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  3. pontevecchio

    Travel after applying N400

    You can apply any time. The sooner, the better if you want to vote next year. All you need to make sure is that you are eligible as per the flow sheet in M476.
  4. pontevecchio

    Mothers Green Card Consuler Processing

    You cannot speed it up. The NVC will get back to you. The whole process takes about an year.
  5. I94 is currently expired but my H1b -797 got renewed and it’s currently valid till next October. Which countries can I go for stamping other than India?
  6. I do not see December slots available at the Chennai location. Do we know if the slots were not open yet or if all the slots were already picked up. If the slots are not open yet do we know when is it likely to open. I need to plan booking my tickets based on that.
  7. Hello: Can any body guide me on the following: I am now eligible to apply for N 400 Citizen application based on completion of 5 years of continuous stay-except for the business travel I had to undertake or vacation trip back to India. All these trips total to about 110 days (in 5 years). Considering this I did not apply immediately after my eligibility date in July 2019. Just when I am ready to apply I have to make two more overseas trips coming up in Oct (Canada) and November (china). Both on Business. My question is should I go ahead and apply anyway or wait I return back from these two trip. It will be appreciated if any body moderating this forum can give their best recommendations. Back of my mind I also know the more I delay the late it will be for processing. Based on my location I have to submit application to TSC, which is a crowded center.
  8. care_candidate

    EB3-India October 2019 visa bulletin

    You are correct that you are eligible to "File" your I-485 application. Please understand that other chart of "Final action" is not there yet. So, they won't look at your application until that chart reaches your PD. My estimation is that it may take next 12-24 months approximately. After that it will take about 6-12 months to process application and receive Green Card at the end. So, realistically you are looking at about two to three years from now. There is no guarantee and if retrogression comes, it may delay further.
  9. sac_rocks77

    Missing date stamp on passport/I94 entry

    Hi All, Appreciate any guidance here. thanks,
  10. care_candidate

    Multiple visits within the same year

    Taking care of baby construes to employment. If they are coming on visitor's visa, that will be fraudulent activity and misuse of visa. They should be visiting grandchildren/children only. It doesn't matter how they want to distribute visit between two places as long as they leave each time before their respective I-94 expiry. Gap doesn't matter a lot but they should be going to home country for sufficient time and not Canada/Mexico or adjacent Islands.
  11. care_candidate

    Missing date stamp on passport/I94 entry

    1. I-94 online form is not an official document. USCIS knows that and mention it on their website. Not having actual stamp or faint stamp is not a big issue. Nobody checks it afterwards. Just make sure that you know the exact expiry date. If you have I-94 number, you can find that date. 2. I don't think so. Make sure you document all entries and exit dates correctly. 3. Not at all.
  12. @ksvetlCongrats on getting your visa finally! Did you submit any congressional enquiries while waiting?
  13. mamatha 1181

    H4 first time stamping

    Hi please help me, Hi My 7 Years old is holding new passport and am unable to find old passport is it mandatory to carry the old passport for interview?( Its not stolen ).. Thank you
  14. I also got NOIR when I went for visa stamping in India. My employer responded to NOIR, How long does it take to get the response from USCIS? I got stuck in India now.
  15. We applied the Visitor Visa renewal for my mother 6months before 10 years visa expiration. Drop off the passport in dropbox. After 7 days, my mother got a passport with 221G Blue slip and it says to "please appear for an interview with a consular officer on any Monday, Tuesday, etc to 10 to 11 AM" and asked to provide proof of approval notice of extended stay in the USA. Now, I don't know what they ask for my mother during the interview. She is 65 years old. She came to the USA 7 times and went back without any delay to India and no bad record. She is a housewife and never worked earlier. Do you know what kind of question will ask my mother? What are the documents she has to take along with her during the interview? I provided my W2, invitation, employment letter, bank statement, etc. How do we prepare my mother for an interview?
  16. URajput

    STEM OPT denied

    Hi, My STEM OPT extension got denied with the reason “DSO has not entered your recommendation into your SEVIS record. Because your DSO did not update your SEVIS record at least 60 days before you application ,you are ineligible for employment authorization under 8CFR 274a.12c3C” As per my DSO they did update SEVIS with recommendation before providing me with the i20 on June 19th .They believe due to some technical glitch on SEVIS side it never got updated in SEVIS. They are suggesting me to file an MTR and have provided me their statement in a letter head explaining the situation. My OPT end date was July 8th. Denial notice is dated Sep 9th . I have just 33 days from this date to file MTR. Not sure how long can MTR take and what are the chances of denial. Also, what options can I consider? Thanks
  17. Get an AP and then travel.
  18. pontevecchio

    STEM OPT travel plan clarification

    Assuming your LCA mentions Omaha, there is no issue at all. Do not answer questions which are not asked.
  19. pontevecchio

