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  2. Mohit78

    H1B to H4 transfer in case of H1B rejection

    Thanks , Is going out of USA and get the H4 stamping a better option , or filing H4 and then withdrawing it in case of rejection , which option is better . Also if we consider to file EAD along with H4.
  3. Hello, I have a valid stamped H1B till Sep 2021 and am moving to a new location for my employer. they are going to file amendment in another week. Am getting married in december and planning to go for H4 stamping for my fiance. For H4 processing(DS 160 and appointment) we have given the old approved petition details. Now if the Amendment is approved before the stamping date(mid december) will there be a problem with H4 stamping which has old petition details? Any help/pointers here is much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. And if you are from India you lose Indian Citizenship when you get US citizenship, because India doesn't allow dual citizenship. Were you to give up US Citizenship later you would have no citizenship at all.
  5. Saranya C

    case status meaning

    what is the difference between "Decision Notice Mailed" vs "case was denied"? Both means denied?? if so why they need to have different case status for denial??
  6. Hi, I have had 7 h1b visa transfers without getting an RFE. My i-140 was approved in 2015. I work in Finance/Accounting. I started working for new employer few weeks ago while my h1b was pending, so I finally got my 1st RFE on h1b transfer. Hopefully my h1b gets approved , but wanted to know what my options are in case my h1b visa petition gets denied. It was not happy at my last job and wanted to change employer so I did. If my h1b petition gets denied then: a) Does my 60 day period when I am considered in status starts right after my h1b petition is denied? b) Can a new employer file a h1b petition after my current h1b petition is denied? If so, then do I give my paystubs to USCIS from current employer (for whom my h1b petition is denied in future) or I give my paystubs from previous employer (those paystubs are for July 2019) c) Can a new employer file my h1b petition while I have an RFE on current h1b? If so then would they use my current h1b petition in RFE as a basis for new h1b petition? Would they use my paystubs from current employer or previous employer? d) Do I have to leave USA in case my h1b is denied for which I received RFE? If not then could I use my 60 day period when I am considered in status to file a new h1b or apply for a change of status in case I want to study at a community college for 2 semesters? I did that after I lost my 1st job I enrolled in community college and took classes for 2 semesters where I learned SQL, access, etc which I have used in my finance job for 6 years. There should be nothing wrong in taking a break after working for 10 years and studying for a semester or 2 at a community college learning analytics/machine learning, etc. Could my f1 visa get approved? Wuld I have to go to India for stamping my f1 visa?
  7. gsaneja

    2nd extreme DUI (0.20) and visa stamping in India

    It's been about 6 years and I am working in USA and have never drank and drove since Jan 2014. I learned from my mistakes and life has been good. Glad to be not judged by people in real life not so quickly as the keyboard warriors!!! I have lived in USA since 2006 and looking forward to continue making my life here!!
  8. h1beneficiary

    H-1B - 221g - Stuck in India

    Can anyone please assist with an answer to my second question? ....... 2. Since I am not sure how long to wait for this, if I plan to convert to H4 using my spouse's H1, will the H1 visa processing stop right away or do I have time until the H4 interview?
  9. How long does it generally take for I-140 receipt. In regular processing from Texas centre. My employer says, they are only looking at the H1B these days for the heavy cheques . so the I-140 receipt may take a month.
  10. I am on h1b visa and my i-94 expires in May 2021. I lost my job in July 2019 and new employer filed my h1b within 60 days of me loosing my job. I got an RFE and response is due on Dec 15, 2019. I have another job offer and employer would file my h1b petition in couple of weeks. It will be after 60 days since I lost my job. My question is can another employer file a h1b petition based on current h1b petition for which I got an RFE?
  11. Ria1821

    H1b stamping in Mumbai

    I just got my H4 ead approved, and previously I have been on H1b. My husband and I both have separate i140's approved. We are planning to travel to India in December but are worried and would like to know the chances of all going well? As its stamping for both of us. 1. Is it suggested to travel alone? or together for stamping? 2. Does it matter I was on h1 and now on h4ead to get the stamp? 3. Any suggestions? to have a safe travel and no issues?
  12. Dash_8971

    Change of Employer (keep Priority dates)

    Pontevecchio: Thank you for your reply. But have additional Question: 1. I got my first H1-B in 2016 and I still have three more years to use on H1-B. So do I still need to apply the H1 petition based on approved I-140? Can I apply it independently without approved I-140? 2. Also, please let me know how I can keep my approved I-140 priority date (which is Sept 2018). Do I need to apply before joining the position or I can apply later on. Thank you for your help.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi, I am currently working for Company A on OPT, so my payrolls are run by them. My H1B was sponsored by Company B and has got approved with Consular processing. (Company A and Company B are sister companies). When I go for my H1B stamping my last paystubs will be from Company A. Will this cause problems? Any thoughts/suggestion will be very helpful. Thank you in advance!!
  15. guest33

