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  1. Lakshman Please share your experience of visa stamping at Tijuana, Mexico. I plan to go June 26/27.
  2. Send me a msg if you want to join me to Tijuana, MX for stamping for June 26/27.
  3. In lottery, candidates are picked up from all of applications. If person A is selected, then all of his applications will be processed. It is person A wish which company to join. Mostly case. person A thinks applying through many employers will get his chance for being picked up in lottery. It is wrong. Every candidate has same chances irrespective of how many applications he has applied. If person A has been rejected with all of his application, there is not any waiting list to pick next candidate.
  4. Mine was approved with wage level 4. What is your wage level. If it is more than 2, it should not be a problem per memo released by USCIS.
  5. I have booked ASC appt on June 26th and Consular appt on June 27th at Tijuana. If anyone wants to tag along, let me know. Send me PM on on this site to exchange contact details.
  6. I am going June 4th week in Tijuana. June 26/27 If anyone wants to tag along, it will be great.
  7. Chances of being picked in lottery is same when you have applied through one employer OR 10 employers. If you're selected, all 10 applications will be considered for processing. You will select one employer at end, while wasting money and time for remaining 9.
  8. Congratulations of receiving Visa at Tijuana. Quick questions 1 Which hotel did you stay ? 2 POE Question/Answers if any ? I am planning to go next month at end of JUNE. Others who plan to renew in Tijuana, please let me know if anyone wants to tag along.
  9. Yes. I had similar question and I inquired with my employer attorney and he said yes. However, we got H4 approval copy soon after. We are yet to go for stamping. But answer is Yes. H4 can be received based on H1B approval notice. In fact, H4 Visa Stamp is annotated with H1B Receipt/Approval Number, not based on H4 receipt number.
  10. I think chances of being picked in lottery are same - when you have applied through one employer or two/more employers. They pick by lottery from candidates who have H1B petitions, not by H1B applications. Going through multiple employers was unnecessary if that was the reason. Answers from Sekhar are correct.
  11. We have same issue. H4 approved 1 month back and it reflected online status... But we never received H4 approval notice in mail. Luckily, my employer attorney has practice for applying a copy for all H1b/H4 as back up or their regular practice . IDK. So, we used that for driving license and we will use that for visa stamping as well... But for visa stamping H4 approval is not required. H1B approval copy is required - that's what my employer attorney said.
  12. She will get visa based on your H1B approval copy. H4 application will be ineligible or abandoned once she renters US with H4 visa stamp and I-94. That was kind of reply I got from my employer's attorney when I had similar situation. Also if you notice carefully, all H4 visa stamps are annotated with primary H1B applicant's receipt # even though H4 applicant's has their own receipt number.
  13. I work for reputed product company as an IT employee (i.e. No client). I have got my previous H1B stamped twice from India for same employer. We got our H1B/H4 extension approved. My family is planning to visit India in June for summer vacation and H4 is eligible under Dropbox, while I plan to visit Canada or Mexico (preferrably as it's near) for H1B stamping. Questions 1. Should I first get my H1B stamping and then ask for family to get H4 visa through drop box Or other way round ? 2. Is there any risk associcated with such arrangement of getting visa. I plan to submit DS-160 for my family for H4 only after I receive my visa ? Is that good or does not matter. 3. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated on this approach. Thanks in advance.
  14. Can you please post experience in short details....pls.