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  3. Rational2

    H1B stamping experience with arrest record

    Hi Murthy.User, First off, this is a really helpful post, Thank you. Can you reveal which state this was in? I was told by my lawyer that once the fingerprints are taken they are forever in the fbi database. For the attorney letter - was it your criminal attorney or your immigration attorney? What is the certified criminal report from the state? Are the court documents certified by the court clerk or do they need to be notarized? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi All, I am working full time at a startup and they file their first H1 petition this year. We recently got RFE requesting multiple things. The few main things RFE asking about 1.) Lot's of details for the company and other my colleagues(their degree, paycheck,w-2 and visa status....!!) My company is not willing to share personal details like paycheck and w2 of my other colleagues. Is I can only provide reporting structure within a company and their degrees, does it weak my case? 2.) Prove that I maintained F1 status throughout OPT. RFE requested my all paystubs from day 1 of CPT, and work hours etc.. My first job on Post OPT was unpaid. and I do not have one paystub from my STEM OPT because I was on sick leave. Does missing paystub or not having an exact number of hours I worked in last year, affect my h1b final decision? Also if my H1b gets denied for some reason, does it also affects on my remaining OPT? 3.) Speciality Occupation. (Because my degree is from Non-IT engineering background and I am working in IT.) Do Credit evaluation helps from 3rd party helps?
  5. Hello All, I have simple case but due to multiple opinions it becomes complicated. Most of the articles highlight the exceptions more so people get worried. In My case, We are Indian National (me, wife and daughter) and working at UAE on work visa. We all hold B1/B2 for many years and visited US few times. Elder daughter is staying at USA On H4 visa. Sometime in May 2018 we received a marriage proposal for my younger daughter from our community who is US Citizen and working at USA, and now we are confused on various options available for them to file petition. K-1 OR I-130 OR I-480 consular processing. We prefer to have a legal and ritual marriage done in presence of both the parents at India (in small scale) and then they file the petition and once the visa is approved, we get into more formal marriage ceremony. Because as per our culture they dont stay together unless there is formal marriage done. Now can anyone guide properly on this? Boy and his parents are coming to India in December and we are also going to be there for legal/ritual marriage in presence of only close family members.
  6. Visa2468

    Mexican tourist VISA

    I got my h1 approved from Nov 5th 2018 till Dec 31st 2018 and most of them suggested to go for stamping since I travelled to indian when the h1 is in process and an attorney from Murthy law firm suggested to go to Mexico for a day or two using AVR which should be helpful to re-enter to USA. But my question is do we need to get a Mexican tourist Visa to travel to mexico since my f1 Visa which is there until 2020 is invalid after my h1 got approved. I read that if we have a valid f1 stamping we can get it at the arrival but for invalid visas and travelling with and approved i797a we need to get stamping before hand. Just wanted to know if that is what needed to be done or on arrival would be given for persons with i797a too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. JoeF

    Cooling period question

  8. mars001

    Travel after employer change

    I changed from employer A to B on October 1(H1B approved). This is my 7th year on H1B, I have i140 with my employer A, and the same priority date can be used to file my i140 by employer B. Employer B did not start the Perm labor process yet. Is it OK/safe to travel to India for one month (sisters wedding). My H1B approval is till June30th 2019. Please advice.
  9. anuroop.g


    Hello, I have received the denial notice today in mail. It does mention that my form I-765 was received by USCIS on Aug 09 2018 and the date the DSO entered OPT on my Sevis record was July 05 2018. But the I-20 i have received from the school for OPT has issued date of July 30 2018. Considering the July 30th issue date i have mailed the form I-765 to USCIS with in few days which they have received on Aug 09 2018. As per the denial notice my sevis got updated on July 05 2018 which i was unaware of. Since i was following the I-20 issue date July 30th, i was still in the 30 days timeframe for submitting my file to USCIS. Please advice me the next steps.
  10. CB-Channa

    AOS Valid - L1A Denied

    Hi, I have applied for I-485 and my i-140 is approved tow month back. I have mine and my family's EAD and AP except, my son's EAD ( he have AP) which i had not applied for (9 yrs age). My visa expired on august 10th 2018, i had applied for a visa extension which has been denied. What are the next steps for me? Should I be concerned? Myself , Spouse , Daughter and Son - AOS and AP Myself , Spouse , Daughter - EAD Thanks,
  11. My Husband is on H1B approved I-140. I am on H4 EAD valid until 2020 working for a software company. My Husband lost his Job and is in 60 days grace period starting Monday. Can I (H4EAD) continue working on my H4 EAD?
  12. She is legal while the H4 petition is pending.
  13. rahul_34b

