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  3. JoeF

    Vendor holding my payments to employer

    Well, that's why as soon as there was talk of a percentage, you should have looked for another employer. Employers who do this percentage stuff are shady. If I were you I would cut my losses and find a better employer. You can always reuse the PD of the I-140. Or you can continue with this employer and get into more issues...
  4. Yesterday
  5. princess29

    Experience OTJ

    I have a total of 5 years of experience. (2.5 years with my previous employer and 2.5 years with my current employer). Both the jobs have been similar but with some increased responsibilities performed due to experience. Will I be able to use my current on the job experience towards the PERM filed by my current employer for my current role? OR , will I be able to only use the experience gained with my prior employer?
  6. @SPRINGFIELD, I see no issue.
  7. This is regarding my 'H1 Amendment & extension'(both filed together). Filed in March 2018 in premium. My visa & petition expires on 06/30/2018. Got RFE on 03/30/2018. Employer disclosed to me on 04/12/2018, Have shared all required documents back to employer on 05/25/2018. Response was not submitted till 06/14/2018. After repeated follow up with employer i was told it will be submitted before 06/18/2018. My question is, for cases that are submitted in premium my understanding is that response should be made in 60 days. In my case, it's been 75 days since RFE was received and response was not made. Employer does not seem to care about this when i mentioned. I want to understand if it is fine if RFE is responded on 06/15/2018 for the query received on 03/30/2018(for H1 Amendment & extension filed in premium). When i check status online, here is what i see -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On March 30, 2018, we mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number <XXX0000000000>. The request for evidence explains what we need from you. We will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Please follow the instructions in the request for evidence. If you do not receive your request for additional evidence by April 29, 2018, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. My GC expires in March next year. Since 2011, I have been on an international assignment and returned to the US July last year. Will this have implications on my GC renewal and if so, is there a way I can strengthen my application? It was a work assignment through my company and I had proper re-entry permits all throughout. Thank you much for your help!
  9. I am working as a Physician Assistant (specialized in Orthopedics) from an accredited university in US and have worked in an under served area in the US for over 5 years. I have my professional certifications as well. Apart from this I have an MD degree from India. Would I qualify for the NIW? Thanks!
  10. gimmeperm

    Visa Interview Toronto -June 13,2018

    Could you please share your interview exp?
  11. Sankara8725

    RFE for Amendment

    Hi, Got RFE for Amendment related to location and client change for my H1b, but already have extension available till mar 2020(as per I-797). If RFE denial comes, what would be the outcome? Should i have to travel back to base location (where H1B extension was filed) or should i have to return back to home country? any thoughts?
  12. I am a physical therapist on H1b with a Homecare Company A since 2016. Recently I was transferred to a different branch (my work area/counties remained same as LCA) within the same Company A. However, the new branch functions under a different entity name Company B (EIN) and I got 3 paystubs with a Company B name. Both Companies are part of same corporation and does business under same name. They both have same mailing address. My i94 and 797 is valid till Feb 2019. I told my employer and they started issuing the paystubs from Company A. (1) Am I considered "out of status" for working under a new branch for 6 weeks? (2) Will this affect my future petitions and visa stamping? My employer is going to file an amendment and extension petition under consular processing so I can go to India, get a new stamp and "clean the state" by inadvertently working under a different branch. Thank you for the help.
  13. With Company A approved petition (validity 2020) I transferred to Company B and also Company C both are in pending state. Due to some reasons I started working with Company B receipt number recently. Both petitions are not yet approved. I want to join company C now. Is B petition called bridge petition? Can C petition be approved when B is in process?Can C petition can be approved if C is planning to apply for Consular processing when B petition is pending?
  14. I am in the same boat, mine was received on April 11th, 2017 but case is still in received status. Not sure what to do, employer is saying all the premium processing is getting rejected.
  15. suryakiran98

