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  2. ntonsalli

    H4 and H4 EAD Extension

    My case is similar to yours but my H1 premium is still pending filed on Jul3 along with my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD filed on April22 which are expiring in September 2020. She haven’t received her biometrics call yet due this COVID-19. I found a link where it says that H4 EAD gets a grace period of 240 days. I am planning to call USCIS for H4 EAD once I get my H1 approval https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/covid-19-delays-extensionchange-status-filings
  3. I have the same situation both H1 premium and H4 EAD are filed and expiring on September 2020; awaiting for approval. We are waiting to get H1 approved first and call USCIS on H4 EAD status. Does your spouse started working even after her expiry?
  4. shakthijan5

    Question on I140 EB1 . My I94 Status

    Somehow my question is not appearing in the forum . reposting the topic. Hi Team, I have a question on I-140 . This is my situation , I entered US on H1B in 2019. When I download my I-94 from the I94 website it say's Class of Admission as H1B . I did my H1B to L1A conversion in Dec-2019 and got it approved with the change of status, so technically I am in L1A. I got my approved I-797 with the I-94 . L1A change of status approved. My Question is , 1) I am planning to apply EB1 140 , When I checked the I-140 form questioner @ 11.c. "Status on Form I-94(for example, class of admission). What is my status on Form I-194 , is it H1B or L1A ? Want to know if Status of Form-194 is H1B the status I entered US or it should be L1A which is my current status . Thanks , Appreciate your reply.
  5. Hi, Got laid off on June 1st due to COVID-19 and still trying to find a job in Engineering filed, so i decided to convert to H4. i do have couple of positions yet to be conformed but they want to wait until August and by then my 60 days period will be completed. If my H4 application is in process and if i get a job while H4 process is happening can i file for H1B and cancel the H4 application. And my 11-94 is valid untill August of 2021. I really appreciate if anyone can answer this for me. Thank you in advances
  6. shakthijan5

    Question on I140 EB1 . My I94 Status.

    Hi Team, Could you please provide me your thoughts... Thanks.
  7. gopalakrishnach

    Transfer h1b within 60days

    1. Yes within 60 days company 2 can submit new petition. 2. You can do. Stamping I guess no need. I may be wrong.
  8. gopalakrishnach

    what full time job layoff h1b ?

    Better to submit B1/B2 or H4 ( if you can apply)
  9. If you move more than 50 miles you need do to HB amendment. Will USCIS somehow be concerned that I don't own a house or paying rent in Dallas? -- USCIS is just interested whether your approved H1B says you work in Dallas now whether is it still valid or not.. Need to update address in GC process.
  10. gopalakrishnach

    Petition for H1b extension of stay for worker within the US

    it is unclear whether a petition for H1b extension of stay will be processed and accepted by the USCIS. -- you can file, USCIS will accept it and will process it.
  11. gopalakrishnach

    4 day work week for h1bs

    If your company says even 4 days and 40 hours I feel no changed but if hours are reduce then you need to do amendment...
  12. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Transfer + Extension - Can we apply ?

    When we file for H1B transfer this month in July 2020, can we request for new 3 year H1B along with Transfer ? -- it depends on the paper work by petitioner. Company B must take care of all this.
  13. gopalakrishnach

    [Critical] H4 Transfer sill not filled with H1 but I-94 is Valid

    When you join SERV1 cannot they submit H4 petition. If they cannot you can submit H4 petition.
  14. indraraj.r

    Residential Address

    Hi, I got recently moved to Virginia after filing my H1B Amendment. My question is related to the Home Search. I found some good low cost Apartments in Maryland & Washington within 50 miles from Office and are also >250$ lesser when compared to similar Apartments in Virginia. 1) Will there be any issue if my LCA has "Virginia" Office Address and my Home Address shows "Maryland or Washington" (within 50 miles) if I move in one of these states to save some cost. 2) What are the implications if my Work and Residential Address from different States while filing for my TAX? Please provide some insights on this. Thanks.
  15. gopalakrishnach

    H4 and H4 EAD Process

    You can submit H4 H4 EAD and H1B all together. I feel she needs to get H4 EAD approved to start work not just receipt.
  16. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Laid off / COS B2

    1. You can submit H1B but I feel B2 will be processed first.
  17. gopalakrishnach

    Tax Attorney

    please do google and ask your friends. Not on this forum,
  18. gopalakrishnach

    H1b ban: can employer submit petition?

