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  3. Friends, Its my turn to share my experience. I had an appointment on 11/17 so started on 11/16 from USA and reached to Toronto city on 11/16. In Canada Port of entry they asked few questions. 1. Are you on Visitor Visa ? A. Said Yes, 2. Do you have any relatives/friends in Canada? A. No 3. Then He asked me why are you visiting to Canada. A. I said I have US Visa Appointment on 11/17 . 4. He asked my US Visa appointment letter? Is this first time VISA? A. Gave him the letter. No to First time. (May be people who are going for COS, be prepared to answer ) but they did not check anything in my passport. 11/17 Morning @8:15 am interview. Reached Embassy - on 8am. went through security check, documents check and finger prints. Now standing in visa interview line. Questions Asked: Me. Good Morning Madam, How are you? And gave my Passport & I797 O: Good Morning, Is this Renewal? and with Same employer? Me: Yes, it's Renewal. My previous stamp from XYZ company and switched to previous employer O: How long you been with this employer? Me. Answered accordingly. O: Why did you switch from XYZ to ABC ? Me: I told them They offered great job with challenging responsibilities/project. So I like solving puzzles and challenges soI accepted their offer and moved to old employer. O: Whats your role? A: Answered as per LCA. O; What's your salary? A: XXXX ( I answered based on pay not per LCA) O: Is that your Base salary? A. No. I told Actual base salary XXX (per LCA) and remaining all bonuses + Incentive's) O: How do they pay incentives? is that hourly? or? A. I mentioned they calculate my bonus based on performance , reviews and hours. And also I mentioned based on this year reviews , They gonna give me job promotion. O: Are you working at employers location? is there a client? A. Client Location O: How long are you working for same client? A. Answered. (X Years) O; Is your client paying well? A. I mentioned, My Employer pays me well. and also mentioned that I Never had any issues my employer O: Do you have approved I 140 ? A: Yes, Hand it over to Officer. O: She told me about rights in USA about pay and so on. hand it over to me a book. Me. I took it. said thank you. O: She mentioned Everything looks fine now and Your visa approved and will receive your passport in 3 to 5 days. Me. Thank you. Just wanna share this: I noticed that VISA interviews running longer than usual. Officers are asking so many questions. And also Noticed few rejections for Visitor visa, Student Visa, and some Business Visas. F And also some people received pink slips (221 G's) I think some are h1bs ** Good Luck Everyone ** Thanks, J
  4. We are based out of Charlotte NC and applied end of Feb 2017 and completed our finger prints in March. We did not hear about the interview yet. How about you ?
  5. Hi Sri Bablu, What happened to your H4 EAD petition while you traveled outside US ?Was it valid when you came back or you had to reapply for an new H4 EAD? I am in the same boat and unsure of whether I should cancel my upcoming vacation and wait for approval of H4 extension and H4 EAD while in US, OR visit India and get H4 stamped in India. I do not know what would happen to my H4 EAD petition in this case. Any help/input from senior members will be highly appreciated! Cheers
  6. Hi, My wife worked for client A in Chicago through her MNC company from Sep 2015 till June 2017 and her H1b visa /I-94 expired in June 2017. Her employer MNC company applied for H1b visa extension before she left client A in July 2017. she joined client B thru the MNC company in California in August 2017 after initiating amendment with receipt number. In September 2017, she received RFE for the h1b visa extension asking for additional evidences SOW, client letter, latest pay slips, performance reviews etc.. she was able to provide all the documents except client letter from client A as client has stopped giving client letters. Also her company immigration team says there is one more RFE for the H1b amendment for client B. How likely her h1b visa extension will be approved? your input will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. I've applied on May 10, 2017. Still no updates on my case. Recently I've submitted the case inquiry as it has passed 180 days based on my colleague suggestion. I got the response saying that I cannot submit the inquiry as it is within the case processing time.
