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  1. Today
  2. Hi Krishna556, I think in another post you said you have resubmitted and waiting. Does that mean your Oct 5th packet was returned and you had to resubmit it? I am still waiting for my receipts but packets getting returned by USCIS is something I am hearing for the first time.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I came to US in 2013 in H1 B Visa. My lawful nonimmigrant admission during that time was "Project Manager" performing managerial activity. Still I am working for the same employer who filed my U.S. petition. My GC was filed by my Employer in the EB2 category in 2018 (Oct 2, 2018 is my priority date). Even though I was eligible for EB1 Category at that time, my company filed in EB 2, because the GC filing in my company is based on slots for each of the role which changes periodically. Since I had only an year left with maxing out of 6 years of H1B at time, I agreed for EB 2 filing. But now due to the company policy changes they are filing EB1 GC for my job level. I am planning to port the EB 2 to EB 1. Please let me know whether I am eligible to do this. I have not worked outside US from the day I am here from 2013. I know for filing as EB 1, individual has to work outside US for at least an year within last 3 years, but as my lawful nonimmigrant admission itself is Multinational Manager. So in this case whether I am eligible for Porting. Please provide your feedback if anyone of you / friends have came across this situation or you know any details regarding this. Looking forward your inputs. -- Thanks friends.
  5. Hello, I was working full-time and got my H1B in Jan 2019 and decided to leave my job and start PhD in Aug 2019, so converted to F1 then. I'm currently exploring a few options and am wondering what would be the procedure if I want to discontinue my PhD and get back into the industry. Would I be able to immediately transfer back to H1B without having to enter the lottery again? since my H1B approval hasn't caped yet (ref: 6 year H1 cap). If so, could anyone explain the procedure for transfer and the expected processing time? Thank you very much!
  6. Divyakiran

    H1B Extension

    Hello, I recently switched jobs and got my H1B extended. My previous employer had filed for my GC and Labor was approved but yet to file i140 as the company halted all GC process due to pandemic and then my project moved to a different vendor and I was employed by the vendor and extended my h1b. I received i797 petition via mail which was extended until july 2023. However, per my calculations my H1B maxes out in June 2022. How could this happen? Out of curiosity i reached out to immigration lawyers and they came back stating we're going to reach out to USCIS for date correction(to june 2022 including recapture time) and they still have not responded on how i got the July 2023 expiry on i797. Has anyone encountered this scenario? Doesn't USCIS check for all the details before approving the H1B extension for the submitted date?
  7. Hi, Need clarification on what approach should I take for my Son 17 yrs old currently on H4 - Should I file I-485 for my son along with me at this time? If yes, will there be any issue for getting F1 for him down the line in 2-3 years while his I-485 is still pending ?
  8. Hi, Need clarification on what approach should I take for my Son 17 yrs old currently on H4 - Should I file I-485 for my son along with me at this time? If yes, will there be any issue for getting F1 for him down the line in 2-3 years while his I-485 is still pending ?
  9. Gulundivil

    Dropbox eligibility

    Hi all, I am currently working in India for employer A for the past 2 years. Prior to this, I was in USA for few years and worked for employer B. My i797 from employer B was valid until June 2020, however the visa stamp in my passport expired in 2017. I did not renew my passport visa stamp for new i797. Am I eligible for Dropbox stamping? Since my i797 hasn't expired for more than 12 months (or 24 months for now), will this work? Thanks.
  10. Dear Team, Does HR 8337 bill allows premium processing for I485 in EB1C? Or only EAD and AP only? Could you please help? regards Sundar
  11. vin07

