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  1. Ok...
  2. You can certainly go to India. There is nothing stopping that but it is always adviced not to travel when you have any H1B petition process going on. Once your H1B is approved you need to go to visa stamping and need to get visa stamped and then come back. Will i get any problem during my h1b stamping since my amendment is in RFE? - If everything goes fine then no problem but if your petition is rejected you cannot comeback on H1B. You can do change of status to H4 and then get stamped and come back. what kind of questions will i be getting and how much risk is it to travel with amendment in RFE status? - no one can answer that question with 100% accuracy. What type of questions asked will depend on VO. Risk is always attached to every case since no one can certainly say 100% I will get stamped. Everyone must attend the interview with confidence, carry all documents, and must be able to answer all kinds of questions. In your case if RFE is simple and your employer is doing all things right then you can be more confident.
  3. "Are you traveling from another country to apply for a U.S. visa in Canada?". You need to give YES since you will be travelling from another country ( USA )
  4. 1. What is the current time frame ( in May or June ) expected in h1b drop box application visa processing in US Consulate location at India , Chennai For H1B & H4 Visa type. Any one did submitted & got it completed/approved recently . Can you please provide details on time frame / information on time frame on the process. There is no set time frame. Each case is unique. 2. I got to know they might call for OFC / Finger prints case by case basis , how the appointment is fixed if i am eligible for drop box & got a OFC request to appear in person. Under which case there are calling for OFC need for drop box application. There are no any pre defined circumstances that they will call for finger prints and interview. Now a days number of personal interviews increased for drop-off. There are no guidelines set to know in what circumstances they will call. It depends on them. If they want to call you for interview they will give you instructions. They will give you possible appointment dates and you need to schedule one. The possible dates will be very near in matter of days at least a week max. Please see this forum. You can see alot of cases similar to your questions. 3 . My Employer usually will connect the passport from consulate , Can i directly get it from consulate what are details that i need to carry to get the passport I did not know that someone else can collect passport maybe you will give your employer authorization letter. Normally you will get passport where you do finger printing. But I may be wrong. You will get a clear mail regarding instructions to collect passport. Normally people will take one form of picture id, DS 160 confirmation page, visa interview appointment confirmation page.
  5. If you did not submit it then you can edit DS 160. If you submitted it then you cannot edit it. If you submitted it and want to edit DS 160 the only way you can do is create a new DS 160 and send an email to consulate/service center where you are attending the interview and they can update DS 160 number in your visa interview application. It will take around 7 to 10 business days.
  6. If losing fee is not a concern, just go ahead create new DS 160 form ( no need to submit it. You must submit it atleast 3 days before interview ) and take new appointment at whatever consulate you want. Initially you may get far away date but if you constantly keep on checking you may get near date.
  7. You have to list all employers who ran your pay rolls and applied H1B petition on your behalf starting with latest first. Please make sure is it last 5 employers or last 5 years...
  8. I may be wrong. But I donot know whether you can transfer fee paid to one consulate in one country to another in another country. Please contact/email Tijuana consulate and ask this question before cancelling/booking a visa appointment.
  9. Thanks @SPI
  10. Yes @ajaysharma
  11. Just be patience and keep on checking regularly and multiple times daily especially nights before you go to sleep you may get few earlier dates...
  12. It depends on individual VO. If client cannot give you client letter take email conversation regarding that matter. That's the best you can do and hope for best.
  13. Congrats...
  14. What you mean by don't have approved I140. Does that mean you did not apply for I140. There is no need to get original I140 approval. You can get copy of it. That will be enough. But VO might ask for I140 if VO sees that you have H1B >= 6 years.
  15. Would it impact any H1B visa stamping approval, after close to 5 years not been to India ? - No impact. Do we need to have client letter mandatory for H1B visa stamping? - If you cannot get client letter start a email conversation with client asking for letter. I am sure you will get a reply saying why they cannot give you letter and submit this email conversation. When I went to visa stamping for Vancouver Canada in 2014 same thing happened. VO asked for client letter, I explained VO that client doesnot provide letters to consultants and showed VO my email conversation and VO accepted it.