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  3. sunil01

    Travel on STEM OPT while H1B pending and got an RFE

    Thank you Pontevecchio. Does that mean that I can't re-enter the USA with F1 visa if H1b petition decision is still pending? And what will be the case if H1b petition gets denied?

    H1B Applicable for Cap Exempt or not

    Hi There, Can you pl advise if i should go for a fresh april filing. Regards Jay
  5. Talk to the firm of Murthy should you choose. ""IF you are currently unemployed, you should gather as much documentation as possible to show that you either have enough assets to avoid relying on public assistance or will have a higher income soon. This evidence can include: letters from banks and financial institutions where you have funds on deposit, showing the value of your accounts in U.S. dollars copies of documents showing that you have other sources of income, such as from stocks and other investments or royalties. copies of titles and deeds for vehicles, residences, as well as receipts for appliances, electronics, or any big ticket items you own, and a job offer letter from a U.S. employer, on company letterhead."" The job offer should be enough to show you will not become a charge and this way you can avoid the Affidavit of support.
  6. Make sure you hand over only the latest H1 petition. POLITELY make sure the Officer allows entry till the petition expiry date. If he does not then POLITELY ask for a supervisor and have them make the corrections. This is not yet the Gulag. The trick is absolute politeness in making your request and standing your ground. Your lawyer should be making this point to the higher ups in the CBP and not follow the line of least resistance.
  7. pontevecchio

    H4 visa stamping

    Have him scan and email the visa.
  8. gcquestion123

    H1B RFE WithDraw

    Appreciate your reply!!
  9. gopalakrishnach

    Can I have L1b and H1b Visa from same employer

    When I said you cannot have multiple visas what I meant was when you go to visa interview VO will cancel all your previous visas.. in my case he cancelled my previous H1B visa and stamped new one...
  10. Same MSA no need extension. Just need LCA... but now a days anything can happen....
  11. Hi, We applied for L2 EAD extension on June 6 and still its under processing in Vermont processing center. Our L2 visa extension is already approved. Is there a way to expedite the extension processing through congressman or representing through Attorney? We are in bad need of employment and we have it but could not work because EAD expired July 31, 2018.
  12. Yes, untill your priority date is current , any new employer can file a H1b petition on your behalf for a qualified position.
  13. waiver

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    hi Faithful1 how is everything? Why you get denied? Some of my friends got approved recently and can you transfer to F1 or O1
  14. 02112018

    India Visit

    I would go after extension until 2020 per current strict rules & regulations.
  15. Thank you! I added another response below.
  16. Thank you for the response. This is what me attorney replied - We strongly recommend obtaining a new visa stamp, although technically you do not have to. On several occasions we know of , the officer gave the I-94 only to the date of the previous employer’s visa stamp instead of the new H-1B approval notice, and then H-1B extension had to be filed again. Seeing that these days H-1Bs are under very heavy scrutiny, we stress avoiding having to apply for extensions unless absolutely necessary. As such, we recommend just moving forward with obtaining a new stamp. I don't want to get new stamp if it is not required. But anyone here with similar experience recently ?
  17. Again, the I-134 is not legally binding. Even if he signed an I-134, he cannot be liable for anything.
  18. waiver

    One J1 Waiver for two J1 visas

    usually you need 2...
  19. I have an approved I140 with more than 180 days validity. My H1B visa is getting expired on May 2020. If I change the employer now and if the new employer is not filing for I140 again will my H1 visa get extended on May 2020 without any issues?
  20. Sai_Teja

    Recapture of time while doing H1b Transfer

    Thanks for your response.

    H1B Applicable for Cap Exempt or not

    Hello There, The refusal worksheet does mention that, "recommendation to revoke" Thank you very much, does this mean I have to go for the April lottery again as a fresh new applicant? Regards Jay
  22. Hi, I am on H1B and My wife is dependent on H4 visa. Her date of birth on all documents is different than her birth certificate. I am thinking to correct all needed documents as per date in Birth Certificate. So my first step would be change date of birth in passport. Once that's done, I want to make sure all USCIS documents are updated as per new date. Can someone guide me what needs to be done to correct the date of Birth for person who is on H4? Thanks!
  23. NotAnAttorney

    Entering USA after 3 years working outside USA

    Do you have any approved i-140?If you don't have one, new employer should be applying for cap in April and upon approval you can start working from Oct 1st of that year.
  24. You can join. Starting work on approved petition is always best approach but may be in your case joining on receipt is still okay as you are on grace period
  25. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Applicable for Cap Exempt or not

    Most likely USCIS might have already revoked that petition; check for status in DHS website. Though it's not revoked as of yet, they should have a note from DHS recommending to revoke. You will not be cap exempt, new employer should file again for the cap.
  26. Immiuser777

    H1B RFE

    I am working on H4 EAD now, my STEM OPT Expired in April 2018. Since this is related to F1 status, my employer(Indian MNC) said i need to answer this query.
  27. Provence

    B2 visa rejected for husband i'm on b-1/b-2 visa

    US embassies are very familiar with the one applies and if approved,, the spouse applies type of games. COs are trained in the culture and way of life in the country they're posted. Sure hubby can reapply mere weeks following a denial, but be prepared to part with another $160 and accept another likely rejection. Your hubby's credibility was shot the instant the CO began to have doubts about the wife's purpose of visit. Bears repeating, B1/B2 visas are never sponsored; not in India, not anywhere. If he has a good job as you claim, why would you pay?
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