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  2. It should be fine as you are both staying legally in the US.
  3. newacct

    I 485 filing - Am i eligile to file I 485?

    Yes, you can file I-485 in January 2019.
  4. Stillwaiting88

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Thank you for asking! No news still the status not updated.i called them they told.me it is not showing in their system but if i have a confirmed delivery by usps it could be that they are reviewing it and they did not update the system yet Told me to wait 60 days and keep checking the website. To be honest i am sick of this.
  5. rgsiva_it3

    I 485 filing question - Date of Filing Chart

    Hello @care_candidate My EB-3 India PD 15-MAR-2010 is surpassed in dates of filing chart in Employment based category. I also verified that USCIS is asking to use Dates of Filing chart for Jan 2019 visa bulletin. Pls confirm if i can start assembling the documents to file with USCIS. Appreciating your response.
  6. Yesterday
  7. 02112018

    H1b visa appointment dates availability

    If urgent, better you pay online and find out the dates. You can choose any location, its not that you have to stick with one location and also you can reschedule 5 times and the amount you paid will expire in 1yr from the date of payment. Seems like not many people are active here to help about the dates.
  8. h1Denied27

    H1 Ext Denied - i94 expired

    Hi, My H1b extension has denied. Company hasn't received physical notice yet, So i was told i can continue work until i receive physical notice and will have 10 grace days to packup things. I have used 3 years of my h1 and still have 3 years to Max out. Also my i94 has expired in July and currently on 240 day period. I am trying to explore if there are any options available to stay in USA. Currently i am full time employee to a giant services company. One of the consulting firm has suggested that they can still apply H1b transfer to the same client before i receive denial notice and i can stay in US and work. Once H1 is approved all i need is to go to stamping. Please suggest if this is legal? Also, another question i have is, am i eligible to refile H1 under cap-exempt? Please suggest if there are any options available.
  9. I work for a major India based IT consulting company and my EB3 perm was filed on September 2011. My I-140 got approved around September 2012. After that I moved back to India. When I came back to US again after few years, I reviewed my I-140 form and noticed that the priority date is given as September 2012 instead of September 2011. When I reviewed it with the our Global Mobility team, they said that it was a mistake and has to be corrected. However they were not sure about the process. Can anyone advise, how to correct my priority date in my EB3 approved I-140 form ? Can I reach out to USCIS or should I have to go through my company ? Please help.
  10. deepu0816

    H1b visa appointment dates availability

    Thank you for replying. Any more suggestions please
  11. Hello All, My EB-3 India priority date is 15-March-2010. In Jan 2019 visa bulletin the date of filing is mentioned as 01-APR-10. In the below USCIS website, it is also mentioned to use Dates of Filing chart for Jan 2019 visa bulletin. https://www.uscis.gov/visabulletininfo Pls confirm whether am i eligible to file I 485 adjustment of status application. Thanks for your help.
  12. My Priority date is July 2010 EB2. The priority date is based on my previous EB3 application from old employer (I ported to EB2 with my current employer). Now that EB2 date is almost near to current for date of filling for EB3 can I downgrade to EB3 with my current employer. By doing so are their any risks associated and what happens if my downgrade request is reject; will I lose my EB2 status as well?
  13. nchhabria

    Automatic Visa Re validation clarification

    Make sure you don't stay more than 30 days and don't go for your visa stamping there. Also carry a print out of the AVR rule from CBP website. I entered using AVR in 2014 from Canada, the first officer I encountered didn't know about AVR and was pissed off, she then called her senior who knew this rule and was very cooperative. Just be ready to prove your legal status since the beginning of your visa till date, other than that no issues.
  14. I am on H1B visa and have a 797 approval notice but my spouse's H4 visa is still pending though we have received a 797C notice that the case is still pending approval. Do you think its safe to travel to STT and return back to US without any issues? I heard there is no passport or visa required to travel to STT but while returning back they check for legal status. I am more concerned about my spouse's entry back.
  15. Folks, any updates on your status? Today is the end of my 4th week. Still waiting.
  16. Hi, I would like to ask a question regarding H4 EAD for my wife. I just got my I-140 approved and would like to file H4 EAD for my wife asap ( keeping in mind that the administration may scrap the H4 EAD and in case it allows the existing EADs to continue, we don't want to miss the chance ). However, my company A to which my I-140 is associated with and where I work now, will get renamed from Jan 1st 2019 after an acquisition by company B. I will be doing an H1B amendment and I-140 amendment after that. So should I be waiting for I-140 amendment and H1B amendment to company B to be completed first, before filing H4 EAD for my wife ? As I have mentioned, we would like to file the EAD at the safely earliest, in view of a revoke to the future filings for H4 EAD. Thanks, Jino
  17. manojvijai

    H1B Transfer, but received I797B

    Thank you Joe for the response. I am waiting for the original petition and then will look for stamping and travel.!
  18. applicant23

    J1 fear of persecution waiver

    Hey any news?
  19. Last time I checked, for Indian nationals, you need an unexpired USA visa or a transit visa to go through most of european countries spain. Visa and passports are your travel documents, i797 or i20s have no say in european countries. You would be lucky if you are allowed boarding in the flight without a USA visa or a transit visa. Contact airline asap or travel nonstop from USA to India.
  20. Hi all my office moved recently a few blocks down the street. I asked my employer to post the LCA again but they want to file an h1b amendment instead. What should I do? If an amendment needs a new prevailing wage by the time they file it I'm within the extension timeline though.
  21. RubelHussein

    LCA notice posting

    Thanks for the info.
  22. srini005

    Help Needed-H1b approved for only one day

    Hello shanmugc, Could you please elaborate your case right from the beginning I was also in the same boat, when your status changed and when got approval even it is one day approval your attorney can guide....
  23. No, since it was never approved.
  24. JoeF

    Visitor visa extension

    Visitors going to a neighbouring country usually only get readmitted for the remainder of their original allowed time. This "flagpoling" (going abroad and coming right back, like turning around a flagpole) doesn't work.
  25. Am planning for a short visit to India and eligible for Dropbox facility. Just curious whether it makes a big difference if I directly drop the documents in Chennai instead of my hometown center, Cochin? Also, same question applies for pickup - shall I pick it from Chennai or will there be a delay to reach Cochin? Also, it seems these days they are offering home delivery, is it good to opt for home delivery rather choosing VFS Cochin center for pickup? Kindly advise.
  26. Praveenvyk

    H1B extension premium eligibility

    Thank you for your response, I would like to know if I am eligible to upgrade it to premium processing?
  27. 02112018

    H1B extension premium eligibility

    You should respond to RFE asap. USCIS should have your reply to make a decision to be safe.
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