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  4. Hi All My I140 is approved. My Employer filed for a H1B Extension and Amendment together My lawyer is saying it is not required to send AWCIA fee. can you let me know what all fees we need to pay for Extension and Amendment together with Same Employer. This is my third extension having approved I140 and i'm in 240 day period.
  5. The status now has changed as below: CEAS- Administrative processing Track your passport- Your passport is ready to pick up. What does this mean? Any Idea
  6. TRC2017

    I-539 - H4 Extn - Question 14 help

    Thanks for the response. I just remember that in the last month, I submitted her educational certificate copies, filled I9 forms, tax forms and NY State Oath forms etc., (these are part of on-boarding documents process). Based on you response, my understanding is that even I submitted all the documents and gave my approval to join the job, but until I report to the office and start working, I am considered as "not employed with that organization" right? I am just ensuring my understanding here. Appreciate your response.
  7. Sunil77

    2020 H1b Online Application

    Hi All, We are keep on hearing about 2020 H1b application via online portal, as a first step employer will fill out the form with basic info after post lottery pickup we are supposed to send complete documentation, here my question is it recommended to drop more than one H1b application ? i am guessing their will be some kind of logic behind the UI which can deduct applications matching with same full name or SSN. Please advice. Thanks.
  8. ArjunReddy9

    Multiple H1s and H4, H4 EAD

    Hi, I applied for my h1 extension in premium along with my wife's h4 and ead and got my h1 approved till December 31'st 2019. My wife's h4 and ead are still pending and she has finished her biometrics screening for h4. I applied for an extension again in premium with my wife's h4 and ead since the previous h1 approval was for a short duration and got it approved for 3 years. My wife gave her biometrics screening again but both the h4 and ead applications are still not approved. Meanwhile, I got an offer from a different company and they have started only my h1b in premium processing without my wife's h4 and ead. Questions we have: 1). Till when can we expect the h4 and ead approval to be if it is approved? Will it be till December 31'st or for 3 years or based on my latest h1b transfer, if I get for 2 years for example, will the h4 and ead be approved till that period? 2). Since I am moving to a different employer, should we file for h4 and ead again? can we not get approval for previous applications? If we have to file them again, how soon should we be doing it?
  9. Hi, We are applying for green card for our mom and we got I-130 approved and applied for I-485 but the packet was returned stating not in good condition (It was all damaged, not sure how). Now, it has been 11 months since our mom came to the U.S which is 5 months more than the regular 6 months. The I-130 approval came to us couple of months back only. I am hearing our mom is considered overstay now. Is that the case and do we have to file for I601A form? Is that the only option we have? Our mom is still in the U.S. What are the chances for it to be approved. Has anyone got it approved before? How do we proceed? We are trying to get professional consultation as well but wanted to see what folks had to say as well. Thanks
  10. I now see status online changed to "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery" and what does this mean, it still shows AP on CEAC?
  11. Details below for Interview : Location : Kolkata Fingerprinting : Dec 11th Visa Interview Date : Dec 12th Been in US since 2006 and working as full-time in one of the oldest company of USA since last 5 years. Went for stamping after 7 years. Interview lasted 5 min and Visa Officer said Visa is approved and kept our passports (mine & wife's - H4). Gave me a white sheet stating "Congratulations your US Non-Immigrant Visa to visit the United States has been approved!" followed by some details. When I got home and checked the case status on CEAC it read - "Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days." As of now status is still the same. Anyone else experienced this - even after VO said Visa is approved and kept passports? If so what is time line for Visa approval? Any cause for worry?
  12. Hello Everyone. I am on H1B extension based on I-140 approval and my current H1 expires October 2020. I have a Canadian PR and had moved to Canada in November 2018 and was working for my US employer remotely from Canada. I moved to the US in November 2019, as work was getting busy and my employer asked me to come back and work from the US office. I have two situations going on as follows: A) I have to live in Canada for another year to meet Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) obligation (2 years obligation). If I have to meet Canadian PR obligation, I need to move back to Canada by June 2020, else I will loose my PR. B) Regarding H1B, my previous year's salary are less than the prevailing wages (from LCA). I have heard of cases where USCIS are questioning candidates regarding the salary being less than the prevailing wages. USCIS is sending out RFE or rejecting renewal. I have questions and seek for some advice as follows: 1) I am sure with the current administration I would get RFE. What's the likelihood of me getting H1B extension and are their any measures to mitigate any anticipated issues. 2) Would USCIS question why I was living outside of US and working on H1B and, would this be an issue. 3) If I continue to stay in the US beyond June 2020, I would loose my Canadian PR and in case if my H1B gets denied, l will end up loosing both my Canadian PR and H1B. Is it a good idea to give up my Canadian PR for H1B. I would appreciate any advice and thanks for your time. Regards,
  13. Noah Lott