    N-400 - Bio-metrics Wait Times

    Hello, any updates on this?
  16. ferozmohammed

    Filed H1-B Transfer after 60 days grace period was done

    My current employer applied for H1 Transfer 7 days after my 60 days grace period was done.
  17. Hi, I am a US permanent resident, and is eligible to file for US Citizenship via Naturalization using N-400. I was working with a company on a Corp-Corp basis through company I had started few years ago. And since there were no health benefits on corp-corp, I used ObamaCare during 2015-2017 for about a year and a half since it was mandatory to have some kind of insurance during Obama times. I was paying about $300 plus a month for the insurance. I did not visit any hospitals or got any treatment or anything during that time. Now when I am about to file for Citizenship, will this be considered as a public charge which will cause issues during citizenship? Please advise.
  18. I know but it was approved by USCIS and extensions was approved by them only. If they would've rejected my initial petition under the rule in beginning then it won't be problem. I'm not sure what to do now.
  19. ziad

    Wrong status update

    My wife US citizen submitted form i-130 for me in May 2019 and now case status check say RFE sent on 26 September, however on 28 September I got approval notice by mail saying NVC will contact me soon , no mail since then and case status still say RFE notice sent, what should I do?
  20. My Son's I94 was given till the passport expiry(Nov 19). I got his passport renewed. What are my options to extend I94?. he has stamped VISA till Jun 2020. I live in Dallas area. Appreciate your help.
  21. krishnat

    H4 Pending

    Hey guys - I would like to get some advice, in my scenario. We currently have H1 + H4 Visas stamped, valid until Mid 2020 from Employer A. We filled H1 Transfer + H4 Transfers (to Employer B) for Wife and Child together in Premium. My H1B Transfer has been approved. My Wife and Child H4 Transfer, we received the receipts yesterday. Lawyers said, to expect Bio-Metrics appointment letter sometime this week. Also, I have been informed that the appointment would be 2-3 weeks away. I will be joining Employer B next week. Now, the situation is - we have to travel abroad around mid-November, for a Family Event. I have been informed, USCIS decisions have been inconsistent. They may or may not approved the H4 Transfers - as we have left the country before a decision could be made. However, if we leave after getting Bio-Metrics Appointment Letter and before giving Bio-Metrics. The H4 Transfers would most definitely be denied. My Questions: 1. I would like to know, if anyone has traveled out of the country, while H4 Transfer is in process, after having given Bio-Metrics? Was it approved? 2. Assume its approved, while we are abroad. And the Lawyers fedex the original I-797 for H4 Transfer to India. Can we use the approved I-797 + Current Valid US Visas to re-enter? 3. Assuming the H4 Transfer are either denied or are still in process. Can we enter US, using my H1B Approval I-797 + Current Valid US Visas to re-enter? 4. Is it safest, to just go for H1B + H4 Visa Stamping while we are in India?
  22. Worked with H1B till 2018, stamped in 2014; delay in renewal of SOW and MSA caused I-129 declined. Seven months lived outside the country. Right now, H4 EAD is valid until 2020. Since the H1B has 6yrs(till 2020), Is it possible to redeem/revive H1B with new employer?
  23. shekar11#

    H1B visa extension during 2nd marriage

    1. You need to fill as married for option 1 b. Same for H-4 also. The details should be as of the date you attend interview. 2. No issue. But better to go with option 1 b. 3. Not needed. It is only needed for H-4 stamping.
  24. ashukla

    H1B stamping

    @nshaik My HR head from US gave me a letter mentioning that merger, and a new name of the company although VO didn't asked anything about this and I never showed it to him. My visa got approved. I would advise you should carry at minimum a letter from company HR describing the merger and new name. I do not expect you to carry merger documents or any other details about it, as being an employee you are not expected to be involved or to be shared with such high level information.
  25. pontevecchio

    L2 status after using AoS EAD

    The questions are about Immigration law and USCIS has nothing to decide. Maybe the OP will answer my question.
  26. Why are your H-4 and H-4 EAD dates different? You need to go out of country and come back on H-4 and can then use H-4 EAD.
  27. s0625

    I-140 denied what are the options

    My I-140 denied last week what are the options?. I have approved labor/perm valid till Nov.Can i refile I-140 with same perm or appeal for denied I-140 .
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