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  1. dont worry about that status . I was also in the same boat and my h1 approved after couple of days
  2. Hello all, I have previously worked for HP which now merged with CSC and formed as a new company DXC . Now my present company is filing Green Card for me and whats to get experience letter from my previous company . Can i get it on the letterhead of DXC . I have not reached out to HP yet . What if they decline to provide me experience letter with job duties . I have experience letter with out job duties provided when i left the company Thanks
  3. I am in the same boat . H1 approved on march 23 , h4 extension is still pending
  4. only premium related to i129 are suspended and not i140 s
  5. you can continue to stay in US as long as your i94 is valid and go for stamping when you want to activate your h1b
  6. What was the reason for intent to revoke . If the employer revoked your previous H1b , you need not worry about that
  7. Stay is counted based on L1 + H1 years . You can file as fresh h1 under cap as you are 1 year out side of american soil
  8. If it is revoked prior to Oct 1st , it can not be a cap exempt .
  9. H1B stamping page has either EAC* or WAC* number which is your receipt number Dont you have your i 797 approval copy even in your email ? How did your attorney/employer sent it over to you
  10. You need not withdraw MTR for filing H1 in next year quota . But MTR does not give you any status . If MTR is approved with i94 you can withdraw the h1 filed in this quota
  11. you can go ahead with your transfer first and later when the VO asks about previous H1 , you can let him know of the withdrawal Have you ever been on H1 or is it first visa stamping
  12. Is there any update on your second filing . Is the case was not revoked , will the petition be exempt from cap
  13. roshan, https://www.*****************.com/***************** Check this article ,. It may be helpful
  14. Shekar, On what basis are you quoting the TS to be in US for atleast one day in US to be cap exempt . As per which was published and effective from Jan 17 , 2017 TS is eligible for cap exempt if he is counted once in the past 6 years . I have quoted from page 13 . b. Application of the H–1B Numerical Cap to Persons Previously Counted Section 103 of AC21 also amended the INA to ensure that H–1B nonimmigrant workers can change jobs or employers without again being counted against the H–1B cap. Specifically, section 103 provides that an individual who has been counted against the H–1B numerical cap within the 6 years prior to petition approval shall not be counted against the cap unless that individual would be eligible for a new 6-year period of authorized H– 1B admission. See INA 214(g)(7), 8 U.S.C. 1184(g)(7). In addition, an individual previously in the United States in H–1B nonimmigrant status is eligible for a full 6 years of authorized admission as an H–1B nonimmigrant after residing and being physically present outside the United States for the immediate prior year. Id. Section 103 of AC21 also amended the INA to address cases in which an H– 1B nonimmigrant worker seeks to change employment from a cap-exempt entity to a ‘‘cap-subject’’ entity. Section 103 provides that once employment ceases with respect to a cap-exempt entity, the H–1B nonimmigrant worker will be subject to the cap if not previously counted and no other exemptions from the cap apply. See INA 214(g)(6), 8 U.S.C. 1184(g)(6).
  15. How about petition approved and never worked with the employer . Will he be cap exempt if it is less than 6 years old