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I have an approved I-140 from 2012 as well as pending I-1485 from 2012. If I change job after Jan 17th 2017 using my EAD and invoking AC21 portability, do Supplement J applies to me? If Supplement J does apply to me, then based on new rule, do I need to proactively file Supplement J or I can wait until a RFE raised.

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I have the same question. Can any one please answer if supplement j is optional or mandatory? Can we wait until we get an rfe?

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Hello Every one !

I am on the Same boat , I took the first job using my EAD ... I talk to my attorney and said not necessary (Dont have to) this time to file supplement "J". and not necessary for my EAD Renewal as well , Guess may need it for some spacial categories.

But its not a Legal advise from me personally. cases might be different so. Pls Any Murthy Attorney can answer this ? 



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