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  3. lingaiahg

    Transfer of H1B

    Hi JoeF I got the client letter and i want to go for COS from h4 to h1b. can my employer apply for COS under premium processing ?
  4. lingaiahg

    H4 to H1B COS Premium

    @ adshah84 and @ shekar11# - Could you advise on the below ? I got the 2017 H1b Approved on Aug 2018 after 2 RFEs, when it got approved i could not get stamped due to inactive assignment. hence i entered US on Oct 2018 with H4 based on my spouse h1b. I got the project now with client letter and can my employer apply for COS from h4 to h1b using Premium processing ? If no Premium processing only option is to go to India for h1b stamping ? any option of stamping in canada or mexico ?
  5. Noah Lott

    B2 visa for short summer music program?

    leaving a relative behind does not overcome 214b...
  6. Hi There, I am currently work in the USA full time as QA Automation engineer in the mobile/apps space. In the same team, I have an opportunity to change into a developer role. Obviously, the job description will be different from a QA Automation engineer to a Software Developer. But I have I140 approved (with priority date of Sept 2011). Given the above, I have couple of questions: 1. Do I need to have my employer file an H1B amendment for the job role change? 2. Since I am I140 approved in the GC process, would I need to make any further changes to my documentation with respect to Green card process? Please clarify and appreciate your help.
  7. All, I had applied for H4 and H4EAD COS from H1 on April . I did receive an update when called USCIS that my I539 (H4 COS) is rejected because of missing biometric fee but my H4EAD check has been encashed. I am yet to get the rejection notice for H4 COS. Will H4 COS rejection impact H4EAD as well to be rejected ? Also in case of missing fee should I need to redo the whole process again or will sending over the check with correct amount fix the issue ? Any help offered would be great. Thanks, Serena
  8. Did you get the receipt? If yes, Which date
  9. LuckyLoser

    h4 extension rfe

    We received an rfe for h4 ext . You indicate on Form i 539 that you are requesting an extention of H4 non immigrant status to May 22 , 2022 . A search of USCIS databases does not show that your spouse has been extended to May 22 , 2022 . Please submit a copy of the approval notic ( form i 797 ) for the most recent I-129 Petition for a non immigrant worker filed on behalf of your spouse . Background : i have filed h4 extension for my wife along with my H1 . As my i94 was expiring on May 22 2019 , I have requested for h4 extension until May 22 2022 as i did not know until when my h1 gets approved . My h1 is approved until Feb 2022 now and after 3 months we got rfe for h4 . If i send the latest approval and request extendion until feb 2022 in a cover letter , would that be sufficient ? Does anyone have a reply template for thsi RFE . Thanks in advance
  10. bharma

    MTR Denial

    I filed a combined Motion to Reopen and Motion to Reconsider for an OPT denial(which was due to DSO error). I received a denial notice for the I-290B application. On the denial notice, the reason for denial was mentioned only for the Motion to Reconsider. Nothing was mentioned about the Motion to Reopen. USCIS official website states that in a combined Motion to Reopen and Reconsider, the AAO will consider each motion independently. The AAO may grant both motions, grant one motion but deny the other, or deny both motions. Does this mean that there is still a chance for the Motion to Reopen to be considered as the denial notice does not state anything about it?
  11. Hello all, I'm currently on F1 visa which is expiring in a month. I'm planning to change my status to H4. Can I apply my H4 and H4 EAD along with my spouse's H1B amendment in Premium? as my spouse's title and salary changed. Processing times for COS and H4 are nearly 6 to 8 months. So, we are looking for options. Please suggest the best option. Help is appreciated. Thank you.
  12. shekar11#


    Talk to a immigration attorney.
  13. shekar11#

    H4 processing

    1. Better to wait till everything is clear. 2. You need to talk to a immigration attorney. 3. May be. 4. You need to talk to a immigration attorney.
  14. shekar11#

    H4 EAD Extension for H1b employer change

    You can just transfer your H-1. No need of transferring H-4. They are valid till 2022 irrespective of employer change.
  15. canadian3725

    Canadians and H1B stamping

    Thanks. That's what I thought - Canadian citizens with an approved H1B petition DO NOT need to go to a US Consulate and DO NOT need visa stamping procedure (like for example, Indian citizens). Canadians with an approved H1B petition can go with their I-797 and other paperwork DIRECTLY to any port of entry and legally enter the US to work with their H1B sponsor. If anybody else with knowledge about this can corroborate or deny this, I would greatly appreciate. Again, not looking for legal advice, just information.
  16. Himanshuguptaa

    Non-compete agreement question

    thank you Joef
  17. I have EB2 140 approved in Nov 2010 and waiting for the PD to be current. I had been relocated to Europe in 2012 but working with the same company. Soon we are planning to take citizenship of country we live in. If my GC dates move to current, can i come back within the same company and apply? Did i miss anything to keep my GC application live? Thanks in advance. P.S. I have been filing taxes all these years i am away.
  18. Can you please provide the same documentation. need help for Specialty occupation RFE
  19. Roma

    H1-b FY 2020

    I received notice on April 22
  20. What was the problem in birth certificate?
  21. Hello all, 1. I was originally on an H-1B visa, which started in October 2016 and was valid until August 2019. I have this visa stamped in my passport. 2. I switched from H-1B to H-4 last year along with H-4 EAD. 3. I'm planning to do a COS from H-4 to H-1B next month (June 2019) and then travel to India in July 2019. Based on the above, here are my questions: 1. Is my previous H-1B visa stamp (expiring in August 2019) still valid for me to enter the US with a new H-1B I-797 in July 2019? 2. If I do decide to get the latest visa (new H-1B which will be a COS from H-4) stamped in my passport, would I be eligible for the Interview Waiver Program (Dropbox) since the previous visa stamped in my passport is an H-1B visa?
  22. gopalakrishnach

    H1 Extn got RFE, H4 filed recently

    1. Can my dependents travel in mid of H4 extn. process? - Ye they can. They can comeback after attending their visa stamping interview after your H1B is approved since they need it. But all this must happen before August. 3. H4 no premium. 4. Yes
  23. 02112018

    Responding to H1B RFE without client letter

    Yeah USCIS should accept client email and approve your petition. But do check with attorney for additional supporting docs that proves you are working for that client. Best of luck.
  24. gopalakrishnach

    H4 Extension for Canadian Citizen

    Both are good. If you can apply for H4 extension with your H1B extension or go to any port of entry and get H4 visa stamping after your H1B is approved since they need your H1B approval.
  25. gopalakrishnach

    Responding to H1B RFE without client letter

    I guess it will do... wok with your employer/attorney...
  26. gopalakrishnach

    Clarification on H1b expiry date in I797/Visa Stamp

    Feb 2020 is your H1B ending date. I feel its best to start by that time...
  27. gopalakrishnach

    Premium Processing Response delayed

    This is really confusing... I called USCIS and said I haven't received the notice, ... did you call USCIS and did they say they did not receive your application packet.Normally attorneys when they send packets to USCIS will use mail tracking. Check that out..
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