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  3. crummy_carcass

    H1-B Renewal Background Checks

    Hello all, my H1-B renewal is coming up and was wondering if there will be any background checks (bankruptcy, criminal history, employment history, credit history, rental history) done by USCIS as criteria for the renewal to get approved. I know these come up for the actual Visa interview, but wasn't sure if same is the case for work permit renewals especially for H1-B. Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks, Asgar.
  4. I applied I130 for my parents. Due to lack of evidence to prove parental relationship (birth certificate issued by chennai corporation during 1970s, was missing my name ), I130 was denied. I have got an updated birth certificate from chennai corporation now. So, can I use this updated birth certificate to re-apply a new I130? That aside, my parents have visitor visa till 2025. Can they visit US given their current situation for 3 months? Will there be any problem at the port of entry? FYI: They do intend to go back since they are not ready to come to US for another 18 months or so.
  5. You can join Employer B, no issues. You dont need stamping to join B. From 4th Apr to 16 Sept you can should the Emp A receipt notice as your legal proof of stay.
  6. User099

    Child H4 expires earlier than my H1

    Apply for your kids H4 along with your H1 in Jan 2020 and he should be good to stay.
  7. 1. It might be little late for this. But worth a try. 2. Company B's attorney should be able to advice on this. 3. Company B's attorney should be able to advice on this. 3.1. Probably 3.2 Why would you do that? 4. Looks like the best option in all of the above.
  8. User099

    VWP to H1B transfer once in US

    If you are allowed under VWP, you can apply for COS after coming here to H1B. If approved, you dont need to leave the country.
  9. 12/31/2019 is when you stop working as per your current approval. You generally get 10 extra days to leave the country, just some extra grace period.
  10. MeMaverick

    H4 EAD receipt (Help!!)

    Hi, we have applied for H4 ead along with H1 extension, H4 extension in premium processing last month. H1 extension is approved, got H4 receipt and biometrics completed, but we didn't got H4 EAD reciept number yet. did anyone experienced this , how long it is taking these days to get receipt number ?? I am planning to call customer service , but what information do we need to provide them when we dont have receipt number itself. does anybody created similar service request?? I tracked the shipping and packet was delivered. please shed some light or options
  11. I am on H4 EAD and working for a company A. My company applied H1B on Apr,2019. While my H1B was pending with USCIS , I travelled to India on May,2019 and return back on July,2019. And my H1B got approved on Aug,2019. So my questions are 1) If I am not going to activate my H1B (by stamping outside the country) , My employer said that they are going to revoke my H1B. If my H1b is revoked now, can this H1B be used later to transfer to another company B? 2) Since I never used this H1B, will there be any issue when we transfer to another company later? 3) My status is still H4 or automatically changed to H1B on oct 1st,2019?
  12. I recently got my US Passport and need to make an Urgent Trip to India. 1. Can I apply for an e-visa and plan to go for 10 days or do I need to apply for OCI (I don't think I have time for OCI right now) 2. Do I need to renounce Indian Citizenship before my travel or is it ok to do that once I come back from India
  13. The employer and his lawyer have to handle that. Why don't you ask the employer's lawyer for guidance? They know more about your case than people on an Internet forum.
  14. JoeF

    Change of Status Denied for H1B

    The OP isn't in legal status, and hasn't been for quite a while. That's why USCIS denied the COS. This is happening a lot to people who abuse the CPT, who use more than one year of Practical Training per educational level. Such people can essentially kiss their future in the US goodbye. The bottom line: stay away, far away, from any CPT from Day 1 stuff. It is always fraud.
  15. JoeF

    VWP to H1B transfer once in US

    It is not allowed to change from B1/B2 through the Visa Waiver Program to any other status. You have to leave the country, get an H1 visa, and enter with that.
  16. Hello All, Can someone please provide your inputs / suggestions on below scenario: My previous H1B extension filed through Premium processing has been denied 2 weeks before and I have i94 validity till mid of Nov 2019. My employer is trying to file the new H1B Extension again by using same LCA (Same client from last filed H1B petition). Can you please let us know whether new H1B extension needs to be filed in Premium processing and get it approved before our i94 expiry date or it can be filed through normal processing before our i94 expiry date and get it approved within 240 days from i94 expiry? Since this is a complex situation, it would be really helpful if anyone can guide as per your earliest convenience. Thanks for your support and Appreciate your help.
  17. I am on GC and filled 130 for my spouse in Jan 2017.485 priority date: Mar 2018. fingerprinting done in May 2018.Visa bulletin has been current for while and I have not got a call from the interview.Multiple service requests were filled in the past with no response. After the call to USCIS, we got to know the case has been sent to NVC and documents are misplaced/lost in pile. They will send it to local office. It will take at least 7 months probably or more to send it back to the local office.Is there a way to expedite it , as we got to know we are exceptionally delayed and others with same priority date have already got interview months ago.There is no info pass option, seems like it has been discontinued. 1. Is there a way to expedite it ? 2. What is the possibility, it will be done in a few months what if they cannot send Please help !!
  18. Last week
  19. I have a valid H1B approval Notice I797 and it says valid from 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019. However, the I94 date on the below portion valid from 1/1/2019 until 01/10/2020. Now, my employer applied for an extension, which has validity from 1/11/2020 to 12/31/2020. My question is am I allowed to work from 1/1/2020 to 1/10/2020 for the 10 days? The difference in I94 and H1B start date is confusing me. Please let me know experts. Any guidance will be sincerely appreciated.
  20. gopalakrishnach


    I feel 1) Better 2) Nope 3) Yes 4) Yes 5) both H1B and H4 denied, I am sorry you cannot stay since you do not have any legal status but be positive I feel H4 must be approved atleast.
  21. gopalakrishnach

    H1b Visa Stamping during Extension

    Please do not post multiple times. You already have answers in your old post. Be professional and acknowledge the help you getting before posting again..
  22. gopalakrishnach

    DS160 mistake in phone number

    Just to be safe create a new DS 160 form, submit it and take old and new DS 160 confirmation pages. At finger print you can ask them to use new DS 160 not old one.
  23. gopalakrishnach

    Calgary Oct 10th F1 to H1

    Congrats. Thanks for posting now a days people are not at all posting. No helpful nature. can you tell how many people you saw attending and what are results
  24. gopalakrishnach

    H1b Visa Stamping during Extension

    However, I need to Travel India for 2 weeks in Dec'2019 - do you have visa for return back.?\ If yes come back and do H1B extension. If no, then you will need to go for visa stamping for 6 months. In that case apply H1B in premium and you can get decision before your DEC 2019 travel.
  25. pontevecchio

    RFE on H4 EAD Renewal

    Good question. if she has been working, have her run this by her employer's lawyer?
  26. pontevecchio

    Travel to Royal caribbean Mexico Cruise On Expired Visa

    Make sure to ask the cruise company.
  27. pontevecchio


    You should plan to apply for H4 status now and ask the company to hold off so that you will be undergoing a COS to H4 and once the baby is old enough, you can return to work. You should then plan to stop work on November,15 and inform the company accordingly.
  28. I have a stamped H1B but did not travel to US on this H1B visa. Since i have the Visa Waiver Program , can i come to US on my country passport (using VWP) as a tourist/business and once i am in the country(USA) , then can i do the switch to H1B using I797 A class for an employer? or do i need to leave the country and come back?
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