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  3. ramkrishna 1

    H1B COS

    Hi Attorney, Yesterday I got an Email from my Employer that my H1B Got Approved and here are the details that were Mentioned in Email. Beneficiary: ******DOB: **/**/****Classification sought: H1BStarting Validity Date: 10/01/2019Ending Validity Date: 11/30/2019Consulate notified (if applicable): HYDERABADI-94 # (if applicable): ********* What does this Mean, Does my Change of Status Denied from F1 To H1B?Do I need to go to India for Stamping? When I called my School DSO She told me that my Sevis is Still Active! Can anyone Help me What does this Mean by? Thanks, Ram.
  4. Hi,I would really appreciate if I could get your inputs on my following questions -My situationCurrently I am on my first H1B (valid till August 2020), working for my sponsoring employer.My wife is on L1A, and I am a co-applicant on her Green Card application from her employer.We filed our GC application in June, 2017, and had our interview in Jan, 2019 this year. However due to the retrogration of past applications currently in force, we have not received our Green cards yet.Both of us have received I-765 EAD cards (which we have renewed this year) valid for the next 2 years. However the EAD cards do not include the advance parole, so it is mentioned "Not Valid for Reentry to the US" on the card.I have two questions -1. I am leaving my current job on 30th September. My next employer would not be sponsoring or transferring my H1B visa, so can I let my H1B lapse, and work on my EAD card (valid for the next 2 years) ?2. My last day at my current employer is 30th September, can I travel to India for a short trip from 26th to 30th October (these dates are within a month of my quitting my H1B employer) and re-enter without any issues ? Or would it not be advisable to go and re-enter given that my H1B job is over, and I would subsequently work on my EAD card ?I am in the process of applying separately for an Advance Parole document as well, but I am doubtful if I will able to get one before 26th October.Thank you so much.
  5. pontevedra8

    H1B Visa stamping @Calgary on Oct 2nd

    Hello Raghav, im planning to apply soon and i got my H1 already . can you give m some direction for Canadian TRV do we need a covering letter ? i saw some format here on the forum so trying to use t hat.. wt are the docs needed ..can you share some details pls ..im not sure if ican add my email here . libran881 at gmail dot com
  6. Here is my situation: 1. Transferred my H1B from Company-A to Company-B 2. Last day at Company-A was on 9/6/2019 3. Joined at Company-B on 9/9/2019 4. Company-A already sent H1B revoke request to USCIS on 9/9/2019 5. I did not like Company-B, and would like to go back to company-A as soon as possible 6. Company-A is ready to transfer my H1B back to them Questions: Q1. Do I need to wait till I get 3 pay slips from Company-B to initiate my H1B transfer to Company-A? Q2. Would there be any risk to transfer to Company-A, while my previous H1B petition from Company-A is in the process of withdrawal? For example: 1. Company-A placed withdrawal request on 9/9/2019 2. Company-A applied for my H1B transfer again on 10/15/2019, while the pervious petition's withdrawal request is still not processed by USCIS 3. I receive my new H1B approval for Company-A on 10/25/2019 4. USCIS processes the previous H1 withdrawal from company-A on 11/1/2019 5. Am I still be in legal status? Does the previous H1B withdrawal (initiated on 9/9/2019, processed on 11/1/2019) has any effect on the latest approved H1B (initiated on 10/15/2019 and approved on 10/25/2019) from the same Company-A?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hello: While my OPT started, I worked with an Indian data analytics firm for 2 months and 12 days. They gave me an experience letter stating my position, start + end date, and not detailing roles/responsibilities...However post that I have started working for a established firm (in my OPT + STEM OPT). Can I slide this 2 months work experience under the cover and forget about it? Or will this be a problem later on? Please let me know... The letter says....Visswanath worked as a ******* from **** till ****.thank you for service etc....But it doesn't elaborate on the what I did in my position...please assist here...I am not in touch with anyone within this firm now...What do I do? There is one person but he isn't willing to give me that affidavit verification etc....
  9. H1B to H4 Conversion before Expiry I and my spouse are working in H1B visa and my visa is maxing out on Dec 2019 but my spouse has 2 years left. I have couple of questions regarding processing H4 visa while working in USA. 1. Can i initiate H4 dependant Visa while working in USA working under Valid H1B? 2. Initiating H4 Visa will void the current H1B validity or we should be good ? Note: I know i can go back to India and initiate H4 visa after my H1B expiry but we have a 6 months old baby to take care that's whyi am looking for processing H1B to H4 in USA
  10. devudu

    H1B stamping experience with arrest record

    Heyy@murthy.user your are so lucky and you have given hope to some many people. Thanks for the info. Could you please tell me when your arrested then they took fingerprints of you. Because i am on the same situation.i was fingerprinted at the time of arrest even i am planning to seal/expunge the case. After completion of that i want to change the employer.The thing is i have to face the fbi background check. Hope you understand the situation Thank you in Advance.
  11. xTDx

