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  4. Hi All, My H1B extension was filled in Nov 2016 premium processing got approved in 1 week for 1year :(, But my Wife's H4 is still even today in case received after 8 months. Mean while I applied for another extension which got approved for 2years and her 2nd H4 petition is also not approved yet. Not sure what is happening here, attorney raised service request due date is july 1st..wish us luck.
  5. Hi Guys I am planning for Visa Stamping in Canada (Ottawa/Calgary/Montreal) in the month of July i.e., 1st week or 2nd week. Is anyone in the same boat. If yes, please help me with your contact details. Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you!
  6. GET AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER INVOLVED along with the criminal Attorney..
  7. It is possible. It is also highly recommended that you involve a lawyer in the process as technically TN is not considered dual intent.
  8. F2 periods are not counted. You would seem to have roughly 5 years and 5 months available. Do the math.
  9. Hello experts, If I am changing roles within the same company and the employer needs to apply for H1-B amendment to indicate change in role (eng to sales) and pay change, if this is simply considered as an extension? how easily are those approved these days? I am waiting for GC, (PD: Sept 2008, currently processing Jul 22, 2008).... I do have my EAD which expires in Jan 2018. thanks in advance. Kinjal
  10. A person can have multiple visas. You can use either one of the visas to enter in the status that corresponds to the visa. I.e., if you present the H4 visa to enter, you'd be in H4 status. If you present the H1 visa to the officer, you would be entering in H1 status.
  11. You HAVE a job, with the employer. It is the employer's task to find a project for you. And a B1 is for attending meetings and the like for a foreign employer, not for looking for a project. Further, the employer had to provide a client letter when he filed the H1 petition. What happened to that client? Or was that letter fake? And you can only get an SSN if you are in a status that allows working. You can NOT get an SSN if you are on B1. That employer is obviously shady. Find a better employer, one who follows the rules.
  12. No real university gives out CPT from day 1. And signing up with a fraud "university" will only kill your future in the US.
  13. 1) i will be crossing the border by land. my visa stamp is expired. Do I have to apply for Mexican visa before I cross the border? 2)my wife is accompanying me, she has valid visa stamp, does she also need Mexican visa? If not, is there a form she has to fill before crossing border? Thanks
  14. My case was filed in USCIS by DEC 19 2016, Went to REF and Company responsed to my RFE? How much time will it take further for USICS to respond back. Currently my spouse and Kid in INDIA ? Is there any way i can get them here by this time ? Please help
  15. Hi, Is it possible to file AOS (485) while you are on a valid TN visa? I am a Canadian citizen (born in India). My PERM and 140 are approved and my PD is current. Thanks
  16. This is a very serious crime and is absolutely considered CIMT by USCIS, which can get her inadmissible for life. However, because this is her first offense, she can claim "petty offense" and get away with it. She will have to declare it in I-485 and submit the court documents and/or other documents. Same for any visa application. Hire a criminal lawyer with understanding of immigration issues. She should not enter a guilty plea, if possible, even if that means that the case would be dismissed by the court (which is NOT a dismissal for immigration purposes).
  17. Hi, We applied Visitor's Visa for my mother's elder sister. She is single and doesn't have any kids. She wanted to visit USA and spend some time with me and my newborn Kid and visit some placed. She raised me from my childhood and considered me as her son all the time. I am on H1B. I sent her sponsor and invitation letter. During the interview, VO took her to a sperate section and grilled her 2 Hours stating that she is coming to USA to work for us and get paid. Even though she denied all those claims, they weren't satisfied and gave her 221g white slip. They took her signature on some form and released her. They took all my docs. (H1B VISA / I797 / Drivers License, Tax returns, bank documents, sponsor letter & invitation letter ). I am very worried if they are going to do something with my H1B. Can you please help?
  18. as the title says, i am going for H1B stamping to Matamoros, Mexico on 10th/11th of July. please email me if anyone going on the same time.
