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  2. After replied to NOIR status changed to "Case was not revoked or canceled by uscis status". Can Anyone please let me know what is this status means? Any help is appreciated.
  3. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    Thank you :) I am planning to go to Cancun so I am assuming I need to get Mexican Visa at a US consulate in Dallas. Also, automatic re validation should be fine if I I have valid H1B approval even though I do not have stamping on my Passport?
  4. Chicagom34

    Can I continue my studies after h1 approval ?

    You can as long as you maintain your valid status
  5. H1-BGuy

    H1B Amendment

    If you already hold unexpired I-797 & I-94 you can find a new job and file for a new Amendment petition. It is always a good idea to start the employment after you receive a receipt copy.
  6. Chicagom34

    Not received H1B receipt after 1 month

    A. Talk to your attorney B. Have them call USCIS
  7. ambition876

    Automatic Visa Re-validation

    How the process work? AVR Means can i visit canada < 30 days if my visa stamping will be rejected still i can enter usa?
  8. ambition876

    Automatic Visa Re-validation

    Hi can you please explain me what is mean by AVR?
  9. Chicagom34

    H1B Transfer Options

    When you move from Company A to B, Company A is legally required to notify USCIS that you are no longer working for them. Even if they do not revoke your petition, you stopped working for them, they stopped paying you so your H1 status with them is gone. you cannot just go back in case petition with B is denied.
  10. Chicagom34

    H1B Amendment

    When does your current petition end? Yes, they can file a new petition.
  11. Chicagom34

    h1b RFE

    There is nothing for you to do. Your employer and attorneys should request a correction.
  12. Mitsmagis

    Out Of Status H1B VISA stamping

    Thanks Chicagom34 for your reply. On a lighter note, I guess I94 date is important to remember than birthdate
  13. care_candidate

    Going back to former employer and file 485

    You can have multiple I-485 but that slows things down. You better contact an attorney.
  14. Interview can be postponed - you can apply for that. Are you talking about 2 or 3 employers? Employer A - Filed I-485 (June 2018). Manager changed - Got fired by Employer A H1b transfer to Employer B Nov 1 interview scheduled....? What is the problem going for interview? Can you please mentions your country of birth, EB category. Did new employer file I-485-J?
  15. Hi All, my company attorney filed my H1b transfer in premium processing on Sep 18th(after they removed premium processing, not sure why attorney did that.) on sep 26, they received update from USCIS saying, no more premium processing till feb, and we are redirecting your application to regular processing and sent the premium processing check back. now it’s more than 1 month, still didn’t received the receipt and the H1b fee check was not cashed by USCIS. what are my options now?
  16. Today
  17. Sri9532

    H1B Stamping Question in Mexico

    Any Help Please..
  18. Chicagom34

    Out Of Status H1B VISA stamping

    Make sure you are honest on the DS form and if they ask you question about it give the honest answer. if you are being truthful, you should have no problem.
  19. Tjgarla

    H1B Stamping - Chennai - 221G (Blue Slip)

    They just need to do more verification. You will get the visa but might take 2 weeks.
  20. yes you can travel with the new i94 on your H1B approval notice. AVR can be used and you will not have any problems.
  21. Tjgarla

    Automatic Visa Re-validation

    AVR is safe. You can use it.
  22. Tjgarla

    H1B Stamping Question in Mexico

    you need to mention your extension h1b with is till 2021 to be taken with you . You need to use the same information on ds160 form. Don't use the current one.
  23. Tjgarla

    First time H1B stamping in Sweden

    nice reply.
  24. Hi, change of status from H4 to F1 is a tedious task.. easy way is to get an F1 visa. But if your spouse is working on H1 and he has a dual intent of immigration, it would be tough for your to justify non-immigrant intent to get F1 visa at consulate. Revocation of H4-EAD is in news for the last 2 years. At this point, it is just a proposal and it has to go through public review. Even if the government revoke H4-EAD, there would be lot of lawsuits prop up from different faces of groups and communities, similar to DACA. I suggest, if you are eligible for H4-EAD, apply right away.
  25. Hello, My perm was filed on April 2017 before my 5th year h1b date(Sep 2017) i got another year extension since my perm was pending. This perm got denied on Jan 2018 and my employer filed another perm August 2018 and there is an audit on that as well right now. So now i am in my 7th year extension with the pending perm and i have stamped visa until aug 2019. I am planning to file perm with another employer and the employer says there is no dependency. But how will my extension on my H1b work since my 6 yrs is already done. Any help is much appreciated.
  26. Agree with Noah,,, Non-immigrant intent is a big issues for F1 stamping. Moreover, you have applied for H1 which shows a dual intent. Your wife has to show strong ties, and good reason to go back to home country to get a F1 visa.
  27. satya2k1

    Effective date from h1b to F1 visa

    Yes, you can continue working on valid H1 status until the expiration date or until your F1 status is approved, whichever comes first.
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