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  1. There is no such distinction. The officer decides what to ask, regardless of gender of the applicant.
  2. Unless you are a top researcher or manager, or your work is very important to the US, you can't apply for a GC yourself. The S category is for people who assisted law enforcement in a major investigation. You could have found that out in a 5-second Google search:
  3. Parking tickets don't need to be listed. They are never issued to the driver, but to the owner of the car. Moving violations (speeding tickets, red light tickets, etc.) need to be listed. If the fines were under $500, no documentation is required. Just list what you remember. And for job changes you don't have to bring anything.
  4. There is no such thing as "family-based citizenship." Citizenship applications are the same for everybody. There is a provision for elderly to not having to do the English test. See the USCIS website under naturalization.
  5. No real university gives out CPT from day one. Only fraud institutions do. What you are trying is abuse of CPT. It will kill your future in the US. .
  6. It is canceled if there is a stamp on it that says so.
  7. A new employer can file an H1 within the 60 day grace period, and you can start working with the receipt notice. If you don't find a job during that timeframe, changing to an F2 is an option. You can still get an H1 at any time, but you'd have to wait for the approval to start working.
  8. A person can have multiple visas. You can use either one of the visas to enter in the status that corresponds to the visa. I.e., if you present the H4 visa to enter, you'd be in H4 status. If you present the H1 visa to the officer, you would be entering in H1 status.
  9. You HAVE a job, with the employer. It is the employer's task to find a project for you. And a B1 is for attending meetings and the like for a foreign employer, not for looking for a project. Further, the employer had to provide a client letter when he filed the H1 petition. What happened to that client? Or was that letter fake? And you can only get an SSN if you are in a status that allows working. You can NOT get an SSN if you are on B1. That employer is obviously shady. Find a better employer, one who follows the rules.
  10. No real university gives out CPT from day 1. And signing up with a fraud "university" will only kill your future in the US.
  11. This was a violation of a law, so it wasn't a civil case. The civil cases you mention are essentially contract issues.
  12. And if you say no, you risk much more, up to a ban. Is that worth the risk?
  13. Yeah, I overlooked that this is a blanket petition. Your interview needs to be past the 1-year mark.
  14. For travel from or through certain airports you absolutely have to put laptops in checked luggage. There is no choice. You would not be allowed boarding with a laptop in carry-on. US regulations.
  15. Neither would work. Neither B1/B2 nor F2 allow to work in the US. She would need something like a J1 from the organization she wants to work with.
  16. She can't work, not even for free. And the H4 EAD is explicitly only for spouses, not for children.
  17. As I said before, the petition can only be filed once you have been abroad for a year. The interview would come later, once the petition is approved.
  18. On H1, you need to get paid regularly, no less than monthly. If that doen't happen, you are out of status.
  19. Generally, reusing an H1 is only possible if the person was in H1 status in the last 6 years. A GC through a sibling takes 12+ years (see the VIsa Bulletin, Family category 4.) As for a GC in EB2-NIW or EB1, first, conference papers are also peer-reviewed. Scientific papers that are not peer-reviewed are not scientific papers. You should discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer experienced in these kinds of applications, to see if you would qualify. Generally, people with PhDs who proceed to tenure-track faculty positions shouldn't have any problems with that. Going to industry is always a bit more tricky, but math PhDs nowadays are really in demand, e.g., as data scientists for big data stuff, so it should not be too hard there, either.
  20. H4 and GC are two different things. Nothing happens to the I-140. H4 and EAD can be filed the same time, but the EAD will only be processed once the H4 is approved. Oh, and H4-EAD isn't a status. H4 is a status. The EAD is just work authorization granted to certain people in H4 status.
  21. You can study just fine while on H4.
  22. If the petition is filed while you are abroad, it can't be an extension of status, because by definition you only have a status while in the US. Are you planning to start working for company B when you return? If so, you have to wait for the petition approval abroad.
  23. That is going to be a big problem, because you showed that you have an alcohol problem. You need professional help treating your addiction. And even if you manage to get out of the second DWI, you will have problems getting a visa.
  24. Without getting paid, you likely won't be able to get back to H1. File a complaint with DOL on form WH4. It's the right thing to do, and with a pending WH4 it is possible to transfer the H1.