  19. Hey all, I am here in US since July 2016 and have filed my tax returns for that year too. We (me (H1)and my wife (H4)) are planning to have my Father, Mother and Grandmother visit to US for 1-2 months on B2. The problem is, we do not have much fund to show - may be around $12K by the time I apply for their visa. Is it worth taking risk to show that I will be sponsoring them for this trip ? I mean I will sponsor their trip but will it be convincing to the VO ? We have in fact more funds to show in Indian banks as in FDs, Immovable property etc. My father has his own business and they have to return to India after this trip for sure. I would appreciate your advice. Thank you. Dharmesh.
  20. Hi everyone, Hoping to get some clarity on my H1B situation and timelines. My initial h1b petition was applied by my employer in US and approved in April 2012. However, I never went on H1B until July 2013, instead I extended my F1 STEM OPT (17 months extension). I went on H1B from July 2013 -> till Feb 20, 2014. Then I had to convert to dependent visa (F2) from Feb 2014 -> Oct 2014. But I did not travel out of US during this time. My new employer then again filed for my H1B with approval date of Oct 16, 2014. My question is -> considering above dates, what will be my H1B max out date/year? Would this time period when I was on dependent be counted in my 6 year H1B expiry limit? Any replies would be extremely helpful! Thank you!
  21. You can certainly go to India. There is nothing stopping that but it is always adviced not to travel when you have any H1B petition process going on. Once your H1B is approved you need to go to visa stamping and need to get visa stamped and then come back. Will i get any problem during my h1b stamping since my amendment is in RFE? - If everything goes fine then no problem but if your petition is rejected you cannot comeback on H1B. You can do change of status to H4 and then get stamped and come back. what kind of questions will i be getting and how much risk is it to travel with amendment in RFE status? - no one can answer that question with 100% accuracy. What type of questions asked will depend on VO. Risk is always attached to every case since no one can certainly say 100% I will get stamped. Everyone must attend the interview with confidence, carry all documents, and must be able to answer all kinds of questions. In your case if RFE is simple and your employer is doing all things right then you can be more confident.
  22. My H1B extension cum amendment was filed on April 25 and it is still pending with USCIS. Now I have to move to different client so another H1B amendment is required. Can I file an H1B amendment even though H1B extension + amendment request is still pending. ? What will happen if H1B extension + amendment is getting approved once the new amendment is filed? What will happen if H1B extension + amendment is getting RFE once the new amendment is filed? My current I-94, I-797 and Visa are valid until 30 Sep 2017
  23. When are you planning to go? Did you already book the appointment? I'm also planning to go in the month of July. Haven't booked the appointment yet
  24. See the responses below. 1) Even if you change employer , you can go to Matamoros for stamping. You should have proper documentations with current employer and reasons for leaving the old employer. 2) Contact salvador . he is the best guy who can take care of accommodation ,mexico visa and travel in mexico.His details are Website : 3) The chances of stamping in Matamoros is 99% if you have all the documents . I attended interview on Monday and got it. Same day 8 people got it and the very next day 4 people got it . I suggest you going to Matamoros.
  25. Hi, I am currently working on H1B cap exempt University position, for the last 2.5 years. Last year a cap subjected startup (Company B) applied for a cap subjected H1B for me, and it went through the lottery and was Approved. However I am still working with my cap exempt H1B University position, and have not started work with company B (cap subjected employer). Now a big profit company (Company C ) wants to hire me. Can I transfer my Approved cap subjected petition (Company B) to this new profit employer (Company C) and start working for them? Thank you!
  26. Hi All I got my visa stamping done successfully yesterday. My employer told me that its not a problem if you filled it wrong . Just update to the interviewer at the start of the interview before anything is asked . I just followed him and the interviewer felt happy , she corrected it and got my stamping done.
  27. All F1 visas are denied as a blanket 214(b). What Degree will you be pursuing ? Anyway best of luck. They do not like circumvention of the normal process.
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