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  2. Thanks. I distinctly remember doing the finger printing 3 years back, I was only unsure about if it was all 10 fingers or not. So I answered "Yes" to the question, though seems like irrespective of my answer I have to take the ASC appointment at the US Embassy in Tijuana. So seems like I will be doing the fingerprinting again. Thanks for the help!
  3. I am applying for my parents B2 visa. My father was running a small grocery store almost 10 years back. He closed the shop and is retired now. He gets money from his rental property and has a property on his name. My question is related to DS160. What should I fill up in the Primary Occupation? I filled up as Retired. The next question is Were you previously employed ( Provide your employment information for the last five years that you were employed, if applicable). When I select yes to this I get fields to enter Employer/Employment Information? What should I be entering here. Since he did not work under any company he does not have an employer. He did not have any job title or supervisor. Could you please give an idea on what should I be entering here. This is an important question for the interview. I am confused. Please provide some inputs.
  4. Yesterday i recieved my copy of I797 and my name is typed as Raju Prasad instead of Raja Prasad. My wife is scheduled to travel to india in 2 weeks. Her visa stamping on her passport is expired. Will her stamping be impacted with the TYPO in my I797 even if that is approved Can she go ahead to India as per plan or she has to cancel her trip.
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  6. Me and My wife has Non-Immigrant visa appointment scheduled for H1B and H4 visa respectively in US embassy located in Ottawa, Canada . We are travelling from US to Canada for visa stamping. We have 2 year old son with us who is US citizen. He has no interview scheduled as he doesn't require visa being a US citizen. Are we allowed to take him with us inside US embassy "Ottawa"?
  7. Hi All, I've been working in US from last 6 years through Employer A on H1B. My Current H1B is held my Employer A which expired on 5/15/2017. Since Employer A wasn’t processing my GC, I contacted another employer (say Employer B) and they applied for PERM and I-140 quoting me as future employer, both PERM and I-140 are approved through Employer B. I joined Employer B who shipped the extension and transfer documents to USCIS on 5/15/2017. Employer B has assigned me to Project A in Location A, however I want to work for Project B in Location B. Employer B is saying that he filed for labor using Project A in location A as reference and hence cannot amend that since my H1B has already expired, and my only legal status here is receipt number. Is this the true case? Is there any way for me to work for Project B in Location B while staying with same employer (Employer B). Can you please provide me with your valuable suggestion. Regards Manish
  8. qq, does FMLA applies to father too? I was under the impression it apply to mother.
  9. I am supposed to join a new employer soon and I got to know that he will not be running the pay stubs during the time period of 2 weeks vacation in which I am planning to go to India soon thereafter. I know that it is not required to maintain status while one is not in USA. But still is there any thing I should be worrying about of not having paystubs in between. Thank you in advance !!
  10. Hi, I'm planning to Visit India around July 2017. I'm currently on OPT Extension. My OPT expires on end of Jun 2018. My H1B application didn't get picked for last 2 times. I have one last attempt on Apr 2018. But now I'm planning to visit India for about 2 weeks. My question is: Is it fine when coming back at the port of entry? I have valid SEVIS and i20. Or will I face any problems? PS: I have never been out of the country from Aug 2013 to till now. Appreciate your response. Thank you.
  11. Its better to go with new amended one...
  12. No sir. he can't. Let him get the H1, wait till October and then go for stamping
  13. Due to the complexity of your questions, and the various events that could occur, it is advisable to call our office to speak with one of our attorneys over the phone.
  14. If she can explain the reason and indicate a 20 day stay, she should be OK.
  15. My mother-in-law has visior visa to US which is valid till 2022. She stayed in US from October, 2016 till March, 2017 (6 months). We have an engagement ceremony in the family in the month of July, 2017. Is it legal for her to travel to US for another 20 day period in July? Do you anticipate any issues at the port of entry in US from point of view of the frequency or duration of the second visit in short amount of time?
  16. I Submitted Documents on 15th May. My Wife and Son Visa got Issued and Status is “passport ready for pickup”. But my case still showing Administrative Processing. I called customer care they said don’t have much more information. How do i know that i got 221(G). i have not received any mail from consulate.
  17. Hi Herat007 - I'm in a similar predicament here. How did this work out for you? Regards,
  18. no problem with traveling on H4. no one guess by when you will get approval notice.
  19. Hello Everyone, I have a query regarding H1B visa approval. My employer informed me that my petition was selected in the lottery for CAP 2018. When can I expect the approval notice from USCIS? I have a valid H4 visa which is valid till August 2019 as my husband is also in the US in H1B, can I travel to US with my H4 visa when the H1B petition status is pending with the USCIS? Thanks in advance, Anjali
  20. Can please mentioned what questions did they asked you at the boarder?
  21. Thanks for reply.
  22. Hi, I have two kids , below 7 years of Age. My Wife will be visiting for consulate for stamping (H4 Category). I have filled 3 DS-160 , but while taking appointment , I have made group appointment for them. Also I have not selected any Visa interview Waiver for my kids. So Do my wife need to take kids for visa interview? Is it mandatory to present all 3 of them for visa interview ? I am asking so since my wife will be visiting Mumbai Consulate and it is required to stay there long and one of my kid is 8 month old. Please suggest urgently as visa stamping date is 1st June. Thanks
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