W2s from 2016-2019 and Employer/client letter. Same day they sent an email to employer/client for my job duties and work location verification and my client manager replied immediately and employer replied next day. I received email 2nd day to submit passport and asked me to come at 4 to pick up the passport but system was not updated so they asked me to come again following day. usually everyone gets passport same day as interview but I had to wait 2 more days. I decided not to come back as when I was checking, it is not legal to come back when H1B visa is in process. Even though POE officer allows to come to USA on I797A, you may run into issue getting GC approval or future extensions. Usually 3-4 days takes at most of the places to get Visa stamped. And here even with Admin processing it took 4 days total so overall it wasn’t that bad. People were nice and I felt Nogales is a like a small town in India. Stay at Fairfield Inn which is 2 mins walking distance from the consulate and also closer to Walmart/Mall.
  5. cyberlord

    Travel to India while h1b Amendment in Process

    I'm not sure, but have heard there are possibilities of getting RFE if you travel during an ongoing petition.
  6. I came to US on H1 and worked until it maxed out(with few weeks left). I converted to H4 status on Feb 2018 and got my EAD approved on Jan 2020. My current employer filed I140 and I got it approved on Feb 2019. Due to location and other constraints, I am not willing to continue my employment with my current employer and I found another employer willing to take me in using my H4 EAD work authorization but not willing to file H1(CAP Exempt based on approved I140) for me. If I join this new employer with my H4 EAD, what would happen to my approved I140 incase if it was withdrawn/revoked by my old employer. Will I still be able to use it get my H1 filed in CAP Exempt mode and retain the priority date as my I140 was approved an year ago?
  7. If the information pertaining to your travel history is incorrect as per I-94 records, you could submit actual travel history to substantiate your presence in the USA while your petition was being filed. Have a discussion with your employer/attorney.
  8. Hi, My H1-B petition was revoked by USCIS as my employer submitted document while filing petition has some misrepresentation, I came back to India Oct 2018. I have filed for new H1-B with another exmployer, and my i-129 got approved. I am filling DS-160, in that I see a question "Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked?" (Yes or No) What should I answer to this question, if I select "Yes" it is asking for Explanation. Should I answer Yes or No, if Yes how should I explain about my petition revoke. is Visa Revoke and Petition revoke are same? Please help me on this. Thanks Venkata
  9. Profile Experience = 11 years of IT experience Education = B.tech( electronics) and MBA( General Management) Wage Level 3 My H1 extension is filed under job code 15-1199.09(IT project manager) under wage level 3. My earlier H1 extension was filed under job code 15-1121 and got approval. However, for this H1 extension my company was forcing me to change my status from H1 to L1 as my green card is filed under Eb1. I didn't agree for L1 conversion and they finally filed extension with job code-15-1199.09 without even informing me or my manager. As I was not informed of the change in job code, I submitted my roles and responsibilities, client letter for computer system analyst job code. Company submitted my petition with my provided documents. 1. Should I go ahead with 15-1199.09(IT project manager) for my h1 extension or should I request my company to file amendment under job code 15-112? OR 2.Should I change my profile to IT project manager and wait for RFE , and then submit my updated roles and responsibilities for IT project manager profile?
  10. Hi, I am on H-1B and I work remotely for my company from my home. I have booked an appointment at US Embassy in Toronto for visa stamping (this would be my second H-1B stamp). I was reviewing my DS-160 application today and I realized that I have entered my company's HQ address under 'Primary Occupation' details. My question is - do I need to fill out a new DS-160 and change this to my home address (which is also on my LCA)? One other thing to mention is that the visa interview scheduling website is not letting me change the DS-160 number. What should I be doing in this case? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit: Under 'Temporary Work Visa Information' section, I have entered my home address as the address of my employment (which is correct). Do addresses in both the sections need to match?
  11. cyberlord

    H1B RFE Specialty Occupation

    Did you get any specific details on your denial notice?
  12. Current I797 receipt notice number.
  13. vj4u

    marriage certificate for h4 stamping

    So, did your spouse go for biometrics before marriage ? how did it go ? I am in a similar position now. Is it advisable if spouse appears to biometrics before wedding ?
  14. User099

    H4 pending status, Visa stamping.

    Yes, you can.
  15. My wife's name is misspelled in her H4 797 and my daughter's H4 797 (one alphabet is wrong in her first name). We tried correcting it through our current attorney and USCIS but it's taking longer than usual (It's been almost a year). My wife wants to travel to India for vacation and will need stamping to get back into USA. I am not travelling to India so I am planning on giving her my original H1B-797 (which doesn't have any mistakes), our wedding certificate and a few of my latest pay stubs. Will she have any issues in getting her H4 visa stamped?
  16. Last week
  17. adshah84

    L1B with approved i140 to F1

    Revoking I140 will not help you. Be prepare for all the questions and you should be good. Best of luck.
  18. adshah84

    H4 to F1 Change of Status

    1) No she can file COS to F1 in the USA but it's taking long time. Going for Stamping will be quick 2) She can attend classes while on H4. Credits has nothing to do with H4 or F1
  19. Due to a recent move, the candidate has for some reason misplaced his spouse's H4 EAD Card + Receipt Notice + Approval Notice. Can we apply for H4 EAD extension, without all of these documents?
  20. adshah84

    Is H1b amendment needed in Same MSA with different county

    This is really grey area and i would prefer to file Amendment rather having an issues in future!!
  21. Zodiac System

    H1b extension + H4 Extension + H4 EAD i-765 Query

    We were in a similar situation and put the spouse's current H-1B I-797 number (which is expiring in March 2020).
  22. adshah84

    221G at Nogales Mexico

    I second to @User099. You can not use AVR if you are visiting neighboring country for Visa stamping purpose.
  23. User099

    Advice needed for H1 stamping at Mumbai

    I understood what you have in your LCA. Do you work at Site 2?
  24. We filed for H1b extension previously and have received an RFE. In the meantime, can we file h4 extension and h4 EAD together. The current H4 is still valid for one month.
  25. It looks like an error to me. Did you submit the correct I94 and was it entered correctly in I129?
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