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  1. Today
  2. anniemanuja

    H1B Stamping in Tijuana, Mexico

    How did it go? Thanks Annie
  3. anniemanuja

    Canada Visa appointment Dates

    I don't see either :(. Really hoping something to open up in Nov at Toronto. Thanks Annie
  4. Praneeth Y

    H1B- Intended to revoke Status

    Hi, I got my H1B approved in may 2018 but on September 18 my status changed to intended to revoke in USCIS site. I got a notice saying to submit specialty occupation. Right now I am on STEM OPT, expiring on June 30th 2019. I have 3 questions, 1. Does my status change to H1B after September 30? (I assume my status will change to H1B because my H1B status is still intended to revoke but not revoked) 2. If my status change to H1B after September 30 and if my application got rejected (after submitting my RFE to USCIS) does my status automatically switch back to OPT? 3. Can ISSS/DSO have a authority to not to terminate my Sevis until i get some clarity on my H1B application? Thanks in advance, Praneeth Yamsani
  5. anniemanuja


    Hello Team I am looking for the service to pay in Mexico as well. Could you please help me with it? Also, any recent experiences in Tijuana ? Thanks Annie
  6. Is 240 days rule applicable for H1B transfer. Can one work after 240 days of H1B transfer petition receipt notice? I 94 is expired. Decision is not yet received on transfer.
  7. 1. I have MS from Uni. of Houston in 2017. I am on L2 visa (without EAD). Can the employer apply for H1B without any EAD at all? 2. I did not use the opportunity for applying H1B in 2018, is there a time limit to fall in Masters degree 20000 exemt cap? I mean what if I want to apply for H1B visa in 2022 under Masters degree cap,will I still be eligible? I will be waiting for valuable responses. Pallavi
  8. Hello All, I am currently on H1B Visa and my current employer is going to layoff by 1st week of October. So my last day of work will be October 5th. I have received my 1st two weeks of pay stub and waiting to receive next two weeks pay stub before leaving the company however, in my pay-stub I see my company has added the severance amount and they will be adding the severance amount in my next ,last pay stub also. Note: These pay stubs are not just severance amount.These are my work hours pay stubs but severance also added along with it. Can anyone please let me know if there will be any problem during H1B transfer? Will I be having any issues when I submit those pay stubs to USCIS as part of H1B transfer documents ? Any response or suggestions would be greatly Helpful. Thanks !
  9. varun457

    U-Visa Application

    I already checked with my lawyer regarding the same questions but just for a second opinion I am looking for help.
  10. Filing an EAD doesn't invalidate your H1. Using an EAD does.
  11. venkitagirish

    Apply 485 under EB3

    Hi, My company initially applied GC under EB3 and in that I got I-140 approved and my priority date is Sep 19, 2009. Later my company ported my EB3 to EB2 and under EB2 also I got my I140 approved with priority date Sep 19, 2009. Now in october Visa bulletin, I see that the priority date for EB3 is Oct 1 2009, so Can I apply 485 under my old EB3 reciept? I checked my old EB3 I-140 receipt and it is still active. Is there a good chance that I get EAD? will I get into any sort of trouble if EB2 moved faster and that time can I apply 485 again under EB2 while my 485 appln is under process with my old EB3 or are there any risks further that time? Please advise for a better action. Thanks, Venkita
  12. Hi, I'm preparing my I-485 and the instructions about traffic tickets are not clear. "In general, you do not need to submit documentation relating to traffic fines and incidents that did not involve an actual physical arrest if the penalty was only a fine of less than $500 or points on your driver’s license. However, you must submit such documentation if the traffic incident resulted in criminal charges or involved alcohol, drugs, or injury to a person or property." And, it comes under Criminal Acts and Violations (There's no oxford comma so it's Criminal Acts and Violations not Criminal Acts,and Violations). Anyone filed after Aug 2017 had to furnish the details of traffic tickets like speeding (< 15 mph) and burned out taillights? Help is appreciated.
  13. ap_reddy

    H1B Amendment needed?

    My spouse is on H1B working on EVC model for client C1. Got work From Home opportunity with client C2( EVC model) . The distance between C1 address and our home is less than 15 miles. Does my spouse's employer needs to file H1B amendment for this?
  14. I am on H1B and have 18 months left on my tenure.Now i got an offer with one of the reputed client and panning to join them as a contractor for sometime to secure i140. My new employer informed that Client will not be providing End Client letter and i can avail only after a week time after joining the client. My new employer is telling that its fair enough to file a petition for transfer and i need to join client with the Receipt number & after 2 weeks time, once i get End Client letter,they can re-submit additional documents along with client letter stating as Amendment. Question 1 - Statement provided my new employer is not convincing.More rejections and scrutiny going on for H1B currently, is it advisable to join with receipt? Question 2 - As there is No RFE anymore and there is an official note on USCIS site stating to submit all mandatory docs (end client letter) while filing petition,the statement provided by my employer to submit petition with minimal documents and again re-submit with more docs as Amendment is legit? Any information provided w.r.t above queries is greatly appreciated!!
  15. pontevecchio