    H4 - Travel to USA

    Hi, My wife has H4 visa stamped till Oct-2019. Currently I moved from company 'A' to company 'B' and working for 'B' on H1-B receipt number. employer 'A' revoked my H1-B petition. Can my wife travel to USA in this case? Thanks, Rahul
  14. rahul_34b

    H4 - Travel to USA

    Hi, My wife has H4 visa stamped till Oct-2019. Currently I moved from company 'A' to company 'B' and working for 'B' on H1-B receipt number. employer 'A' revoked my H1-B petition. Can my wife travel to USA in this case? Thanks, Rahul
  15. Hi,I moved from Company A to Company B on H1-B receipt number.The transfer got denied and 'A' is already revoked my H1-B. Now I am planning to go back to India. If I want to file a new H1-B from India(with company C), whether it should go through lottery process again or I can use the cap exempt quota?
  16. Sudhasekhar

    Employer control on I-140

    Actually my current employer sent me copy of approved I-140 which got approved April 2015. So 6 months already passed. Will my current employer still be able to revoke 140 if I go for a fulltime position ? And yes even my previous employer did not revoke my 140 till date. My current employer also says he may withdraw my 140 if I choose to go away for FT job, can he do that now that more than 6 months passed after April 2015 ?
  17. You are good to go anywhere, if you have all legit doc's including originals.
  18. No worries, you can go anywhere in the world. If you are from Hyderabad or any other location, they try to put the nearest embassy in i-797A
  19. Avoid travel when your application is pending with govt. H4 is depended on H1, so not safe for any one to travel.
  20. mramvivek

    Cooling period question

    Hi Team, I have worked in USA in L1B visa for the below periods for an employer A. 18 months between April 2005 - Aug 2006 5 months between Sept 2007 - Jan 2008 3 months between April 2009 - July 2009 29 months between May 2010 - Sept 2012 After September 2012, I was back in India until Aug 2016. In Aug 2016, I came back to USA in H1B ( applied in 2015 lottery ) for a new employer B. I have spent 27 months on H1B working in USA now. Do I get 6 years limit for the current H1B since I have stayed outside USA more than 1 year before applying for H1B ? Thanks, Vivek.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hi all, I work for a public university and am currently under H-1B status (cap-exempt). I took a job offer from a different campus unit (Unit B), but still at the same university. The unit B needs to submit an amended H-1B application to USCIS. My question is can I start working for Unit B as soon as the amendment notice is received by USCIS, or do I have to wait to start the new job until the amended H-1B is approved (Unit B receives the approval in hands)? Thank you for your advice.
  23. Hi Experts, I have flight next week from JFK to DUBAI which apparently has a stop in MILAN, ITALY ( I am not visiting it). My H1B on passport is expired but I have valid H1B visa approved in Hand ( infact going for Dropbox in Hyderabad). Could stop at Milan be an issue? Please post your opinion.
  24. pontevecchio

    I-94 Extension

    Change in passport has never been accepted as a valid reason to modify the existing I94. OP should inform his company/supervisor/company Lawyer as to what happened.
  25. pontevecchio

    H1B Transfer Before going to US and Stamping

    At least read the Murthy lawyers take on H1 visa stamping making your cap count legal and presumably allowing you to change employers. Search the website or talk to the firm..
  26. sssrinivas

    H1B Visa stamping RFE

    Thanks for all the replies. I had my case reviewed by an attorney who confirmed that I was not in the same category as the ones marked by USCIS for the increased scrutiny and RFE. Also, was explained the process in much more details how the USCIS functions and the State Dept works in terms of the H1B petition vs stamping. I have not scheduled an appointment for the OFC and Consular interview in Dec. Does anyone know if I can change the OFC appointment only without touching the current Consular interview date? I can select the new OFC date, but it wont let me confirm the overall appointment without changing the Consular date as well. There doesnt seem to be an option to not change the Consular date and just reschedule the OFC. Anyone knows how to do this? And vice versa if I only want to change the Consular appointment and not change OFC date?
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