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  3. Attorney_22

    B-2 Change of Status Due to COVID-19

    If there are still travel restrictions that prevent you from obtaining a flight back to your home country, USCIS should be considering those as positive factors for the approval.
  4. Attorney_22

    B-2 Change of Status Due to COVID-19

    As in life, it is often not what you say, but how you say it. Therefore, a B2 COS due to layoff may be acceptable in this environment, but how you explain the request may make all the difference. We have attorneys working on such applications, and therefore, it may be worth your time speaking to one of them.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi, I am in process for filing a i-140, country of birth is India. My husband was born in Saudi Arabia. Can I apply for cross country chargeability ? Also he has only temporary birth certificate. Will that be an issue?
  7. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I am in a similar situation cited for crime but never fingerprinted and case dismissed. I still went ahead and sealed my arrest. My question is did you receive any RFE on your H1B and were you sent to secondary check at POE? Thank you!
  8. Hello, I have Applied for H1b for FY 2020 last year and it got rejected, even though I have submitted all documents USCIS have rejected my petition stating that I have not submitted enough documents. So I have filed a MTR challenging decision given by USCIS in month of NOV 2019(Decision is still pending). Now for the FY 2021 I have applied for H1b and it got picked I need to submit my documents ASAP but my employer has informed me that I need to revoke my MTR before i submit current one, (Two petitions can't be active at same time waiting for decision). My argument is that when we have two application active with different Fiscal Years(FY's) how could that create problem?
  9. kraleti83

    H1-B Transfer

    Hi I was being laid off from Company A and I was a full-time employee to that company and I was told that you would get 60 day grace period to find another employer and job and I would like to know my current grace period will be completed in a week and is it possible that some XYZ employer has to file the H1-B transfer petition before the 60 day grace period or is there a chance he can still file the petition after the 60 day grace period due to current pandemic situation.Is it possible please advise me and let me know.
  10. An H1 sponsor is mandated to revoke the H1 petition of employees who no longer work there. The AOS is not involved except that they may ask for an EVL in the future if they deem it necessary. The bottom line is that you need an appropriate job in the same or similar field in any case.
  11. Vinayprirajin84

    H4 application I-539 denied due to abandonment

    If u file through online every communication is through email not postal mail. Try to contact immigration lawyer .. also contact ur company as they are the ones who file together H1 and H4 together
  12. Both of these are separate petitions, approval or denial of one will not have any impact on the other. If both are approved you can pick which employer you want to work for and let the other one know so that they can withdraw the petition.
  13. You can stay but you can't work after 240 days.
  14. User099

    H4 to H1b Visa Approved but Layoff possibility

    You need to work for the employer on H1 for you to be counted toward the cap. If you get laid off before Oct 1st, you will not be considered cap exempt.
  15. crazychase


    Alliant International University, San Diego
  16. User099

    H1b Rehire rules

    I don't think its good to join without a receipt number.
  17. JoeF

    H4 to H1b Visa Approved but Layoff possibility

    Unless you actually start working on the H1 for the original employer you are not cap-exempt.
  18. rajkumar.t08

    Doubts in  I-539 form

    I have few doubts in filling I-539 form in regards to the application for Extension of Stay from current visa status. Providing my doubts in regards to the response to specific fields in I-539 application below, 1) For the current Non immigrant status, I have mentioned as B-2 Visitor and for the expiration date, can you kindly let me know whether I need to mention either I-94 expiration date or the visa expiration date stamped in the passport. 2) In part-3, under processing information, what could be the maximum date can be provided as response for the field, the request for the extension of stay in current status to be extended. Also can you kindly let me know whether I need to provide response Yes or No for the question provided below.. Is this application based on an extension or change of status already granted to your spouse, child, or parent? 3) In part-4, under Additional Information, can you kindly let me know whether we need to attach any documentation for proof of source of income or only explanation can be provided regarding the same for 14th question (Though my reponse is No) Have you, or any other individual included in this application, been employed in the United States since last admitted or granted an extension or change of status? If you answered "No" to Item Number 14., fully describe how you are supporting yourself in Part 9. Additional Information. Include documentary evidence of the source, amount, and basis for any income. If you answered "Yes" to Item Number 14., fully describe the employment in Part 9. Additional Information. Include the name of the individual employed, name and address of the employer, weekly income, and whether the employment was specifically authorized by USCIS. 4) Since, I am filling this application, can you kindly let me know my information and sign needed to be included in application as preparer along with my father's signature. Kindly provide your response to the doubts mentioned above. Also, my father's passport is expiring by 12/13/2021, can you kindly let me know whether any other measures to be taken from our end in regards to extension of stay application.
  19. srinivasa1999

    Travel Back to US with Renewed Green Card

    Hi Friends, My wife& Kid went India on Jan 10 and Struck in INDIA Due to COVID 19. My wife on Green Card. Her Green card Expiring by June 30 2020. But we receive Renewed Green Card. Is it Necessary to send Renewed GREEN Card To INDIA OR they can show the Photo Copy of Renewed Green Card and able to Come Back safely.. Iam little scary to send Renewed Green Card to INDIA in this COVID 19 Situation. Please advise me the Best Possible Solutions. Thank you for Cooperation.
  20. Srutiindia

    Visa stamping in India during Covid 19

    Can I fill DS-160 form now and submit . ? When they reopen the consulate will they consider that form ? Or should I submit the form only when they reopen ? Thanks much , Sruti.
  21. Srutiindia

    Visa stamping in India during Covid 19

    Ok thank you for your useful information.
  22. User099

    H4 Extension ? New ? Continue?

    a, Yes,Its better to do it if the Current H4 is not yet approved. b. No
  23. 1. yes 2. Check USCIS for current processing times.
  24. User099

    H1B Amendment and Extension

    You can stay and work after 240 days
  25. User099

    Public Charge - IEP

    You are good, these don't come under public charge. You are not taking Federal money to supplement your income. Secondly, these are for your Kid and if he is a citizen then he won't come under the federal charge rule.
  26. User099

    H4EAD to H1B Urgent

    1. You should be able to use the H4 EAD once you go back to H4. If you are filing for COS to H4, you can apply for EAD again to clear any confusion. 2. Travel would have been a good option, but in current conditions I am not sure if you would like to travel. 3. Its H1 is approved under Consular processing, you will have to atleast get it stamped to activate it.
  27. No issues, you can file 2 cases by different employers. They are separate petitions.
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