    H1B - Status not Known

    Hello All, I am in clueless situation. Please Help! My H1B petition was filed this year and got picked in July 2020. Case status has been showing as "Case was transferred to another Jurisdiction" since then. Premium Processing was filed in the month of August but the cheque was returned back saying "Decision has already been made". In the month of October I got email from the college DSO saying My F1 sevis has been terminated due to "Approved Status of Status". I called SEVIS board, they told me H1 has been approved. But no notice or update in the case status. My attorney tried to reach out to USCIS, they was no response from them. Now attorney is trying to file I-824 petition on my case[This petition is take action on a approved petition]. Is it wise to file this petition? Any suggestions /ideas or feedback?
  12. As long as you have provided invoices for your services and you got paid things are ok.
  13. Hello, I applied for my H1B extension, my spouse's H4 extension and H4 EAD renewal all together, in Oct2020(in Nebraska center). This is through my current employer A. I recently got my H1B extension approved and validity is till Sep2023. We are now awaiting on H4 and H4EAD(both are valid till Dec2020). I've received a full time job offer with employer B and they are planning to file my H1B transfer in this month/Jan2021. I'm really now in a dilemma whether to take up this offer. If I do, and assuming I quit employer A in Jan2021, then A would file a revocation request with USCIS of my current H1B petition and I believe this would impact H4/H4EAD as well. Unless I receive H4 EAD approval before that, which I doubt would happen, given the current processing times at Nebraska center. Any thoughts/suggestions on this please? Thank for your help!
  14. Last week
  15. Hi, I was working for company A and they had started my GC process and applied for my PERM, due to some issues employer A asked me to go back to india, So instead I have moved to Company B a month ago and started working for him, Now I came to know that my Perm application filed by Company A was approved. I requested company A to continue my GC process which he accepted and may file I-140 for me. So my question is when my I-140 gets approved filed by company A, Is it required that I need to go back and transfer my visa back to him and can only work for him? or Can I still continue working for company B and wait for 6 months and move that I-140 to company B from company A? and can comp A able keep it even though I am not working for him I have only 1.5 yrs left on my h1b 6 years max out time, should I also need to start over GC process again with Company B ? what the pros and cons thank you in advavce satjeb
  16. Hello, If someone's H1B is expiring in 6 months and he wants to initiate the H1B extension process, how new Wage Level guidelines would impact the extension process? 1. Does he need to file for a new LCA with new Wage Levels? 2. If last time applicant filed H1B in wage level 4, with new wage levels in place, now his salary would fall under wage level 1, would it be ok to file LCA with wage level 1? 3. Could he use his old LCA rather than filing a new one? I hear if previous LCA is still valid, it could be used. 4. What are the other options? Thanks!
  17. anusha_rao

    I-539 - extension for B2 visitor

    If Visa is expiring can you apply I-539? it needs stamping correct? I though I-539 is used for extension only if we have valid visa.
  18. Snowflakes-TX

    I-485 Receipt notice

    Not sure what is withdrawn ? are you saying that your check is withdrawn/rejected OR your Check is cleared/payment is done ?
  19. Saravanakumar Arunachalam

    H-1B Max out and PERM is in process

    I am currently on my H-1B last year and its maxing out on Mar 2021. My employer filed PERM on Sep 29. Based on current PERM approval average days up to 6 moths, I don't have hope that it will get approved before my expiry. I checked with my employer about working from India until it get approved but they mentioned that they can't continue my employment if I go out of USA. What are the other options I can avail right now? Can someone help me in clarifying.
  20. Requires new perm to file I140 as previous one has expired.
  21. Immigration Public Charge,Hi I'm on a 2 year Green Card i got though my spouse who is a us citizen and on Medicaid. My question is : Can I get Medicaid or Obamacare without affecting me when i apply for the permanent GC and later for the Citizenship. Please help me understand . Thank you in advance
  22. Itz Raj

    H1B Visa Maxout

    My current visa is maxout in another 4 months. I didn't have approve i140. What are the options we can have to extend my stay
  23. adigold369

    60 day grace period

    Hi, I got layed off from my job and running out of the 60 day grace. I have a verbal offer from a company but it's taking forever to get to the written stage. With today i am exactly left with 30 days to exit the country. Are there any contingencies with COVID on extension etc... Once i receive the written i have background check and then comes immigration until then my hands are tied. Any advice is appreciated.
  24. Can I travel to US Virgin Islands WITHOUT a US visa stamp but with a approved I797?
  25. JoeF

    cap exemption

    No. After 1 year abroad an employer can file a new H1 in the quota.
  26. Subbu_prof

    cap exemption

    Is cap exemption possible if we complete one year cool off period after exhausting 6 years of H1B ?
  27. Leavemessageh1b

    H1B overstay/Out of status

    State facts and truth only, its not hard for uscis to figure out, penalty for lying is harsher. Good luck
  28. You generally can't get a GC through a company you own 5% or more of. Discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.
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