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  3. Greetings, So my H1 got picked in lottery from a company A (I paid for my H1) who doesn't have any of my payroll.I will officially be in their payroll only after October.I have my vaild OPT until July 2018.I recently completed my project and I have my payroll with this current company B(staffing company).Both the companies are not related in any way.Now the situation is I have got a full time opportunity with a company C who is ready to do H1 transfer after its approval.I can understand that since I have my valid OPT I can be in anyone's payroll until October.But I wanted to get out of this company A for reasons where they are not marketing my profile,asking me to get a job and they get their percentage.Since I don't have payroll with this company I am little confused in this transfer process.Can someone please help me in clearing this.
  4. I am sure you do not want my take of documents required. Have a look at
  5. If anyone is looking for shared accommodation (females) - could you PM me and we can connect. Thanks!
  6. 1. A new application. 2. Any EB based I-140 can be applied for in any country. 3. If I-140 is approved then you get the Immigrant visa at the appropriate consulate once the dates are current which they should be from October on. 4. By definition AOS needs a status in the USA from which you adjust to PR.
  7. In brief, YES.
  8. The PD will be the PD of the old I-140. There is no other connection between the two.
  9. My H1b Transfer has been filed on June 29th under normal processing with California Service Center; still not received receipt Notice. What could be the reason??
  10. greetings folks,i live in canada and i have both h1b and b1/b2 visa .i did entered usa on b1/b2 before h1b visa .i would like visit on B1/B2 by keeping H1b active.and i didnt enter usa not atlest 1 st time since i got h1b. is it possible to enter with b1/b2 while having H1b? please advice,much appreciated for the responses in advance
  11. Got the passport yesterday
  12. Hi All, I am Swaraj and currently working for a reputed Organisation in India. I stayed in US for 4+ years and returned in 2014 - during which my company has applied for my GreenCard under EB3 and I140 already processed (priority date in 2014). However, I would like to ask my company to upgrade to EB1 category. Before requesting the same, can i get answers to below questions please a. Is it possible to upgrade current EB3 to EB1 or would it be a new application all together? b. Can EB1 be filed from India - Till I140 is approved? (As per my knowledge Labour is not required for EB1) c. If above thing is possible and if I140 is Approved, what is the process/steps to get Visa (H1 / L1 / L1A or any other thing)? d. Can I485 be processed from India? or is it recommended to travel US on any Work Visa and then apply for I485. I have overall 11 years of experience in IT and as per my company hierarchy I can be considered for EB1. Your valuable feedback is much appreciated!!
  13. Hello! My H1B amendment (EVC Model) is denied after RFE, stating two reasons - "Failure to prove specialised skill set" and "Failure to prove employer-employee relationship". My initial H1B approval is valid until February 2018 and my I 94 expires on Sep 19, 2017. Even though my skill set qualifies to be a special one, lack of client letter played a big part in the denial. My employer suggests appealing the case with client letter. I am trying to get a client letter now but I am not sure if I can definitely get it. My ultimate desire is to keep working for the same client. I would like to know the answers for following questions, in order to figure out my options, 1. Can I continue to work for the same client, once an appeal is filed by my employer? - I cannot go back to my old client as the contract is no more valid. 2. Appeal generally takes a long time to be processed and is it even advisable to take that route? 3. Can I have another employer file a new LCA and H1 petition for the same client, but this time with a client letter possibly? Would this work better over an appeal from my existing employer? 4. If the answer is yes for the above question, can I start working for my client again, once I receive the Fedex receipt of the new petition package? Since I have only a few days left before my I 94 expires, I humbly request some direction from the contributors of this forum as soon as possible. Thank you very much in advance. Note: I am also consulting my attorney (through my employer) who is suggesting the appeal and I am very skeptical going down that route, as my main aim is to safeguard my position with my current client.