    Project ended while H1B amendment RFE in progress

    I have checked case status, which show RFE response received and processing, as far as I know my employer revoked amended petition. As well My employer also indicated they would inform USCS that they revoke original h1b and I140. Mean while other employer who is offering is taking time to transfer h1b, and apply for new petition. What are my options in this case? Am I eligible for 60 days grace period? The new employer need to know about my h1b status, need to highlight in new petition? Thanks
  16. likitha

    Visa biometrics-OFC

    Hello all I had applied mehandi for my brother's marriage 2 weeks back. And my mehandi has not faded yet. I have my Visa OFC appointment( F1 Visa) in a week. Will it be a problem for biometrics? Will I be allowed to give my biometrics?
  17. ybhadane83

    Vendor holding my payments to employer

    Thanks for the reply. My LCA says a lesser amount as salary around 65k. But my employer from day 1 said that i will be working on a 75 % -25% format. About complaining to DOL, if i do that then my employer might revoke my GC application, so i am not sure if i can take such step. I am worried as I donot know how to argue with my employer about this point that I am not suppose to be paying the middle vendor. Also now i am even thinking that my employer will say that he is paying me as per my LCA and he never said it will be a 75% of my bill rate. Its been 6 years now with this employer. Please guide.
  18. likitha

    H1B stamping fingerprinting with Henna / mehndi at OFC

    Hi dipsa, I have a similar issue. I have mehandi applied in my hands and I have my OFC appointment in a week. Should I worried about it?
  19. My current H4EAD is valid until Jun 2019. My husband switched jobs and I got a new H4 with 3 years of validity. Can I apply for a renewal now so that I can get a new H4 EAD with extended validity (even though my current H4EAD is valid for the next 11 months)? Does anyone see any issue with this?
  20. Ankur Garg


    I am facing the same problem - planning to go to Mexico for L1 Visa, but seems like payment can be done in Cash only - please let me know how to pay the Visa Fees + Anti-Fraud fees?
  21. Noah Lott

    OPT denied for initial transfer

    Just tell the truth, whatever it may be....
  22. Noah Lott

    Gap between visits for parents

    Did they tell the CO during their interview that they were going to stay, say, two weeks, but have now stayed 6 months and are planning to stay even longer? You should know that COs can access certain entry/exit records and if they sample your relatives' and see the disparity, the CO can cancel their visa....no bona fide 'tourist' has legitimate reason to spend a year in the US unless they are working....
  23. I am in the first 3 years of L1A visa valid until Feb 2019. However my employer, depending upon the company's performance/growth may or may not apply for L1A extension in Feb19. However my kids who are US citizens and attending primary/middle school will be half way in their school year by Feb-19. My questions are (1) If the extension is not applied, is there any way to continue to stay (change of status) till Jun19 when the school year will end. (2) If the extension is applied in Feb19 I understand it'll allow me to stay till we get a decision on the extension. If for some reason the extension is not approved, does it have any impact on any future L1 or H1 visa application? Appreciate your help and advice
  24. suhaskm

    h4 COS or H4 stamping in india

    After reading this post am confused
  25. Hi: I have I-140 approved from Company A and I'm on 12th year H1B. I can switch to Company B using approved I-140 and I'll get 3 years. I would like to know what happens after 3 years assuming my priority date doesn't get current given the current speed of GC process. 1. Can I use the I-140 from Company A to renew H1B after 3 years in Company B (if Company B's GC process hasn't started at all) 2. Any cons of switching to company B other than starting GC process all over again? Thanks for your time. Arun
  26. goutham31

    4 year 1 day rule for Wife to apply for US Citizenship

    Thank you for your response. Wife was in India doing Masters during 2012 to 2014..went back after Nov 2014 to give her final exams and returned back to USA in July 2015..had a valid travel permit from 2012 to 2014 when she left in 2012..has not been questioned or grilled in Port of Entry any time regarding long absence from USA during all these trips..no silly tricks were played on tax returns.
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