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  1. Thank you appreciate your suggestion and help. Have a wonderful day. Regards
  2. Good Morning, I am MD doctor by profession and visited USA multiple occasions (3 times) on B-1 visa for medical licensing examinations (USMLE) and clinical observer ships. During the last visit I was approved for 6 months stay at the port of entry. During the stay I was shadowing a doctor on a research project (with one of the hospitals in USA) and the final report submission required more duration than anticipated, hence I applied for 49 days B-1 extension. Unfortunately I couldn't complete the final report within 49 days and I left the USA 1 week before applied 49 days extension. It is almost 130 days since I have filled my I-539 B-1 extension application in January 2017 and haven't heard anything from USCIS. I was invited by the same hospital in USA where I was working to submit my research final report. It is almost 7 weeks since I left the USA and came to India. I intend to come to USA in 1 week to submit my report. My questions are, 1. Is it possible to visit USA with my I-539 application pending ( I left the country within the requested extension period of 49 days ) to submit the research final report ? 2. What is the paper work that I need to carry during this visit ? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.