  14. We submitted the DS 160 form for the family. DS form was filed under Kolkata. Now we created a profile and selected the resident location as Orissa. But its giving us Hyderabad as the option for visas stamping. Should not it give us Kolkata? If not can we just go ahead with Hyderabad with Kolkata DS 160? Or do we need to submit all over again? Can we change the location to kolkata from hyderabad? Its really urgent. Plz advice.
  15. Most of the applicants from India who's case is pending for the past 10 yrs would receive RFE to send updated I 693 form. I think its un-fair practice on behalf of uscis to send RFE. Applicant has to spend ~$300-400 out of pocket twice to get his medicals done. Also need to maintain good health condition for the whole life-cycle of 'I 485 pending status'. Experts please comment!
  16. If you are renting your place, best is to spend few dollars extra and convince your landlord to extend your stay for another 7-15 days. Explain your immigration problem. All are humans and would surely understand the problem. I hope you receive your rfe letter. Good luck!
  17. Thanks for the reply guys. Is there any medium through which I can get the concrete answer of my question? Actually, the thing is, at present I have both the options (going through consultant as well as my current organization) open for me. However, I personally am interested is going from my current organization as I will be a permanent employee and will be having all the facilities. On the other hand, if I go through consultant I will have to search for job there on consultant's payroll. @GC_VISA: I am concerned if the rules have changed after Trump's administration. @pontevecchio: What if I get H1 visa stamp from consultant but not work for it. Is it possible for my current employer to transfer then?
  18. Im a H1B holder and i resigned my current job in US. i have my VISA and I-94 validity still 2019. can i stay her in US with 60 days grace period and look for another job here, if yes do i need to submit any doc or any procedure to be followed with USCIS. Please let me know
  19. Hi, Please help me to understand on my case. I have applied H1B under Cap exemption (PP) and got RFE(Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed) on April 10th 2017 . On July 12th status was updated to Request for Evidence Response Review but again it changed to Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed On July 20, 2017. Please advise. Any help will be much appreciated.Many thanks.
  20. Thanks for the information, If current employer revoke the i140, my new employer shall start from the PERM and i140 based on my approved i140; is my understanding correct?
  21. Hi Murthy Forum, I am new to this site. I just came to know from my friend that I can clarify my doubts related to H1B Salary issues. Coming to my issue details I have come to US in the month of Aug 2016 and I was on bench till Nov 2016 and in Dec 2016 I got a project and worked for client location in NY for 4 months. My LCA location on H1B is Houston, TX. Even though I worked in NY for 4 months my employer did not file extension and he did not pay one penny of salary to me, so in the month of March 2017 I have transferred my H1B to some other employer. On a regular basis I am sending mail to my ex employer asking for my balances, salary dues but I have not got any sort of reply from him. My Ex-employer has ran the Pay stubs but he did not run pay checks not even for one month. Now I am planning to log a compliant, so my questions are i. Am I eligible to log a compliant, if so where I need to? ii. Whenever I asked regarding extension while worked in NY, my ex-employer kept on saying I am filing this week like that but he never filed extension. What is the risk involved for me if I log a compliant? iii. I have screenshots of all the 4 months approved timesheets, can I submit these as a proof incase if I can file compliant? iv. My ex-employer made me to train 4batches each of 12 people on the skill which I worked, telling he will pay me some percentage, which he didnot pay at all? Can anyone clarify me these doubts and everything is good then I will go further filing complaint. Regards, Nivas
  22. Yes. The G28 tells them who is representing you. Without that, all paperwork would continue to go to the old lawyer.
  23. I suspect that form means he is your lawyer and I see no harm. Discuss it with him if there are any specific issues.
  24. Thanks Pontevecchio... Wont do anything on my own... Lawyer will be doing... I was just tensed coz of that ... hence Thought of asking...
  25. Yes, i received the receipt number after filed on May 31st,received after 2 weeks of May 31st. It was regular. Is the premium processing renewed, as i heard tht Premium is not active now. Please advice.
  26. Pontevechio, Any feedback for me please? And I dont think I ever mentioned, your inputs on this forum are very valuable and concise. Thanks for your help.
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