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  3. 1. yes 2. no 3. official link to what?
  4. newacct

    Father got GC, which insurance to buy that will cover him now?

    No. That is not the case. There is a rule on public charge inadmissibility, but 1) inadmissibility does not affect naturalization, and does not generally affect GC holders at all, unless they leave the US for longer than 180 days, and 2) the rule does not consider Obamacare plans or subsidies.
  5. JoeF

    GC Spot when opted for CAN PR

    US GC is independent of an H1. Your PD is also independent of the H1 or residency in another country. However, the US does not allow people having residency in more than one country. Once the US GC is approved you will either have to abandon residency in Canada or lose the US GC.
  6. JoeF

    Father got GC, which insurance to buy that will cover him now?

    The ACA (aka Obamacare) is not a public benefit nor welfare. It is an insurance.
  7. JoeF

    Questions on OPT and GC-EAD

    If you filed an I-485 the F1 is gone. You have to use the EAD tied to the I-485.
  8. Last week
  9. This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding the L-1 intracompany transferee nonimmigrant visa category. Rules for Topic of the Week Threads: 1. Attorney's postings contain general information only and are not a substitute for case-specific legal advice. 2. The attorney will answer only those questions which relate to the main subject. If you have a question on some other issue, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum section. 3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions. 4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual.
  10. Attorney_23

    Marriage and U.S. Immigration

    Whether the marriage is registered or not typically would have no impact on the chances of success. With three denials, a fourth application is highly unlikely to be approved unless there has been a change in circumstances from the previous applications.
  11. Anu1604

    I-94 expired, but I-797 still valid

    Hi, I'm leaving to India next month. Let me know what your attorneys have suggested. Thanks, Praveen
  12. I feel yes even for 2 weeks no multiple payrolls.
  13. 1. There are no categories. Prevailing wage is dependent on geographical region, similar same jobs, position. Your attorney has fixed way to make determination. 2. Job description. 3. Depends on job description and or minimum requirements. 4. Again, depends on only job description. 5. Yes company can upgrade/downgrade categories provided there is justification of job requirements. This is very common. PD needs to be requested to be retained and generally accepted.
  14. hi, my wife is working on H4 ead and she recently went to India got her stamping done (valid till end of 2020). If I transfer my H1b , 1) can my wife continue to work on current H4 EAD until it expires? 2) Should I file H4 application along with my H1 B transfer or as she has till end of 2020 , should I apply then? Please advise.
  15. pontevecchio

    GC Parents used Market place and Citizenship eligibility

    OBAMA care will have no bearing on their citizenship. They are filing their Tax returns? and declaring worldwide assets more than 100000 USD, are they not?
  16. No Issues. Generally they used to send a person with AP to secondary Inspection to confirm details on their computer.
  17. pontevecchio

    GC Spot when opted for CAN PR

    1. No 2. Your PD remains the same for this or any subsequent GC filing.
  18. Off late, I have heard from friends and other circle that USCIS is putting petitions in RFE or denying them if the profile is of Business Analyst or contain the word "Analyst". Is it true?
  19. pontevecchio

    Questions on OPT and GC-EAD

    Your F1 is redundant in view of your GC application. You can continue to work in the STEM job by using the GC/AOS EAD as work authorization. If you do that, other part time jobs will also be possible. Forget F1. It has no meaning to you. Marriage to an USC puts you in a safe harbor. No effect on you if you do not have F1 status.
  20. pontevecchio

    B1/B2 while on H-1B

    H1 status does not apply when you are working abroad. Have a chat with the company Lawyer.
  21. pontevecchio

    Father got GC, which insurance to buy that will cover him now?

    OBAMA Care is NOT welfare. I can directly contradict the statement that Insurance for an elderly person will be expensive as my Mom, a GC holder utilizes Obama Care. . The premiums are solely based on Income.
  22. I have an approved H1B until February of 2020 and I am planning to work remotely from Canada. Both my employer and the Lawyer say it’s ok for me to work from Canada and they say it should have any impact on my h1b. My payroll will still continue to be run from usa from my employer. My question here is that can I continue doing this and if yes then how long? Does it impact my ability to come back to usa later and will it impact my green card processing when it become current? I have heard different stories from different folks but want to see if anyone here has any knowledge on this topic.
  23. You can go to any CBP center and get your I-94 extended. I did it this week.
  24. srikan

    H1 status question

    I was on H1B visa , I resigned from the job for personal reasons and converted to H4. during that time, my h1b amendment and extension were in process with the company. i was told that my H1 status will be withdrawn but they didn't do it. it got approved after an year. after the approval after a month they revoked it. during this entire time i never worked for my previous company nor i have any paychecks from them during this time period.I am just confused , am i in status or not? will this cause any issue in the future.
  25. ratedguy

    Required Cooling Period For L1b Visa

    What dis you ended up doing? Did you file new petition? Blanket or Individual?
  26. I got arrested on 05/17/19 for Domestic Battery and court date on 07/15/19. But unfortunately for emergency I traveled to India so that my attorney attended the court and told me that no charges. I went to visa first time on Aug 2nd without any documents related my case except Bail bond sheet which has a court date on it 07/15/19, attorney didn’t provide any documents. I took email conversation print out between me and attorney that has no charges information. But VO didn’t accept it and refused my visa and told me that get Police report and court documents. Second time I went on 08/13/19 with Police report, court slip and attorney draft copy but still they didn’t satisfy and gave me 221g blue slip has AP only ticked on it. How long will take for AP? Any suggestions, thank you.
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