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  2. bbcr1234

    H4-EAD - Presence in USA

    Hi Experts, My wife is going to India for H1B to H4 conversion through interview. Can I apply for H4 EAD the moment she gets H4 in India? Or does she need to come back to USA to be eligible to apply H4-EAD????
  3. Today
  4. Hi all, My visa approved ...it took about 5 working days... Thank you all for the support.
  5. venky83

    DUI - Applying for OPT STEM Extension

    Even I got DUI this feb I m very much worried of getting stem extension I have to apply in april and my court date is on april 22nd . What would be my chances of getting stem extension and my BAC is not out but in breath i saw its 087 I dont no what it is. I have contacted DUI attorney.he told he can make it to DWAI or DWI and he asked me to do community service and classes prior to the court date I requested for motion of class.he said once BAC is out we can do. But my major question is can I get stem extension with revoked visa ? What are the chances of getting stem .my sevis is active ?
  6. FullName

    Names mismatch

    Can anyone pls provide the inputs
  7. I have seen a post that showed a Former Framington student getting deported after the H1B stamping once he landed in USA.
  8. Never knew mexico accepts h4 to h1b stamping
  9. Hi , I was on H1B visa then I moved to H4 EAD (as my wife had I-140 approved) . If I want to move to H1B status again. Will quota be applicable or I can be reinstated to H1B without quota restrictions. Thanks
  10. premkalyan521

    H1B visa approved in Vancouver

    thanks for sharing ur experioence
  11. premkalyan521

    Successful H1b stamping in Ottawa,Canada

    thanks alot for sharing ur experience
  12. premkalyan521

    H1B visa in Canada

    please do check your personal meesage here on murthy forum
  13. premkalyan521

    H1B Stamping Experience at Vancouver Feb. 2019

    thanks alot for sharing your experience
  14. Hi Friends, I have approve H1b till Sep 2020. My employer changing the location on april (no client change) and they are filing amendment by next month. But i am in situation to travel India on the month of april when my amendment in progress. I need to go for stamping too. Question is: will there be any issues in stamping process because of my pending amendment?
  15. premkalyan521

    Successful Visa Stamping Ottawa, Canada

    congrats thanks alot for sharing the info
  16. premkalyan521

    H1B stamping Canada and India

    Lifting the thread up
  17. nike.yo

    I485 RFE even when my PD wasn't current

    @IronHorse - can you please share your experience of how you responded back to RFE?
  18. 02112018

    H1B visa Experience Jan 2019 - Mumbai

    Congratulations !
  19. 02112018

    Expired i797

    Consult Attorney.
  20. 02112018

    Intent to Revoke on first H1 petition

    It should not, if you still doubt, contact attorney.
  21. nishant571

    H1B -> DUI & Jail overnight

    Hi all I got DWI arrest recently and at the same time my visa got prudentially revoked. Currently my visa status is H1b until Sep 2020. I had talked with my Immigration lawyer regarding this and thinking to hire an Criminal lawyer soon. What are my circumstances for this case? how this will effect my H1b extension and GC process. Please need all your suggestions. Thank you
  22. 02112018

    H1B Amendment/Extension Question

    I think so.
  23. What happens when company name changes before receiving H1b approval. The company under which H1b is sponsored has merged into its parent entity which has a different tax id.
  24. @log123 - Did u get any interview information as you filed 485 before 2017? Pl. share your experience or responses.
  25. Hi Need help - We got I 140 approved but with wrong priority date . We raised a service request , it was closed and got a response "An update will be sent in 60 days" but 60 days passed and we got nothing . Raised another service request - got same response "An update will be sent in 60 days" Has anyone faced such situation ? What are the options we have , as its employment petition we cannot do Info Pass . Rgds
  26. 02112018

    H1-B Transfer denied - options

    Consult attorney.
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