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  1. Both the applications are processed separately. It seems like all the processing for your wife's application is done and case is sent to local USCIS field office for scheduling the interview whereas your case seems to be waiting for some processing to complete (mostly background check). You can go to local field office to change the interview date. Whether your case comes to interview prior Aug 25, 2017 is mere question of how your local USCIS field office is doing in terms of processing times. Some field offices are very slow and backlogged for up to 8 to 10 months now whereas some are processing cases within 3 months. Check USCIS processing times report of your local USCIS field office. One word of caution, what I have observed that some field offices are processing cases which are 1 to 2 months ahead than the actual posted processing times, so plan accordingly.
  2. I-140 application can be processed (approved/rejected/RFE) regardless of whether the I-485 PD is current or not. Check processing times for your service center for I-140 applications to understand when it will get processed.
  3. N-400 application is separate for each applicant so yes they can file at any time (before or after you). You need to list all international travels for last 5 years on N-400 form. There you will list this 3 months trip as well. During interview you may be asked more questions about your trips (why/where etc.) and you can explain as needed. There should not be any concerns regarding eligibility.
  4. 1) Yes 2) Yes absolutely 3) Follow the standard processes required for GC renewal 4) Needs to have a GC approval to receive this stamp Considering your filing date, it can take 6 to 8 months to get actual interview date so I would get GC renewed.
  5. I would take the passport back to consulate and get it validated from them. They will take appropriate action if needed.
  6. During citizenship interview they will ask about prior arrest records at ANY time and anywhere in the world. Answer honestly, state facts and carry documentation proving your explanation.
  7. These are the rules set by US government. They have established separate quota for STEM students who graduates from accredited universities from USA. Why should this bother you so much?
  8. Well State's senator means, contact Senator which represents your state in Senate.
  9. "In line to be scheduled for an interview" does NOT mean that interview would be scheduled within a month. Currently, for many USCIS field offices, it is taking 4 to 5 months to get actual interview dates after your case goes in line for interview. You absolutely can travel while your N-400 application is pending and can tell officer about your travel dates during interview. They do add those dates to your application form during interview and that is all about it.
  10. First your I-140 needs to be approved, before I-485 can be approved. For I-485 if the PD date is current in May (and I-140 is approved) then application can technically be approved before June 1st, if not it will need to wait until PD gets current again which NOT necessarily will be in Oct 2017. It can be a longer wait considering amount of applications filed under this category.
  11. Your application can ONLY be approved when the priority date is current (however it can be rejected at any time). So if USCIS picks up your case before June 1st and processes it then it may get approved, however it seems very unlikely to happen as you will need to have biometrics done prior to that.
  12. Get in touch with your state's senator's office and request them to follow up on this. Also google "elis n400 delays" and check the first link to see if your case falls into that category which may explain the delays.
  13. If you have provided same A number while filing new I-140 application then the case gets automatically linked and old PD gets ported.
  14. You need to have 5 years of experience + bachelor's degree PRIOR joining your current US employer. Even considering your India employment under different employer (technically), you do not satisfy above mentioned criterion as you worked only for 3.4 years with them. Per given information your case do not fall under EB2 category.
  15. I think two separate appointments are needed.