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  3. Yes. As long as you have a valid I94 you can file a COS to H4 or do a new H1 and stay in the country.
  4. 1. Your H4 will be abandoned and EAD will still be processed. If you are not back by the time EAD is adjudicated, it might be rejected too. But you can still use the EAD that was issues till July 2021. 2. Yes.
  5. User099

    Queries in DS 160

    If its not shown, you don't need to enter it.
  6. User099

    H1B Extension with I140 Approved

    What do you mean by good? Its your choice. Do you want to wait for 6 months for approval or want it in 2 weeks? Premium is better because even if application is denied, you will have time to file a new case.
  7. I am not staying in US and never had visa. My application of H1B is in "Revocation notice was sent". Can I use this for new LCA? Or I have to go from same lottery process again.
  8. User099

    H1B after revoke

    Most likely you will be subject to cap again and have to go thought the lottery again.
  9. User099

    H1b lottery validity

  10. User099

    H1b grace period

    Yes, you can still transfer your H1. Yes, you can still use the 60 day grace period. BUT one thing to check is how long is your I94 valid? The grace period is 60 day or until I94 expiry date which ever is shorter.
  11. If you I94 is valid, new employer can file for a transfer. Did you not file for your wife's H4 extension in Aug when you applied for your extension?
  12. Hello, So this year there will be an electronic registration system for H1b petitions(March 1 - March 20 2020) Can a registration be completed for a candidate who will not be in the US on March 1st and come back any time during that time-frame? I am talking with respect to the COS petition since the I-94 record will change once the candidate arrives in the US.
  13. You need to find a good attorney. Make sure your attorney fixes all these and submits then asap for the receipt number to be issued.
  14. User099

    H1B Extension

    Yes, you can.
  15. User099

    Drop box & H4 rejection due to H1b withdraw

    1. No, her petition was rejected not her visa. 2. Her petition was rejected not her visa. 3. There are other factors too which will decide if she is eligible for drop box.
  16. User099

    H1 B extension - i797 and i-94 are expired

    1. Yes. 2. No, you can't work. 3. The day you received the hard copy. Check with your attorney about these 2 questions: What will happen if the MTR is denied? Will all the time you are here waiting for the decision on MTR will be counted towards your overstaying of visa?
  17. 1. Since your I94 is expired, your new employer can file an case and request for consular processing. If approved, you will have to go for a visa stamping and come back to start working for the new employer. Nothing needed from current employer. 2. Any confirmation he will give you is useless. You just have to trust that they will hold the I140 withdrawal.
  18. Hi, My H1 extension was filed along with dependents and got approved. However, got RFE on H4(spouse) for filing 4 months after her I94 last date(which we realized later and missed to see even while filing extension). Two kids H4 extension is also linked to her I539. 1) Is it considered out of status from I94 last date till date of extension petition filed, or as of today since she is still in US ? 2) what are the possible ways to respond for late filing RFE in this kind of situation, chances of her extn approval and consequences ? Appreciate your inputs or any similar past experiences. Thanks, VSHK
  19. User099

    No Receipt Number- H1B filed a week ago

    OK, how did the attorney miss that? Good that they did not return the package.
  20. User099

    H1 transfer and denial

    Yes, you can.
  21. User099

    F1 rejection should mention in DS 160?

    Do you think they will reply to 2013 post? VO can ask anything pertaining to your case.
  22. User099

    F1 Visa Interview Different Major

    LOL. Good question. That is the tricky part.
  23. User099

    H1b Remote employee

    Nowadays you can't guarantee anything.
  24. User099

    L1B Extension Denied while i94 expired

    No other option other than to leave the country. May be talk to an attorney and your employer to see if they can file a MTR which might buy you some time.
  25. 1, Yes. At POE ask her to show your H1 I797 approval notice from Emp B and they will issue an I94 on the bases of the new approval notice. 2. She should say the name of the employer you will be working at that time. NOT the employer you will work for in the future or NOT the employer you worked in the past. CURRENT EMPLOYER. 3. She can go with Emp A's approval notice if you are still working for Emp A or wait for Emp B's approval notice. But don't go for interview or travel while your transfer is pending.
  26. You can stay till Emp B's petition is adjudicated.
  27. Hi, I have filed vawa and recently I got prima facie determination for 1 year. My husband has already filed my I-485 and I-765. But my husband has later withdrawn the petition and my I-485 has been denied. Along with my vawa, my lawyer has request to hold I-485. I just want to know wether my I-765 is linked to my I-485 or not ? And I guess uscis has hold my I-485, so are they going to process my I-765 on the basis of prima facie determination? Or I need to fill it again ?
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