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  3. Following is the timeline of my case: May 2017 - I resigned from employer A to join employer B. Employer A H1B was valid till 11/29/2017. May 2017 - Employer B filed 1st petition of bridge petition showing in house project. Aug 2017 - Employer B filed 2nd petition of bridge petition with actual project. Oct 2017 - Employer B gets RFE on 2nd petition. Oct 2017 - Employer A revokes my H1B. Dec 2017 - Employer replies to RFE and it is still pending decision. JAN 2018 - Got fulltime offer from Employer C. I want to move to employer C. What are my options.
  4. Hello All, My spouse is perusing her masters on (H4 Visa) from October 2017 and we applied for COS in December 2017. she has to travel India in Feb-2018. Questions: 1) Can she abandon COS (H4 to F1) which is pending and go to F1 Visa stamping in India? 2) if F1 gets rejected, can she come back on current H4 Visa( Valid till Jan 2019) or need to go for H4 visa stamping again to come back USA? 3) COS abandon will raise any extra questionnaire when attending F1 Visa interview? Please Help! Thanks.
  5. i also got denial on transfer on 2nd jan 2018. My employer filed a new transfee for me in consular processing. My attorney suggested me not to join untill we will get approval. What is the reason of ur denial?
  6. Satya it is my first h1b.. i never worked on any h1b before...
  7. Based on my personal experience i would not recommend wasting your time with infopass appointments. Call USCIS 1800 number every 4 weeks and request to speak to L2 officer, and each time you speak to L2 officer ask for a service request. If you don't get an update until your case is outside normal processing time for your field office based on your receipt date file Form 7001 with DHS Ombudsman Office. I believe USCIS is not only under staffed for the case volume(s) it has been receiving but also dealing with the system implementation issues caused from its modernization project to go digital in 2016, which followed by the anxiety and confusion created by the current administration once assumed office. Good Luck!
  8. I am sponsoring my parents green card and currently my parents are staying at my sister's place who lives in a different state (west coast) for five months. I live in east coast and wanted to know about the following. 1. Since, I am sponsoring green card for them, is it okay to put my address as my parent's current physical address in all forms (130, 485, 325A, 864, 693) or should I put my sister's address? Which would be recommended? 2. For medical exam (I-693), is it okay for my parents to take physical medical exam at my sister's place when I put my address as my parent's current physical address as I have to put the address in Form I-693 as well? If I put my address in form I-693, but place of medical exam is a different city, would that be a problem? Please let me know as I need to sponsor their green card within next two months before their I-94 expires.
  9. A GC is independent of any non-immigrant status. Even people who are abroad can get an employment-based GC.
  10. Not sure it was deliberate or just gross negligence, they were just using background clearance as an excuse until my case is outside the normal processing time for my field office. Yes, i contacted both senators offices since senator1 staff is not really responsive. I strongly believe Senator2 office did a great job, they even contacted FBI regarding background checks. I also believe that case assistance request filed with Ombudsman Office greatly helped in waking up USCIS. I am already registered to vote and i am absolutely going to make my voice heard!
  11. Hi, I am on H1 B and my wife is on H4 EAD and is working as a full time employee. My H1 (and thus H4 EAD )is shortly going to expire Aug 2018. My employer is a big company and is not ready to file my H1 under premium(even if I am ready to pay for it). They file for Extension only before 3 months before the expiry and it could take more than 6 months for approval and then I need to file for my wife's EAD. This will force my wife to quit her job. I was thinking if I could switch my job and go to a new employer and get my H1 transfer processed in premium and then file for my wife H4 EAD. so that she could continue working in her current job. Please suggest me if that works? Also, if I get my H1 transfer done but dont join the new employer, can I still get my wife's H4 EAD extended with the new H1 from new employer? please suggest.
  12. Hi Friends, I am transferring my H1 to new company filedg under premium process on Jan 12th 2018, till now i haven't received receipt number. Please let me know if anyone filed H1 under premium process in this month early January or so. Please let me know if any one waiting for receipt number passed 7 days after filing H1 transfer.
  13. Hi, Below are my details. 1. I129 expiration date: June 2018 2. PED expiration date and I94 expiration date: Dec 2018 3. L1 B Visa expiration date: Aug 2019. my question is, should I now apply for I129 extension as its going to be expired in June 2018 (or) can I wait until until October/November and apply for PED extension as i have valid PED and I94 until Dec 2018? Appreciate for your kind support in this regard. Regards, JosephVincent.
  14. Hi All, My mother is taking her us citizenship, Is it possible for her to file F3 visa for me while i am working USA in H1b (I am overage above 21)
  15. I may have to relocate to Dallas office while my N400 is going on. Does my PD remain same or it gets reset when you relocate?
  16. You have to understand that you need to find an employer to file your GC and the time periods are extremely long.
  17. No offense meant. There is no concept of sponsoring a tourist visa. They should have a very good chance of getting the visa if they are able to articulate a 2 month visit to see their daughter and the local sights irrespective of who is paying for the trip. I am ambivalent about mentioning his graduation ceremony . Keep it simple and there is no problem.
  18. i haven't received the denial notice yet
  19. Hi Kmnr, I have the same rfe, is technical evaluation same as educational evaluation+work experience evaluation and equating it to a US computer bachelors? Can you share the evaluation firm details that worked on your evaluation. Thank you
  20. Hi, My Spouse's Visa is valid till June 2019 and mine is till Aug 2021. Thats surprising but thats how I got that. But as per my understanding it is only valid with L1's extension. Me on L2 EAD and working for an MNC in USA, Initially thought of applying for H1B but later found I can directly apply for GC with valid L2 EAD. I hold a 4 year bachelor's Degree from India with over 14 years of experience in the same technology. So I can claim it as a Technology specialist too. My current Designation is Technical Lead. I have the same questions as in the below topic. 1) The answers in the other topic are good for me but want to confirm again whether they are still valid for me today. 2) Now I want to check if I am directly eligible for I140 or have to apply for PERM first. 3) Whether Applying the PP is better or regular?
  21. Hello, How do I make the VISA fee payment from the USA? Any suggestions? I am planning to go for stamping between 27th Jan and 1st feb
  22. Yes i am planning to go , but how did you pay the visa fee for the appointment? when i try to make a payment its only giving option to pay by cash so i couldnt block the date.
  23. Is this rule also applies if I140 was withdrawn before Jan 2017? Can I move to a new company with withdrawn (before Jan 2017) I140?
  24. I need help with some of the questions filling DS160. 1) Have you made specific travel plans? Intended date of arrival and intended length of stay? - I am already in US and I have not booked return tickets. so is it ok to give approximate return dates? 2) Have you ever been in US: provide information on your last five US visits? -- Do I have to give the details of my return to US every time I traveled outside the US? (like for vacation) For example, If I am in US for 6 years and if I have traveled to India or any other country for vacation for few weeks, then do I have to include all the details of my return to the US? 3) Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued, and is this country or location your place of principal of residence? -- my last visa was issued in Canada but that is not my place of principal of residence, so what should be my answer: YES or NO? 4) Have you been ten-printed? I don't remembers if I gave ten prints or not 5) US point of contact: Can I give my siblings details? or can I give my employers details? 6) Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States? I have my sibling, do I have to mention my sibling name or not needed? what is the safest thing to do? will it be problem if I say "YES" or "NO" 7) Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? --my I140 is approved with my previous employer, what details should I provide? (should I mention the I-140 alien number?) Kindly help. Thankyou
  25. I think it is unlikely that a non-US citizen would get a security clearance, even though a Public Trust clearance is a pretty low clearance.
  26. And report this fraud employer to DOL on Form WH4.
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