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  1. Hello I completed my masters in CS and this is my last OPT and will be expiring in a month. I dont have any update on h1b so far and I am planning to go for a another Masters with Day1 CPT and simultaneously I am looking for Phd programs. But my F1 visa will be expiring in june 30 AND OPT ON JULY 3 and I want to travel to India in Dec/Jan 2017-18. What advice will you give me.1. first of all , Is it advisable to travel on CPT(2nd masters) and/or PHD after completing the masters earlier 2. As my F1 visa is expiring, If I would like to travel in Dec/jan Do I need to get it stamped in US or home country. If so, what are the chances of approvals/rejections.3. Instead of masters if I choose to go for higher degree (Phd) will there be same issue in stamping. 4. As it is almost Mid May; are there any chances of receiving receipts from USCIS? Any one got update on H1 in this week (May 15) considering they dont have word from employer or attorney previously about check cashed/SEVIS update. 5. IF I CHOSE O RETURN BACK TO THE COUNTRY, how long I can legally stay in US once my OPT or Visa has expired. Do I need to take the permission from USCIS to stay legally after 28June or 3 July. Will it create any issue for me to stay.Thanks a lot.