  8. Thanks for giving me hope. Once I receive the declined notice, How can I maintain the status (I have valid I-94 valid till 2019 as per my extended I797)? My employer B is started working on filing new petition for the same position and same client. But he is planned to submit the new petition after 10 business days of seeing the declined status in USCIS portal as he is filing new LCA. Also, he is planning to file in Premium processing. Let's consider the below situation. Received the declined notice on 10/18 and employer filed a new petition on 10/25. Can I stay in US for that one week from 10/18-10/25 if I have valid I-94 till 2019? And Can I start working after receiving the H1 filing receipt?
  9. I have asked for below questions. 1. End Client Letter 2. Contract between all the Vendors from Employer to End Client. 3. How your qualification sufficient for this job 4. Organization Chart 5. My status from 2014 When i enter into US
  10. What is your Priority date?
  11. Since the I-140 was withdrawn, the I-485 is gone. Employer Y has to start the process from scratch.
  12. Hi @remremfnov, Please update when you pick up your passport from VAC. I am in same boat and I submitted my medical report & passport to VAC in DELHI on Oct 26th, so far case is still showing admin processing. It has been 3 weeks since then. I am stressed and scared. Why is it taking this long?
  13. You need a new visa. Also, make sure that the university is reputed.
  14. There are no issues with a new petition, as long as the employer is legit. Avoid shady consulting companies.
  15. There is pretty much none. Family category 2A, spouse of a Permanent Resident, has a backlog of 2 years. Once he becomes a US citizen, there is no quota for spouses.
  16. I got laid off and my sixty day period starting from 1st october ends on 29th november. What are my options ? I have a completed sevis record and valid 1 20 from a new college but school is recommending I dont try and enter How can I change to B1 ? Or should I go back to my home country and wait for my transfer petition to be approved ?
  17. My H1B was revoked after 1st October too and I have been told by over six attorneys that I am cap exempt. with regards to your new employer - are they a big firm ? I have a very small firm and I am worried that the transfer may not get approved.
  18. I got laid off in september and chnaged to H1B on october 1st. I have been unemployed since then but recently found a small 10 people firm willing to file a transfer of H1B visa. They will file LCA next week - should I go back to India after 60 day period or attempt to move to F1/B1 ? - will it be a problem transferring the visa with such a small firm ? Thanks for your time.
  19. Unfortunately no stats like that are available.
  20. @jam26 @vj123 could you share details if you folks were fte/ evc etc? Also background is if you folks were engineers / scientists/ developers etc ? Thank you in advance
  21. On H1, you can only be a passive investor. You can not "provide guidelines." You don't hire somebody to "list and buy products." You can only hire somebody to run the business. That includes all aspects of the business, including opening a bank account, filing company taxes, etc. And you can not "take a percentage of your profits". First, they wouldn't be your profits, they would be the company profits. And second, the company CEO decides what to do with profits.
  22. Can some one pls respond.
  23. Good morning ,i am facing the same problem right now, i am filling out a family member forms and now i can't get through again because its giving me the same error message , the surname and year of birth does not match ....i tried to use the link you suggested , its not coming up ...i tried the option of updating confirmation ID from the visa slot website ,i can only update just one of all of the forms , which is the one i used in booking the rest of the appointments , please help , the interview is in a week from now ...thank you.
  24. I need help, currently i am on H1b visa and i am inviting my brother in law and my sister (B1/B2) visitor visa for 2 months summer vacation. My brother in is a government employee. Question 1: While i am completing his DS-160 form, in TRAVEL INFORMATION section -"Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip" - which one i need to select among these three " self " or " other person" or " Other company / organization" ? Because he is a government employee? person paying for the trip " Self " or " other person"? Question 2: When i am providing a INVITATION LETTER should i mention all expenses, including US visiting flight charges from INDIA to USA, to and fro and so...will be incurred by own.. Please advise me the letter of invitation for the government employee .. provide me a draft letter. Thanks Shiva
  25. Sent link that provides whole process to your inbox
  26. What is the legal way of selling products online: EBay / Amazon etc. if you are on H1B Visa? Can I form a LLC and hire someone to list and buy products? My intent is to be an investor and be on board of directors panel to provide guidelines on how and from where to buy the products. Say if all the above is true: Then am I allowed to take certain percentage of my annual profit and pay to myself as dividends? - If yes: Then how? Or do I just need to reinvest my profits back in my company?
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