    Multiple visits within the same year

    It may be a question of semantics and lost in translation. If you mean your folks want to be here at the birth and witness the happy moment, that is one thing.
  20. JoeF

    Multiple visits within the same year

    It is illegal for visitors to "take care of newborns." That is considered work, and visitors are not allowed to work. You would need to hire a nanny, and your visitors would take away the job of a US nanny. A big NO!
  21. Noah Lott

    Multiple visits within the same year

    providing child care is not authorized for B2 visitors....what kind of job does your brother allegedly have that awards a 6 month vacation? This plan will fizzle, as CBP will wonder just what people are doing for nearly a year in the US?? The simple and obvious answer is: working.
  22. ramkrishna 1

    H1B COS

    Hi Attorney, Yesterday I got an Email from my Employer that my H1B Got Approved and here are the details that were Mentioned in Email. Beneficiary: ******DOB: **/**/****Classification sought: H1BStarting Validity Date: 10/01/2019Ending Validity Date: 11/30/2019Consulate notified (if applicable): HYDERABADI-94 # (if applicable): ********* What does this Mean, Does my Change of Status Denied from F1 To H1B?Do I need to go to India for Stamping? When I called my School DSO She told me that my Sevis is Still Active! Can anyone Help me What does this Mean by? Thanks, Ram.
  23. Hi,I would really appreciate if I could get your inputs on my following questions -My situationCurrently I am on my first H1B (valid till August 2020), working for my sponsoring employer.My wife is on L1A, and I am a co-applicant on her Green Card application from her employer.We filed our GC application in June, 2017, and had our interview in Jan, 2019 this year. However due to the retrogration of past applications currently in force, we have not received our Green cards yet.Both of us have received I-765 EAD cards (which we have renewed this year) valid for the next 2 years. However the EAD cards do not include the advance parole, so it is mentioned "Not Valid for Reentry to the US" on the card.I have two questions -1. I am leaving my current job on 30th September. My next employer would not be sponsoring or transferring my H1B visa, so can I let my H1B lapse, and work on my EAD card (valid for the next 2 years) ?2. My last day at my current employer is 30th September, can I travel to India for a short trip from 26th to 30th October (these dates are within a month of my quitting my H1B employer) and re-enter without any issues ? Or would it not be advisable to go and re-enter given that my H1B job is over, and I would subsequently work on my EAD card ?I am in the process of applying separately for an Advance Parole document as well, but I am doubtful if I will able to get one before 26th October.Thank you so much.
  24. pontevedra8

    H1B Visa stamping @Calgary on Oct 2nd

    Hello Raghav, im planning to apply soon and i got my H1 already . can you give m some direction for Canadian TRV do we need a covering letter ? i saw some format here on the forum so trying to use t hat.. wt are the docs needed ..can you share some details pls ..im not sure if ican add my email here . libran881 at gmail dot com
  25. Here is my situation: 1. Transferred my H1B from Company-A to Company-B 2. Last day at Company-A was on 9/6/2019 3. Joined at Company-B on 9/9/2019 4. Company-A already sent H1B revoke request to USCIS on 9/9/2019 5. I did not like Company-B, and would like to go back to company-A as soon as possible 6. Company-A is ready to transfer my H1B back to them Questions: Q1. Do I need to wait till I get 3 pay slips from Company-B to initiate my H1B transfer to Company-A? Q2. Would there be any risk to transfer to Company-A, while my previous H1B petition from Company-A is in the process of withdrawal? For example: 1. Company-A placed withdrawal request on 9/9/2019 2. Company-A applied for my H1B transfer again on 10/15/2019, while the pervious petition's withdrawal request is still not processed by USCIS 3. I receive my new H1B approval for Company-A on 10/25/2019 4. USCIS processes the previous H1 withdrawal from company-A on 11/1/2019 5. Am I still be in legal status? Does the previous H1B withdrawal (initiated on 9/9/2019, processed on 11/1/2019) has any effect on the latest approved H1B (initiated on 10/15/2019 and approved on 10/25/2019) from the same Company-A?
  26. Yesterday
  27. lilcoool

    H4 EAD set up LLC

    Can someone register an LLC and take up IT services related projects on an approved H4 EAD ? Thanks in advance !!
  28. Hello: While my OPT started, I worked with an Indian data analytics firm for 2 months and 12 days. They gave me an experience letter stating my position, start + end date, and not detailing roles/responsibilities...However post that I have started working for a established firm (in my OPT + STEM OPT). Can I slide this 2 months work experience under the cover and forget about it? Or will this be a problem later on? Please let me know... The letter says....Visswanath worked as a ******* from **** till ****.thank you for service etc....But it doesn't elaborate on the what I did in my position...please assist here...I am not in touch with anyone within this firm now...What do I do? There is one person but he isn't willing to give me that affidavit verification etc....
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