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  3. kiran kumar madisetty

    Client name is not on LCA and employer address has changed

    Thanks for the reply. There is one other thing I didn't mention. Work location is moved two blocks away for the office which is closed. So, the county, city and state are same. Do I still need to request for new LCA?
  4. NSA2K20

    H4 I-539 Filing

    My employer is requesting a scanned copy of I-539 for my spouse H4. I assume this should be a hard copy sent via mail. I couldn’t find anywhere if that has changed due to COVID. Did anybody file recently by sending a scanned copy?
  5. I recently applied for my Mother's name correction in my passport, and I got a new passport with a new passport number. But I recently booked a VISA(H&L type) slot with my old passport number, and the appointment is in April 2021. Do I need to make a new VISA appointment with the new passport details, or Am I good with this? Old passport is not yet expired(Valid until November 2024) I'm going for H1 stamping to India. Please help with the details?
  6. Bharath8883


    Hi All, I got my H1b approved and active from October 1st, 2019. Unfortunately, I lost my job on September 28th, 2019 and USCIS came for SITE VISIT on Oct 1st, 2019 as I lost my job and was not available at the work location I received a call from the SITE VISIT officer and I explained to him that I'm working from my Employer location.Within the next 40days, I got a new project and filed for amendment on Nov 4th and it got approved within a week and started working at the same location to dateIn 2020 November 6th I received an Intent to Revoke Notice from USCIS asking me to explain the reason why I was not available at the client location and we sent the explanation to USCIS stating that we filed for a new petition on NOV 4th and it got Approved and attached the new i-797 A.Now on Feb 11th, 2021 I received a Revocation Notice.USCIS stated in the revocation notice that "extension of stay requested is also denied because non-immigrant visa petition filed on behalf has been denied"Questions:1.Does this revocation means my new H1 was also revoked or else only the first one2.How many days I can be on status?3. I have 33 days to file an Appeal. will I be on Legal status within this time?4. what if my Appeal rejects?Can you please suggest to me what needs to be done at this point of time?Thanks in Advance
  7. Last week
  8. Currently one of the question to quality for dropbox is - Prior visa should be in same class and must be still valid or must have expired within the last 24 months. This rules was extended up to March 31, 2021. My question is - Can we set up an visa appointment at India location now (between now and March 31, 2021) for a date in June or July 2021, but visa expired within last 24 months (e.g. my 24 months expiration ends some day in September 2021)? Some clarity is missing at least for me, as while trying to setup appointment the question was just asking if visa is valid or have expired within the last 24 months but have no mention of March 31, 2021. But the news outside explicitly mentioned that the rule was extended up to March 31, 2021. Thanks and Appreciate your help in giving more clarity !!
  9. ramuklithnes84

    H1B Not Subject to CAp

    Hi , My wife was working through H1B and got her Visa Denied and was transitioned by her organization to India . They are working on initiating H1B Subject to Non Cap petition. But we have delays in that processing and i had to bring my wife to US. Can you please help with below questions a) I have US marriage certificate and would need to know if that suffice to bring my wife through H4 visa. I had social marriage in India but on a different year and date . Do we want to show India marriage proof as well such as invitation as it wont match with US marriage certificate. b) Once my wife get her H4 approved , what does it mean to her H1 Visa. Will she lose status of H1 and if we need to reinitiate H1 post her travel to US , do we need to follow the lottery process again.
  10. Current Employer A - Arizona, Current client work location - Atlanta. on H1B (will complete 6 years on 4/18/2021). i94 expired (entered USA 4/19/2015) & Visa on passport are expired. i140 Approved + 2nd Extension valid until 2023. I am on H1B with Employer A. Present client XYZ project will end on 3/31/2021. I have offer from Employer B, in Georgia, they are in the process of filing for H1B Transfer. They communicated that it will take them close to 4-6 weeks (to get LCA approval + docs preparation + premium filing) to file petition with USCIS. Meaning almost stretches the date to 4/15/2021. After that what are my options to maintain my status until I get approval? What options available if RFE is issued? Can I join new client PQR through my present current employer A until I get approval from new Employer B? What if this needs USCIS amendment for project/client change, location change or if remote in nature? Will this NEW client project affect EMPLOYER B petition?
  11. My H1B petition was approved while I was in the USA and started working on H1B status since October 2020. Since this was a change of status application, I will need to get my passport stamped with an H1B visa when I leave the USA and before I try to re-enter.I will need to come to India to support my Dad who would be undergoing a surgery. I have booked an appointment for 24th of March for visa stamping at the Mumbai US Consulate. I was thinking if I will fall under the Travel Ban executive order after I get my passport stamped? Will I be able to enter the USA after my stamping?
  12. newacct

    Travel Assistance

    There is no problem. Their Extension of Stay applications will automatically be abandoned when they leave the US, because it is no longer needed -- when outside the US they have no status to extend anymore. When they seek to re-enter the US again, they will be entering on the basis of their visa (which will still be valid) and your H1b petition (which has already been approved).
  13. Pravee


