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  2. My i140 approved in NOV2018. My company name changed in Jan2019. Tax # or EIN # and all other details are same. Should I get i140 amendment or anything? I will move to other company very soon and get 7th year H1b extension based on this i140. Can there be any problem in H1b extension with new employer? Please reply
  3. My i140 approved in NOV2018. My company name changed in Jan2019. Tax # or EIN # and all other details are same. Should I get i140 amendment or anything? I will move to other company very soon and get 7th year H1b extension based on this i140. Can there be any problem in H1b extension with new employer? Please reply
  4. spf2f

    H1 extension was approved for 1 month

    Employer and attorney verified all the documents sent and they have no idea why was the extension was given for a month. they opened a service request with uscis.
  5. Hi - My I140 was approved with employer A and I changed jobs with employer B for years 7 to 9, I am in year 8th but my current employer B has not yet started the perm process and port my I140 date, Can employer B still use my old I-140 approval from employer A to file H1B extension for year 10-12? Thanks a lot in advance for your advice,
  6. Yesterday
  7. JoeF

    Apply H1 while H4 EAD is pending

    Unless that employer is a non-profit, it is only possible for a company to file an H1 when the quota is open, which would be April 2020 for a start date of Oct. 2020.
  8. vijayakumar

    H4 to F1 COS

    Hi Team, I received RFE with Extended stay/leave of absense. I am not sure how to answer this query Extended stay.docx
  9. I'm currently in US on H4 Visa with my wife being the H1B. She had filed for our extension through her employer in March 2019 on and our visa expired on 1st June 2019. On 22 June, I got my I797 H4 extension approval but it was only approved for 3months, till September and we assume her approval would come within 1-2 weeks through her employer. Now in the current situation, she is planning to file another extension for both of us through her employer and in the mean time, I was planning to travel in the month of July to India and come back, because once she applies for the next extension I won't be able to travel unless the extension is again approved. So I wanted to know whether I could get my H4 visa stamped via Dropbox without any issues, especially since she won't be traveling with me and getting her H1B stamped? I would really appreciate feedback on this situation.
  10. So if the transfer is filed on/before the 60th day, can I still remain in the US once my application is being processed? Or do I need to leave and come back?
  11. newacct

    B1/B2 I-130 Pending and I-485

    Wait until you get the denial notice to see what reason they claim to deny you, and post it here so people can see whether the denial was right or wrong. The course of action depends on what the reason is.
  12. Hello, I am currently on H-1B cap-subject visa. I'm looking to change jobs and the potential employer is cap-exempt. My questions are: 1) Does the potential employer need to submit a new application or can I just transfer my visa? 2) How soon can I start working once transfer process is initiated? Or what is the timeline for the whole process? Thanks!
  13. Hi do you have any update? It wil be great if you could share your exp.
  14. swap552

    What are my options after an Amendment rejection?

    Hi did you get any update ? WAs your previous h1-b also revoked ?
  15. Thanks for your response. Like I said before Company B would not respond to RFE and they are going to withdraw my current petition. Company B says my last working day with them is 21 Jun. So technically I'm not employed with anyone starting today i.e. June 24. Can I join company C on receipt if they file my petition?
  16. chandrashekarn

    Accidentally revoked my H1b

    My previous Company 'A' applied for h1b transfer last year, April 2018 (in normal process). In October, 2018 company 'A' got acquired by Company 'B' and i was told by the immigration team that the company is merged in such a way that no new H1b application is required. because it was acquired my current h1b application will be fine with a amendment. My H1b application was approved in January 2019. but my former employee attorney accidentally (not knowing the fact of acquisition) she applied for revocation of my H1b and did not inform me about the incident. when i realized there was change in status on my approve case. i asked the attorney what was changed and what was new document was submitted . at that moment i was told by company A attorney that they revoked my application accidentally and immediately they realized the mistake and sent a letter to USCIS for cancelling the revocation. Today after 4 months. H1b status changed 'Revocation Notice Was Sent'. I have not been terminated or not layoff. now got the revocation notice. without any notice. Can my revocation be cancelled ? what are the options i have..
  17. Kits84

    H1 to H4 visa

    Hi . Recently my amendment for client A got denied and I have an extension filed for same client pending decision. My I-94 expired on 31st May 2019 and my extension was applied after that and receipt copy received on 30th May 2019. I am assuming my extension will most likely be denied too. Wat are my options to stay back.. I can go on H4 as my husband’s dependent but can we apply it in parallel to H1B application under process? I still can stay for 240 days as per law?Or just apply for H4 after leaving current job.
  18. Unfortunately their I-485 was denied. not sure where to go from here. any suggestions much appreciated. thanks !
  19. I am an Indian currently working on H4 with EAD. I got my H4 stamping done in India. I am a full-time employee with a non-IT reputed firm. I am currently having H4 to H1 COS. I was planning to get my H1 stamping done in Canada so I don't have to travel to India. However, my attorney advised going to India since this is my first H1B stamping (although I have H4 stamping done in India). Technically, am I allowed to go to Canada/ for first H1B stamping? Any real risks of going to Canada vs going to India? Thanks.
  20. SDeshmuk

    I485 RFE submitted

    requested for new medicals.
  21. newbss

    Does credit score affects H1B visa stamping

    Hey everyone - wanted to piggyback on some of the questions around getting credit in America. Nova Credit (https://www.novacredit.com/) can help you transfer your credit history from abroad. This means that you can apply for certain financial products, including cards, using your foreign credit profile once you get to America. (Yes I’m affiliated with Nova Credit - we're trying to spread the word and think this could help some people here!)
  22. Will this be same as I94 in the online website. Or should I contact Customs and Border protection
  23. ok4657

    Is there B2 visa waiver program?

    Hello: I need clarification. My mother's visitor visa was rejected twice before she was issued a visitor visa. Will she be eligible for interview waiver? I am hearing conflicting opinions on this as the following statement is confusing: I have no refusals for a visa in any class after my most recent visa issuance.
  24. I am also in same situation, waiting to find out the denial reason.
  25. gopalakrishnach

    H1-B approved at refiling after extension denial.

    1. Old SSN will be good 2. Old ITIN is good. Please contact experts. These are just my feelings.
  26. gopalakrishnach

    i797 A document got a slight cut!

    I guess its fine. You can ask your company lawyer and find out how much time and money it takes for duplicate.
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