    B2 rejection for parents

    there is not a single document on this planet that will make a difference to the outcome of their next interview... who has been paying for subsequent years of study? for how long did they state they planned to visit? with what type of visa did you begin your education?
  14. My Current Role on H1-B is Architect. My Employer is proposing me as Technical Lead for PERM and i-140. I'm on my 6th year of H1-B and Max out will be reaching out my Oct-2020. Will this change in role affects my Perm/i-140 processing and subsequent extension of my H1-B.
  15. Hi All, My employer has applied for a Amendment for location change Through Normal processing with Nebraska, I have not received the receipt yet it’s been 1 month and my attorney mentioned that the checks were cleared on Nov 11 th. Can you pls share if anyone has more info or faced similar situations. thanks
  16. Let me clarify more. Filing LCA after a month from on-boarding a new company?
  17. I am planning a travel for India during Feb 2020 for 3 week, returning early Mar 2020. I have moved to a New Employer I797 H1B. I have a Visa stamped from my previous Employer which is valid till July 2020. Do I need to get Visa stamped for new Employer or Can I still travel with my Previous EMployer's Stamped Visa and New I797. Please Suggest. Thanks,
  18. Hi @nomad2011

    i am in a similar situation and would like get some some advice from you .

    Please let me know how can i reach you. Thanks

  19. PremJ

    DS-160 previous employment

    I have the same exact question, appreciate any help from the team. Do we need to answer NO to the above question as we had the same employer on OpT, STEM and H1 after stamping.
  20. JoeF

    Old employer not paying

    You can file a complaint with your state's labor department.
  21. JoeF

    H1B Stamping Startup

    You being the first H1 employee is irrelevant. The main concern is that the company can pay the salary. For a small company that means showing that they have a business plan for selling their product, financing, e.g, through Venture Capital, etc. If the company has VC funding it would be a great plus, because that would show that at least one VC firm is convinced that the business plan is solid and merits investing money in the company. The business plan would show market analysts, projected growth, etc.
  22. JoeF

    H1-B Transfer Denied.

    Even if you don't like it my statement is true. People are getting RFEs to show that they have gotten paid by the old employer. Again, the old employer was required BY LAW to inform USCIS that the person no longer works there. Do you understand what BY LAW means??? This is not up to discussion. And your lame excuse "if USCIS never acknowledges it" is totally bogus. The employer would have a record. So, again, the employer BY LAW has to inform USCIS. Period. End of story. Oh, and every immigration lawyer knows this and advises clients accordingly.
  23. An MTR doesn't give you any rights to stay or work.
  24. JoeF

    h4 ead 60 day grace period

    If the H1 person leaves the country the H4 is gone. No grace period.
  25. Following ... in a similar boat. Planning to go for stamping in Feb 2020
  26. Chai

    H1B revoked notice. What to do next ?

    Slip of the tongue. I-94 is what I meant.
  27. Jadoo234

    H1B stamping experience with arrest record

    @murthy.user and @Thankfulbob, I need your help I am in the same boat as you guys. The only difference is case dismissed with out any community service or plead guilty. 1. How would i obtain the Immigration letter ? Any format and such that i can get (really appreciate that) 2. For Criminal records, Certified criminal report from state ? Is it from Police department or somewhere else ? 3. Is there a way i can talk with etiher of you ? My visa dates is coming soon and wanted to chat ? thank you guys in advance
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