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  4. Leave the old story try starting the new one make sure the center where you apply is different.
  5. You can wait for receipt no and then file H4-EAD and mention H4/H1 receipt no.
  6. Travel on H4 Visa(Wife) - H-1B transfer(Hus) is in Progress(R) Hi, My scenario is not any different from Sumit0907, so my wife is in India on a valid H4 visa based on my current H-1B with employer A. Now I am transferring my H-1B to employer B via regular processing (as you all know about PP suspension). I will be joining employer B as soon as I receive my receipt number from USCIS (maybe by June first week), but my wife is scheduled to be traveling back to the US only after 2 months (approx in July 2017) due to personal reasons and commitments. So in the above situation how will she enter the US and what supporting documents is needed at the port of entry to show that she is a dependant and my legal status is valid but awaiting approval from USCIS. Please let me know if you guys have come across or have heard such cases before. Thanks
  7. You seem to be a tad confused by recent events and justifiably so. Trust me Trump is a blip in this countries illustrious history and this blip shall pass in 3 years. If your GC and AOS was kosher with no possibility of fraud, you have NOTHING to worry. Enjoy your trip. The fuhrer has mobilized Islamic opinion against this country. He is not going to be fool enough to inflame Hindu opinions since you are from India and that applies irrespective of the religion you practice.
  8. I would strongly suggest involving a good lawyer in the matter to guide you appropriately specially if you mean you are getting paid by the term "running payroll". You have time till June,9. I assume the employer is not able to answer the RFE satisfactorily? Get any H1 sponsor and return with the visa on approval. It seems odd that he can file your GC and yet not be able to answer an RFE about H1. Avoid any F1 CPT talk if you want smooth sailing in future though I guess some have got away.
  9. Hello, My wife is on H4 and working on h4 ead. She got job in different location than H1b location. Can she stay at a different location than h1b location? Does she need to update AR 11 online?
  10. Do you mean AOS was filed?
  11. If B files your H1 petition before May, 20 then you can start working for them on receipt. Is B hypothetical or does it exist?
  12. dont worry about that status . I was also in the same boat and my h1 approved after couple of days
  13. Can anyone please advise on the maximum allowed time duration outside US on H-1B ?
  14. My application was filed for H1B extension (along with H4 and H4 EAD) on March 29th (Nebraska premium processing). My attorney forwarded the receipt no on April 17th. Website showed receipt notice date of 04/18/2017. H1 and H4 got approved today (4/24/2017), still waiting on H4-EAD update. Below is the email that my attorney got for acceptance. The Nebraska Service Center has received the following I129 that had been filed under the Premium Processing Program. Receipt Number: LINXXXXXXX Date Received: 03/29/2017 Petitioner: XXX Beneficiary: XXX DOB: XXX Classification sought: H1B
  15. I received an Notice of Intent to Revoke my already approved H1-B petition. When we had an audit, USCIS officer looked for me in the previous client location. We furnished necessary documents and information, was surprised we got this notice. Wanted to check if I am safe?
  16. I received an Notice of Intent to Revoke my already approved H1-B petition. When we had an audit, USCIS officer looked for me in the previous client location. We furnished necessary documents and information, was surprised we got this notice. Wanted to check if I am safe?
  17. Hi I applied my h1 ext on march 31 and received my Receipt Num today and it says: On April 19, 2017, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, at our Nebraska Service Center location. PP amount is debited it seems.
  18. My H1B still NOT approved. H1B extention along with H4 and EAD sent to Vermont SC, received on March 29. Case transfered to Nebraska SC and H1B receipt# generated on Apr 14 from Nebraska. On email, it mentioned that PP was accepted. H4 and EAD receipt #s received on Apr 21 by mail at home address. No emails receieved as of now.
  19. Started with employer B in Nov 2016 on receipt. H1B regular transfer from employer A. Had upcoming plans to visit India in Apr 2017. Employer B filed premium in Mar 2017. Got RFE + lost job/project same day. Looking for new project. payroll running. Last date to respond RFE - Jun 9th, 2017. H1 time used - 1.5 yrs. I-94 date on employer A H1 - Jul 19th, 2017 (now revoked) 1. What are the scenarios If get new project / client letter responding RFE + amendment within time? 2. Family traveled irrespective. Based on above when can they travel back. (H4 stamp with previous H1 revoked)? 2. Is It better to move to F1 CPT to continue GC process? (current: PWD+ad+recruitment almost done, birthplace: Dubai)
  20. No my check has not been cashed yet neither I received the receipt.
  21. Avoid travelling until the documents are clear.
  22. Convert them to an lower quality PDF or re-scan those documents into an lower quality smaller file. Except the important once such as Degree, Clint letter, paystub etc
  23. If your visa is valid till Sep 2017 there is no need to go for stamping in mid of July. Check your I-94 deadline it will match with the visa date. Your new I797 (Dec 2018) will require an interview which you can avoid for now.
  24. MEXICO only does extensions of your same VISAS. F1 to F1 H1 to H1
  25. I would say Husband-Wife relation is not be mixed with the term immediate relative !!
  26. You should be ok. Be confident when you go for the VISA
  27. The online portal is taking a long time to update. Dont worry and go for the stamping.
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