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  2. rupesh4shop

    Need to Know i140 receipt number

    Hi friends , Is there any way to find i140 status / tracking number ... Last year my employer filed PERM and it has been approved , and i can check perm status its showing as a "Certified-Expired" , my emp not giving receipt number, and he saying there is no update on your case ....
  3. Michella

    Multiple jobs on H4EAD

    One of my friends has been offered a role in her dream company after multiple rounds of interview, but the problem is she has already started working for this another company since jan 2019 and likes the manager and the job. The question is can she continue her old job while she takes up this new opportunity. Both are contract opportunities.
  4. Today
  5. While working for Employer A filed PERM and due to H1 transfer issues I moved to Employer B. Employer A PERM is approved and he is ready to file I-140 what are the chances getting approval on I-140 when not Employed with Employer A ? I wanted to do it in Premium Processing.
  6. vivianlin

    OPT denial

    Hi, I graduated in Dec, 2018. But USCIS denied my OPT application on Mar, 18th. Right now I have passed 60 grace period after graduation and is technically out of status, how long can I stay in US once I get notice of rejection ? Thanks a lot !
  7. DexterBravo

    Has anyone been to Merida, MX for visa stamping?

    Thanks! This helps so much. The wait times on the websites are so incorrect and does not mention TCN waits. On the website they have mentioned that TCN can apply at Merida https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/nonimmigrants-present-visiting-canada-mexico.html
  8. I have the same situation but with H1 (I have a 3 yr recent visa stamped too). I think I am going to use the AP/EAD in which case the H1 status is lost. The reason I am going to take that route as because of the flexibility AP/EAD offers rather than being trapped in L1/H1 status especially given current times (audits/site visits/etc), plus AP is specifically issued for that purpose. i.e. to travel while AOS is pending and not abandoned. So why not use the more flexible /convenient feature. Ps: Only if you feel you have a good possibility of I-485 denial you should consider preserving the L1 just so you don't have to immediately depart.
  9. care_candidate

    F1 OPT EAD approved but failed to graduate. Am I out of status?

    I think you DSO is giving you incomplete information. I remember when I went through F-1 to EAD, my DSO had very limited knowledge of what going on at that time. I attribute that to being in smaller university partially but foreign student should get complete information. I think failing in course should not make you out of status. Because your situation is slightly convoluted because of EAD application, you better do consultation with immigration attorney. They charge pretty high fee but you will get exact understanding of what you can do.
  10. Attorney_22


    Cap-Gap This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding the H1B cap-gap. Rules for Topic of the Week Threads: 1. Attorney's postings contain general information only and are not a substitute for case-specific legal advice. 2. The attorney will answer only those questions which relate to the main subject. If you have a question on some other issue, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum section. 3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions. 4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual.
  11. Provence

    F1 stamping questions

    Sounds like attempts at visa shopping with no real intent to study with the ambivalence between F1 or H4.
  12. pyridot

    Can a J2 dependent invite parents to visit?

    @Noah Lott and @Provence Great! The take away is that there are no additional documents required. That's all I wanted answered. Just wish you had restricted yourselves to just saying that rather than patronizing and being downright condescending towards me. You don't know anything about me to comment on my intent or my ability to travel. And no, questions on this forum are not insight enough, however experienced you may be. Even COs are not mind readers right? I will also save you a few keystrokes, I will not be returning to read responses nor turning to this forum for help again. Thanks for you time and answers so far.
  13. stepan69

    H1B transfer on approved I140,

    Does that mean that employer B does not file a new I 140 they can keep extending my H1B based on the i 140 filed by employer A till my date becomes current?
  14. Visit of my family is postponed for some time. I had not filled it up yet. Hi JohnnyBravo, please tell me if you had already completed? Thanks
  15. yes, for your next petition your attorney has to explain this to uscis. this tells me something was not legit, hence attorney advised the same.
  16. Hi, Here is my situation I’ve approved i-140, my petition is expiring on 3/29 and i-94 on 4/8 meanwhile my project is also completing on 3/29. My extension is already in progress on the bases of approved i-140 and going to convert in premium in next couple of days. So my question is that after project completion how many more days , I can stay in USA. Please advice. Thanks!
  17. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B Extension approved for 2 months

    Apply again for extension if you still have an ongoing job/project. exactly your scenario
  18. TabishR

    H1 Stamping

    Hi, I have an LCA which is getting expired on 5-Sep-2019. Can I raise Visa stamping request now? I couldn't travel earlier due to lack of projects. Thank you.
  19. Gouri

    H1B Transfer and Deallocation of Project

    Thanks for the reply.. I am trying to gather the folks inputs, so that I will be aware.
  20. Gouri

    H1B Transfer and Deallocation of Project

    Thanks for the reply.. I am trying to gather the folks inputs, so that I will be aware.
  21. I got H1b 221-g white slip on April 2018, Current status "Administrative processing" , How many days need to wait for status. and what if my i-129 denied then status of i-797.
  22. Every one knows it is not their responsibility to reply to RFE's (especially the ones asking questions on this site, lawyers anyhow wont come here and doesn't need your expertise). Just out of curiosity they post the question here to satisfy themselves and to get confidence with their case. @saiteja06 search for uscis public hearing on Mar0719 to know how to reply on specialty occupation(Part of this feedback goes from you) and reg OPT, you might know better whether you have a valid case or not to defend.
  23. Hello all, I need your help regarding H1B visa filling I am on F1-Opt currently working for a contract to hire company who is applying my H1B visa for the year 2019. The problem is I might have to move state in the month of May and may have to change job as the current employer doesn’t have clients in the new location. Is it possible to change employer when the H1B filing is in process? Or do I have to wait until I get the approval receipt?
  24. xTDx

    H1B RFE with expired I-94

    Yes but only under counselor notification as i94 has expired.
  25. xTDx

    H1B Extension approved for 2 months

    Please work with your employer and their attorneys to figure this out. From the looks of it, they would have to file a new extension petition for you. Good thing is that the premium processing is enabled for extension type of petitions. So apply extension again in premium.
  26. shekar11#

    Stamping H1 in canada for different employer

    If you are still employed with A then you need to fill employer A details because they will need to answer any questions in case of 221G.
  27. xTDx

    Stem Opt Application DV Issues

    Why do you think people can give magical answers to your questions ? Apply for the extension and if you receive a RFE then logically the approval will depend on your satisfactory reply to the RFE.
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