    As I understand the ban is only on visa stamping and entry correct? - YES USCIS will still process the petition, correct? - YES I can get my visa stamped and enter the US? Is it January 2021? so far in 2021 only. But if same president gets re-elected they may even continue the rule some more time.
  19. gopalakrishnach

    H1 employer issue

    However they are requesting me to submit offer letter and keep them in BCC while informing client -- I think this is personal game. I feel no need to keep them BCC and why they need to be. It looks they want to screw you up so please be very very careful. Just inform them and leave them. If your new company is completely un-related you are good. 1. Some contracts have clauses. Get the offer letter from your employer and try to review it with lawyer. 2. I feel no need why you will share infact it is private and you must not 3.No need. Forget about legal and illegal. It looks they want to screw the offer. Be careful.
  20. Are you getting paid on bench? If the employer lays you off the H1 extension is gone. The employer by law has to inform USCIS when you no longer work there. Since your I-94 is expired you have to leave the country. Any new H1 would only be approved with consular notification.
  21. gopalakrishnach

    Can I go to a different US consulate in Canada?

    Yes you can reschule.Fill new Ds 160 for Ottawa and submit it. Take confirmation pages of old and new DS 160 pages and during finger print you can ask them to use new one.
  22. What happened in this scenario ? I am in same situation . Can you please help me
  23. Team I have the below scenario. Please help in clarifying this I am on H1B Visa. My i94 expired on 5/11/2020. Jan 21 2020: Extension+amendment filed together based on PERM approval with USCIS, Apr 2020: Case went on RFE. July 01 2020: RFE was responded with Sow, Client letter, Manager letter. July 06 2020: Case status changed to 'RFE response received'. (Note: Case is with Texas service center) The case is still in progress and waiting for adjudication. Date of intended employment requested by employer is until 09/14/2021. I am within 240 days period now. Max out date: September 14 2020. I140 is approved. But it was not submitted by employer during RFE response. Question: 1. I94 expired on 5/11/2020. Current h1b extension is progress. I am currently in bench due to covid ramp down and looking for my next assignment. My employer is likely to separate me after 5 weeks, given an opportunity does not exist due to covid situation project crisis. In this scenario, am I eligible to search for a job outside and do a H1B transfer? In that case what will happen to my current petition that is in progress.? Will the H1b transfer be approved? Will the approved transfer contain i94 attached? If i94 is not attached what should I do? If the current petition (which is in progress with my current employer) is denied, what should I do? 2. Given the current h1b extension petition is in progress, If I am unable to find a new employer to transfer my H1B, before my employer separates me, should I leave the country? or Can i stay in the US and search for a new job in this covid situation job loss? If so how long am I allowed to stay legally in the US? Technically my i94 is not there. Though I have i140 approved. I am confused. Though I have i140 approved. Do I fall in out of status and unlawful presence? Any grace period consideration here? 3. I have my i140 approved. Does my max out play a role during this job hunt if I continue to stay in the US post job loss? 4. I have soft copy of i140. If in case my current H1b extension petition gets approved after I get separated from my current employer, will the employer provide me the approved i797? Employer may revoke H1b from his side in a month. Is this approved i797 required for my next job hunt? Can I just use my current time and look for new employer and file for H1b transfer with i140 approval and the receipt notice of the current petition that is in progress. Please advice. I am very much confused in this situation. Your experience and help is appreciated
  24. JoeF

    Lost job and an expired I-94

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