    Myself and my family submitted the H1B and H4 documents and embassy approved that. The said mine is approved and I can collect my passport from local authority. When I check in the US visa status check portal, my wife and kids Visa is in issued status. Mine is not yet updated, plz help in know the process
  14. I'm currently on L1B Visa and currently my L1B extension is filed with USCIS and is pending approval. Also I have an approved I-140. At this point of time, can my company file a H1B visa for me this year. I was told by an attorney that it not possible to file H1B visa when an active L1B Visa extension is pending with USCIS. Can you please suggest.
  15. Hello Everyone, Appreciate your response on this. I am currently residing in Houston and it is the worst place to file for Citizenship. I was thinking of moving to San Antonio for filing N-400 and staying there until the process is complete. Do you recommend this or not? Since all my history is in Houston is it safe to file from different city? I was also wondering if i have to stay in San antonio or can i keep a residence there and move back and forth between both cities ...but file for Citizenship from San Antonio or it will be considered as breach of rules? Thanks
  16. HBA

    J1 Hardship Timeline at DOS

    @KYZ My case went from USCIS to DOS on May 11. DOS is taking their time.
  17. Is it possible to update the 485 application after filing? How does one do that? And is it recommended or mandatory? I refer to changes like USC vs. Permanent resident (for dependants/partners) .
  18. AbsurdObservant

    Travel Assistance

    Even if you come back without a new stamping & the visa shows your 5th Aug 2021 expiry (in April), the processing of a H4 case will not likely have a bearing on your re-entry because if you enter in April you would have a valid visa stamped on your passport which is valid till August. I am no attorney & this is just a personal opinion.....the worse case scenario is that your I94 may be issued till your August 2021 expiry date and not include the extension!
  19. AbsurdObservant

    Valid Visa & AP

    What is the advise if someone has a valid/stamped visa on the passport & an approved AP....on WHICH ONE should be used at the port of entry? I know general suggestions are that the valid H or L is used if still has time for multiple benefits (like not restricted by the 1 year clock, not risking AOS dependency, H4/L2 status losing etc) but the question is very specific if anyone knows -- if you use the valid visa (H or L) when you have an approved AP, will it impact the AOS application (I485) in anyways? Thanks in advance!
  20. My attorneys got an email from USCIS that the H1B petition was approved in Premium Processing on Jan 22 2021. However they didn't get the physical approval notice for a while. Now the case on USCIS website updated to : "Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It" "On February 17, 2021, the Post Office returned a notice we sent you for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number XXXXXXXX, because they could not deliver it" Does any one know what happened and how soon it can be fixed. My Employers and attorneys are big firms and they get 100's of notices everyday, so I am sure there is no miss on their side as their mail boxes and addresses are so frequently used.
  21. I filed I-130 in Jan 2020 for my Spouse in India(then). Now Spouse has come to US on F1 Visa. My I-130 has not yet been Approved. What should I do now?
  22. pontevecchio

    Need some clarification

    Based on his approved I-140 with any employer, he is eligible for 3-year H1 extensions beyond the initial total of 6.
  23. sdinesh21

    H1 to H4 outside US

    I'm currently on H1B Visa and my wife was on H4 (with EAD) until last year. She had her H1B approved from her Employer in the last year cap. She has not got her H1B stamped yet as we did not go out of the country. We plan to travel outside the country in May and want to know if we can change her Visa back to H4 and use her EAD to continue working with the same employer. What's the required procedure?
  24. brighton

    H4 stamping for kids

    Kids H4 stamping expired in Sept 2018. After that H4 extension came until 07/2021. Filed for another extension along with primary H1 in premium processing in Feb 2021 and waiting for the extension approval(Primary H1 extension got approved until July 2024 last week). Planning to get H4 stamping for kids in Mexico, as my latest approval is valid from July 2021, if we travel out of country and apply attend for stamping, how can kids get stamped using previous H4 extension approval (valid until 8th july 2021) and H1 recent approval (valid from 9th july 2021 to 8th July 20204)
  25. Zodiac System

    Need some clarification

    Your friend should be able to get his three year extension based on his I140 approved from his previous employer.
  26. ananthpavan11

    H1B Approved 2014 Never Activated ..

    Hi, 2014 - My wife got H1b approved in 2014 and is not a auto change of status from H4 to H1. It was approved as Consulate - our understanding we need to get stamped in consulate in india to change of status to H1. She continued in H4 as she was carrying and we never used it. 2018 - She got her H4 EAD and she started working. 2021 - We wanted to know if she can change her status to H1 to reclaim the unused/approved H1 from 2014. Saw in some forums we can reclaim unused. Can she change her status to H1 from H4. She applied her H4 EXTENSION in december 2020 and we are still waiting on it, 8 months is waiting period now. Please let me know.
  27. Zodiac System

    Stay after visa expire or maxout

    If your H1b is expiring on Feb.23, 2021, you get automatic 10 days grace to apply for another status i.e. B2/H4 etc. or leave the country. Hope your employer has started your PERM process for GC.
  28. Zodiac System

    Break from h1b job

    After 6 months, your new employer B will be able to apply for a cap exempt H1b, based on your current H1b approval and I140. The stamp does give the name of the employer and your approval number on it, but it is not employer specific. You should be able to use the valid visa stamp and enter US, along with valid approval from new employer B.
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