    H1b Cap Gap and employee termination

    1. No. 2. The pending application will be moot if they let her go. 3. No grounds to sue. 4. She needs to leave.
  16. No need for an H1 filing for a few years when you are on OPT and STEM OPT. So, the hassle of an H1 didn't even come into play for you right out of college. And GPA is just one consideration among many when hiring decisions are made.
  17. Hi, do you have any update? Iam in similar situation now..please share your experience. Thanks in advance
  18. mano.k

    i-94 expired for dependent but I-797 Valid

    Hi, Im in similar situation but my dependents have passed the 240 day contingency period. what are my options? should they leave the country ASAP and go for visa interview? Thanks in advance
  19. JoeF

    H1b Cap Gap and employee termination

    The company by law has to inform USCIS when she no longer works there. There is nothing you or she can do. Employment in the US is at will, meaning both sides can terminate the employment relationship at any time. And it isn't grounds to sue. Going to some consulting company wouldn't help, either, because the H1 petition will get canceled when the employer informs USCIS. A transfer would also require that she has started working for the original employer on the H1. The H1 is gone, sorry.
  20. mano.k

    212 d3 waiver

    Anybody have experience or know about 212d3 waiver?
  21. Hi There- Background:- I'm currently working in US on H1b visa. My H1b visa petition was initially approved in Sep 2014 and got it stamped in Jan 2015. It was valid till sep 2017. I came to US in Apr 2017, only, on H1b and filed my extension in September. Extension is approved and now I have valid status till July 2020 (Visa stamped as well on my passport). Now, I want to move back to India with new employer: I want to know: 1. Can I come back to US in future if my new employer file counselor processing for petition transfer? and will it be Cap exempted? 2. What if my current employer withdraws/revoke petition? will it be still cap exempted 3. any other advise in this regard, to be taken care at my end before resigning from my current employer? Thanks in Advance! KPS
  22. I’m applying for an employment based green card and recently submitted my I-140, I-485 & I-131. My Department of Labor cert is good until Sept 15th. The original received date on my I-979C “rejection notice” is September 6th. Am I screwed since I’m resubmitting after the expired DOL date? Or, because I’ve submitted the original application before the DOL date, I’m covered? Please….Help….
  23. Hello, New here and nice to meet everyone. I’m applying for an employment based green card and recently submitted my I-140, I-485 & I-131. I got 3 rejection notices… I-485 “The payment amount is incorrect and has not been provided” Please resubmit the application/petition with the appropriate feast the listed address. AND “Based on the information you provided, a visa is not immediately available for your priority date”. I-765 “The payment amount is incorrect and has not been provided” I-131 “The payment amount is incorrect and has not been provided” Now, my Department of Labor cert is good until Sept 15th. The original received date on my I-979C “rejection notice” is September 6th. Am I screwed since I’m resubmitting after the expired DOL date? Or, because I’ve submitted the original application before the DOL expiry date, I’m covered? Please….Help….
  24. Samysf

    H1-H4 conflict

    Hi, We applied H1 for my wife this year and it got picked in lottery but we received RFE in Aug. She is in India now, can i apply H4 for her and bring to US as dependent? Will there be any issue/conflict to the H1 application during H4 stamping or POE? Please suggest whats the best option to go with in the current situation? Thanks.
  25. Hello, For my H4 visa application, I need to send my application to the Dallas lockbox facility. I identified this from USCIS's website which said if the primary H1-B has a receipt number starting with EAC, send to Dallas lockbox. I am trying to find out which service center my application will next go to because the current processing times at the Vermont service center is 13-15 months and I am trying to find out if that is where my application will end up at. I live in North Carolina, am not sure if where I live makes a difference in which service center my application goes to. Thanks!
  26. I applied my H1 extension. I have received an RFE and the content of the RFE was attached below. The problem is I am an employee of a consulting company (A) which has a relationship with company (B) and B has a valid contract with one of the Indian biggest MNC's (C ). I am working at client location through (C) whose preferred vendor is (B). RFE is asking about 'Availability Of Work At End Client' . I submitted Client letter, MNC (C) Letter , Vendor (B) letter ,, Work order agreement. But Still I got RFE asking 'Availability Of Work At End Client' . Asking the agreement between Client and Vendor(B). But here Vendor (B) is prime vendor for MNC, there is no direct contract between Vendor(B) and Client, MNC is the direct contract of Client. I got VP letter from MNC as that I am working in client place, but MNC didn't provided the contract agreement between Client and MNC. Please advice what document should I submit to clear my RFE .
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