    Case Approved but says Denial was sent out

    USCIS tools are not state of the art. As you can see the case status online is throwing out inconsistent information. Wait for official correspondence from USCIS via mail.
  12. Tabrez23

    RFE for a technical Lead Role

    Did any one get a similar RFE, how did you prepare for it ?
  13. Hi, I was in US on H1B visa for 4.5 years. I returned to India as my H1B amendment got denied. Now my employer is willing to apply L1A visa for me. I have the following question. Request you to kindly provide your input. -If my L1A visa is approved, will my existing H1B (it has expired in Feb 2019 and around 1.5 yrs of unutilized time is still there) visa get automatically cancelled? Thanks in advance for your response.
  14. I think I am in the same situation. My OPT got denied Friday and I am waiting for the denial letter from USCIS. Please some one help me. I have a hugh loan to pay and they will take away the house that my parents are living in back home if I am unable to pay. Please I am begging for someone to help me with the OPT
  15. tushals

    STEM OPT travel plan clarification

    Anyone is going to approve this?
  16. tonyc001

    Mothers Green Card Consuler Processing

    Hello - Received I-797 with Notice date of 08/27/2019 Website shows status accepted and under processing Priority date is 08/23/2019 I am assuming there is no wait as this is for my mother. Can you please help me understand d A) What to expect next as a process? B) Should I be ready with something / paperwork to move this fast? C) How much is the whole process taking these days ? I am trying to gauge if I can have my mother in USA next summer in March / April time frame? Thanks again for the response and guidance.
  17. Hi.... H1b transfer petition was received a few months ago by one of the field offices in the US. It is under processing and has been a few months. Would it be possible to throw in a few more documents for them to evaluate, while the visa is being processed? It is just to avoid the running around, with them coming back, me going back again, a few more months of this could be avoided. Please... advice.
  18. Hello sreevats Please share your wife's visa interview experience. Thanks!
  19. Hello tsk238 I am also in similar situation. Please share your visa interview experience. Thank You
  20. Last week
  21. Hello, My parents are visiting me and my brother next year to take care of newborns. They will be with me during the early part of the year, go back to India in summer and come back again in a month or so. We are planning to have them here with me from Feb- June and mid August - Dec at my brother's place. Are there any recommendation around a) how long they should stay across the two visits ? b) what should be the gap between the two visits ? Please let me know.
  22. I was caught in drink and drive case in India with 44 mg bac content. I was jailed for 6 days by court. Do I need to declare that in H1B application AND what can b consequence
  23. Can some please respond to this as to whether we should mention about any employer for whom we dont have paystub but was reported to USCIS during OPT. Thanks!
  24. Jaya Avutupalli

    H1 with I140 needs extension

    Hi All, My husband’s H1B was expired on June 2019 and he is in India from Feb 2019 to till date for medical treatment. He has approved I140 from his current employer. Now his current employer is planning to file an H1 Extension but they do not have a client letter to file and they are not moving forward. Now what are my husband options to enter into USA? need some suggestions a)can a new employer file H1B extension/transfer? if yes how much time it takes ? does his I140 also needs to approved with new employer? b)If option a is not possible, can my husband come to h4 to USA as i have H1B valid and change to H1 here ? Thanks in advance
  25. Hi Guys, Thanks in advance. I do have a unique situation. I completed 5.5 years of H1B. Employer A (current) filed my I140 and approved a month back. Still within 6 months of approval. Employer B(new) filed H1B transfer without I140 details (as it was not filed then). And transfer is now approved. Employer A suggested that my I140 will not be revoked in case if I switch to Employer B. And Employer B also promised to file new I140 after joining. Questions: 1. Can I use my I140 filed with Employer A for H1B extension at Employer B ? 2. If Employer A revokes I140, Should I receive new I140 approval within next 6 months to be able to apply for extension from Employer B ?
  26. Hi, I have applied GC in EB1C category and my i140 is Approved. Can’t apply EAD as the date is not current. I can’t use AC21 as I have not applied for i485 yet. Reduction is going on in my company and any time I may be asked to leave. 1. Can I apply for H1B? If the role is same, is it fine to switch from L1A to H1B? 2. Will I retain my priority date? Hearty thanks for your help!
  27. Shank

    F1 Visa TWIC Card issues

    Hello, Anybody find a solution to obtaining a TWIC, while on F1 visa? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  28. My application reached USCIS service center on 09/12. My I-94 expires on 09/19. I haven't received receipt notice yet. What are the options I have in case my application package is returned by USCIS for some reason. Can I resend the application and still request them to consider 09/12 as filing date?
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