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  1. Ok,mine is 28th march & h1 approved on Apr 12th
  2. No,still same status.what about u??
  3. Same here,we too booked ticket for India.My status has cheanged from "case was received " to " name was updated".
  4. Same here;my husband's h1b approved on 12th april but h4 is still pending
  5. Still waiting or got approval?
  6. Please keep posting about your h4 approval.So that we can know the timeline
  7. I am in same boat,my husband h1b approved by april 13 but my h4 is still pending.
  8. We file for h1b & h4 together on march 24th in pp.H1b got approve by the 2nd wk of April but H4 is still pending.Is any one on the same boat??