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  1. Each application is separate and there is no primary and dependent categorization for N-400. Some cases clear all necessary processing sooner than others and as soon they complete all necessary processing, interview gets scheduled. Nothing to worry here.
  2. Try posting this in
  3. No you should not leave it blank, it needs to be from I-140 form.
  4. Many of the local USCIS field offices are severly backlogged and it may take many months to get actual interview letter. It took almost 6 months for me after case went in-line for interview. You cannot call USCIS customer service as your case would be within the processing time as posted on USCIS website for your local field office. Stay patient and it will come one day, nothing much you can do here.
  5. Use Visa on Arrival facility provided for US Citizens. You would need to fill some paperwork online, 3 days prior to your departure.
  6. Your masters degree won't count here. You need to have masters degree and min 2 years of experience BEFORE joining the current employer in order to qualify for EB2 (and also job profile should have similar requirement). I think there are high chances of getting RFE on this petition if filed under EB2.
  7. No it does not. You can travel without any issues. During the interview you will need to give travel information so that officer records it on your N-400 form as remark.
  8. I think I-140 amendment is required if the tax id changes which seems to be the case with your employer. Do consult with lawyer on this.
  9. If you are still employed with emp A, then why would they revoke your H1? If that happens, then you would need another H1B sponsoring employer immediately.
  10. What grace period you are talking about? I don't think there is any grace period.
  11. You should put the travel dates as you know in the N-400 form and any discrepancies, if asked then can be explained during the interview.
  12. You 485 application was filed before fees were revised so yes you will have to continue paying fees for EAD and AP renewals. They significantly increased the I-485 fees after July 2007 fiasco but made EAD/AP free.
  13. Some USCIS local field offices have Oath ceremonies same day whereas others schedule it after couple of weeks/months. Interviewer tells you if he is recommending to approve your case or not which should help you to keep calm until Oath ceremony.
  14. Looks two different jobs all together to me, unless you can prove that you were doing web application development during your role as Network System Analyst.
  15. But this is by choice and not enforced. We voluntarily chosen this route in spite of knowing all challenges and risk so not sure how it falls into slavery context. I can understand your frustration but nothing can be done until House and Senate are on board in terms of the comprehensive immigration reform.