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  5. Gov19

    H1b application RFE regarding OPT

    In this case, if the person has worked at client location. What is the alternative?
  6. No. The AOS-based EAD is not dependent on your status.
  7. It says to use Dates for Filing chart for family-based categories for AOS for Jul 2019, and that chart is not current for F2A, but at March 2019. It is unclear whether you can argue that you should be able to file based on Final Action Dates.
  8. Hi Friends, I am currently in USA on F2 status and received 2 offers. I have initiated my H1b activation with Change of status which is cap exempted (as I have not exhausted 6 years) with one of the employer in premium processing and received an RFE today (Yet to know what an RFE is all about). I am still in process of submitting documents to other employer as I was holding to get to know about this one. Question:Now given the RFE siituation, Can I go ahead and submit documents to other employer to file my H1b with COS given the current situation? Can we file multiple H1b applications in parallel?Will this application with new employer impact my existing application with an RFE? ORWill an application with RFE may impact the new application if submitted?Kindly guide me to deal with this. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes. I received my passport with Stamp on 25th August.
  10. JoeF

    Speeding tickets

    No, it does not say that. It says that you only need to provide documentation if it led to an arrest (or the fine was over $500.) A speeding ticket is a citation (look at the actual ticket, it says "citation"), and citations have to be listed. No but or if. Part 12, question 23: "Have you ever been arrested, cited, ..." A speeding ticket is a citation, so under point 29, you have to list it. And that's not within the last 5 years, but "ever." That's all there is to it.
  11. Hi, I'm a consultant and work in different client locations through consulting company, my employer. I'm in a very critical situation now as I have applied H1B with LCA with an end client location A. Now, I'm working with client B in the different project was over with client A. My question is.. can't we amend the LCA with new client information and continue the petition (H1B process). If we can amend LCA, I can provide all the documents requested by USCIS from client B (my current client).. Have anyone ever faced this type of situation? Thanks & Regards, Murali
  12. to_vaib

    Speeding tickets

    Yes I'm aware of that but the question was regarding speeding ticket and I dont think you need to mention that. N-400 specifically says that you need to report it only when it lead to an arrest.
  13. More importantly, why are you posting in the Citizenship forum when you are still on H1b?
  14. to_vaib

    Post N-400 Travel

    Ahh, cool. Do you know how much time they take before calling for the interview?
  15. cholletik

    Nuevo Laredo H1 Visa Stamping - April 17

    Shashi, Can you please reach me out at kiranpvak @ gmail.com as I am planning to attend the VISA next month? Thanks, Kiran.
  16. Hello Thanks for providing the detailed info. I am currently on J1 (valid until Jan 2020) and my H1b got approved (cap exempt). Can I also get the H1b stamped at Mexico? This is first H1b and my I-140 is approved already. Thanks in advance
  17. Hello,I am currently on J-1 and my H1b got approved (cap exempt) with PP. My wife is on J-2 and her I -539 is still pending, we got I-797c for my wife’s application. My H1b is going to start on July 1st. Our J1/ J2 is valid until Jan 2020, with the same employer. We have our I-140 approved on EB1A. My questions are-1. If I start working on H1b on July 1st and my wife didn’t get her approval, will she become out of status?2. Family is planning for India-trip in July, need to attend family ceremonies. Anyway, my wife needs to get a visa stamp for H4. If she leaves the US before her I-539 approved, does it make a problem for H4 stamping? 3. Since this is her first H4 stamping (not an extension, previously we are on J1/J2), does it make any problem to getting a visa from the US consulate in India as our I-140 on EB1A is also approved? We didn’t file for the I-485 yet. Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks
  18. My current H1 is valid till Feb 8,2020 and I had applied for H4 and H4 EAD and received receipt number in May end and had quit my company on May 28,2019. In the meantime found a new employer who has filed my H1 transfer in premium yesterday ( Jun 13,2019) and received my receipt notice. Is it mandatory that I withdraw my H4 and H4 COS since my H1 transfer is now in progress ? I was hoping not to withdraw as I thought in case of H1 transfer being denied I would still have the H4 and H4EAD receipt numbers handy thus avoiding me going out of status. Any clarity you could offer who be much appreciated. Thanks, Sharon
  19. Sharon123

    H1 to H4 COS rejected but H4EAD check encashed

    Thanks a lot xTDx for your response
  20. shekar11#

    H1B Stamping in Matamoros experience

    I know about 4 experiences. All are positive. 3 (Jan, March, May) are my friends and one is me (Jan) that went to Matamoros. Smooth and easy process if you have all the docs in place. For the 3 friends this was the first time in Matamoros and they told me all positive stuff. For me it was the fourth time.
  21. Yes, your employer can file both at the same time.
  22. No issues. Just ask your spouse and kid to go for stamping in India based on your H-1 approval. Reply back to the RFE with a cover letter stating your family is out of country due to a family emergency and also say that you are withdrawing the applcation.
  23. shekar11#

    H4 EAD can be applied from Out of USA?

    Your spouse needs to be in US to apply for H-4 EAD.
  24. dearsharma

    F1 visa to H1B using old unused stamped H1B visa

    Thank you for your response. I had discussion with Dakshini lawyer. She told me I can use the old H1B visa.
  25. JoeF

    Weird H1B transition

    Yes. That's what "A new employer would have to file in the quota" means.
  26. andy2020

    F2A Is Current in July

    What is the next steps after filing i485 application ? How long is taking to approve i485 application? Is there any way to expedite the request ?
  27. Hi, I work in Seattle, Amazon office. I recently noticed that my I94 expired on June 8th 2019. But my L1A i797 approval notice is valid until 12/31/2019. When i spoke to my company immigration attorney, she told me the only option I have is travel out of the country and get the visa re-stamped. But I read and heard from other people that a new visa stamping is not necessary but I just need to travel out of the country and re-enter. I am currently in Bangalore and I am not able to get any VISA appointments until August 27th. I tried requesting for an emergency appointment but my request was denied. I am on an administrative suspension and cannot work remotely as well. I need to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Looking for some advice.
  28. A Dhar


    Hi Srikanth, I wanted to follow up on this thread. My fiancee recently got a very similar email from the exact same email ID. And he was involved in a DUI couple months ago as well. He's on a H1B as he got his visa from Mumbai. We have forwarded everything to the lawyers but wanted to check in with you to see what you found out? Was the message legit? We thought the email was fishy but the email and website seems legit. Looking forward to your response.
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